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  2. Mikey Likey

    he’s too funny
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    Shook and I’m ready
  4. I want to give him a try but man I remember Robin as Genie and it hurts my heart he isn’t here to reprise this role
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    That’d be awesome if true
  6. Mikey Likey

    The best part was him going shirtless
  7. Mikey Likey

    I don’t really ignore any pop girls I like a few songs from all of them
  8. Yassss Pop Queen turned scream queen
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    On watch what happens live RuPaul said he couldn’t confirm or deny this so let’s see
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    I think Gaga’s acting has improved but I don’t think it’s worthy of an Oscar for best actress. She’s a professional singer/songwriter playing a singer songwriter it wasn’t that much of a stretch for her to play to be honest.
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    Yassss bitch
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    Anxiety is a bitch