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  1. Mikey Likey

    Yes he claims he misses her yet he couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. shes better off without him
  2. Well this one isn’t really a remake as it sounds like it’s all about Cruella and how it all began.
  3. Mikey Likey


    Because she’s that bitch
  4. Mikey Likey

    Thank U, Next bitch
  5. Mikey Likey

    Celine then Whitney and then Mariah
  6. Mikey Likey


    Her team probably deleted LaChapelle’s work or made it where they couldn’t leak.
  7. Mikey Likey


    Beautiful Angel
  8. She has better songs in her album than those tracks. She should have released Money Bag shit she could have pushed Drip oh well
  9. I think it is I mean I’m sure they pay the guys too. Seems scripted at least
  10. I think Ariana is xtina but I feel like Selena fits more of the Britney mold. She has bops like Britney did and well camila has a few but not as many as Selena
  11. She recorded a lot for Glory so it’s possible it was a song she did with him for glory and he decided he wanted to record and releas it
  12. Yeah I agree you feed off the crowd