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  1. I’d really like a Britney version of unholy lol that song just screams Britney 💅🏼
  2. It’s not shade she flat out told it how it was. It is no secret xtina was a rude person during the stripped era and around the recording of the song.
  3. Miley/Doja/Nicki I’d love Britney to do it but she’s over the industry and I’m fine with that. She’s earned retirement
  4. Yes in may 22 women can get pregnant 6 weeks after giving birth.
  5. I keep reading it was that way because she’s pregnant again. At the end of the day she was never known for amazing dancing. Her songs are bops though
  6. All these conspiracy theories got this crazed fans doing the most. At the end of the day her behavior and what she is doing is more likely caused by the side effects of being forced to take lithium. Lithium is not good for someone to be on for an extended time like she was .
  7. I just saw that she went off her meds cold Turkey and she is in psychosis and Sam is trying to cover it up and distract people from knowing that.
  8. Psycho Hillbilly bitch bye As if you’d just let anyone hold or pick up your child.
  9. Now I hope it’s true because because on paper with those credits lord it’s gonna be fire
  10. Girl nah it is. They continue to vote against their best interests. I’ll have no sympathy when the power grid fails again