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  1. Discussion

    Ha best single ever
  2. Celeb News

    Yasss Unusual You ha best track that was never a single
  3. I love her and expected success but after listening to her album I just only like 2 songs on there kind of disappointed
  4. Discussion

    Shook poor queen was mistreated
  5. Eww I’ll pass on this song
  6. Itll be cheaper bargain bitch right here
  7. I mean I could see her in Vegas easily I live close by so it was never a big deal that she became a Vegas girl. I’ll see Gaga in Vegas as well
  8. Other

  9. I feel bad for east coast fans I lucked out I’m and hour and a half away from Vegas so I was able to see ha slay
  10. 60-80k I’m being generous
  11. Yasss trendsetter icon queen haters gonna hate