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  1. Mikey Likey

    Mariah. She wrote a song that is going to make her children and her children’s children money for life.
  2. Mikey Likey

    Celeb News

    Bless Justice can finally be served
  3. Mikey Likey

    Britney Kelly Clarkson Celine Dion Rihanna Carrie Underwood
  4. Mikey Likey

    You can’t be serious
  5. Mikey Likey

  6. Mikey Likey

    yasss bitch
  7. Well if you’ve ever had a family member die because they were hit and killed by a drunk driver you won’t understand why people make it a big deal
  8. Mikey Likey

    Give your iTunes time to update its 1 on mine unless is dropped to number 2
  9. Britney and Rihanna’s collection slay me
  10. Oh they will with the live performance. There will be a scream match and I’m goin to live for it dahling
  11. Mikey Likey

    Yes it will
  12. It’s doing great on iTunes and I’m sure it’ll do great with streaming as well. I can see top 10 of not a top 20 debut
  13. Mikey Likey

    It’s good. Love the vocals