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  1. Mikey Likey

    Well in all seriousness Motivation by Kelly Rowland is the far superior song and that’s not up for debate that’s just facts.
  2. Mikey Likey

    Celeb News

    I can not wait for the Dixie Chicks collab country taylor coming to slay
  3. Mikey Likey

    I don’t sense Christmas but it feels a little close to country Taylor which I miss from her.
  4. Mikey Likey

    Hmmm I listened to Normani’s motivation and it’s a watered down version of the far superior Motivation by Kelly Rowland
  5. Mikey Likey

    Table 5
  6. Mikey Likey


    Slayed so beautiful
  7. She looks wonderful and happy
  8. Mikey Likey


    I like a few songs but it’s her worst album ever I can’t believe I’m even acknowledging it right now. I pretend the tracks I like are Vegas promotion singles
  9. Mikey Likey

    Demi. She always has to comment on shit that doesn’t involve her and when she gets dragged she cries and deactivates her Twitter. Like bitch stay the fuck out of it....
  10. Mikey Likey

    General News

    No they’re DC
  11. Mikey Likey


    Also some of her pop song demos that leaked are done country. She’s got a good voice for country. I still want Miley Cyrus to do a full on country album as well she has the tone for country.
  12. Also rick is kind of gone from the show and will appear in movies for AMC . Shit Carol should have been dead seasons ago if they went off the comic books and well Carl would still be alive
  13. Mikey Likey


    I need to add Lauv Mariah Carey Macklemore
  14. Mikey Likey


    Britney ariana Taylor Swift Beyonce kelly Clarkson lady gaga katy perry