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  1. “Ok” turns away what a bitch if true
  2. I’m shook the fashion world is shook models shook Britney is serving looks and body
  3. I guess she listened to me oops maybe next time I’ll get it right
  4. Rumor

    Love the titles but dear god do not leak early
  5. Single

    Totally worth the long wait serving quality and vocals
  6. Single

    could I get it please heard a snippet and it bops
  7. Music Video

    Love love love love this video makes me love the song even more slay me Tay
  8. Other

    She’s just too relevant to all ages we stan a Multigenerational Queen tho the one guy thinking it was lady Gaga lyrics
  9. I like both but with both their last albums I’ll go with Taylor i also hope Taylor goes back to country roots for a bit love me some country tay
  10. Wendy has made fun of Britney’s mental illness karma is just coming back for her