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  1. So I loved this love when it was released. It was one of my favorite songs from the album and the re-recorded version just released some how is even more beautiful than the original. Love love love this song
  2. I have to disagree about Shania. She is very influential to younger country girls and even Taylor still regards her as influential. She may not be for main pop girls or up in coming pop girls but country girls she still is. Also the fact Harry styles has recently performed with her I’m sure that’ll help with name recognition to younger non country listeners
  3. Get into it Queen. I hope she gets the baby girl she has always wanted. Congratulations
  4. She really messed up with not following up after motivation. She had so much hype and the song with Sam smith was great as well. She then dropped the ball after wild side. She should have released something a few months after. She really killed her hype she had.
  5. She may be flopping now but at least she was able to have a successful debut and career launch
  6. Extremely heart breaking especially for his young kids. RIP
  7. Yeah Claude Kelly from what I read but who knows. she’s probably gonna start off with people and producers she knows just to feel comfortable while in the studio to just get a feel for what she wants.
  8. If she releases a banger of a song again and follows up with another she could definitely rebound. If she does this drop a single and waits a year she will never recover
  9. I would have voted out from under it’s one of my favorites from Circus