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  1. I’m sure the bad reviews have to really do with the fact it’s a movie about homosexuality and nothing to do with the acting
  2. Of course it’s gonna get horrible reviews….
  3. Ugh this was so hard to hear. She has been through so much and betrayed by people she thought loved and cared for her.
  4. I can see why she posted on her Instagram saying she was a background vocalist
  5. It’s so good I can’t believe her team passed on it.
  6. I mean she’s not lying she’s probably never fully going to recover from what happened to her. Sad to say
  7. Congrats Ms Minaj on your first solo billboard hot 100 #1.
  8. Yasss Nicki dragging K Fat for her friend Brit
  9. I do too and I hate that I enjoy it because Dr Puke