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  1. I loved this movie makes me so mad that they waited so long for her to have her own movie and she’s dead
  2. My first albums were Shania Twain Come On Over and Baby One More Time by Britney. Got them the same day
  3. Yes she’s coming to serve the conservatorship she’ll probably use him to sue her family and management after all is said and done
  4. Ok mama are you just trying to save face or actually care
  5. 911 Rebellion guilty and everyday
  6. Biden needs to have the DOJ investigate the judge and the conservatorship
  7. White House should do something to be honest . Have the DOJ investigate the court and make sure judge Penny isn’t corrupt. Britney said she’s come to her before and nothing has been done. That’s a red flag for me that the judge has ignored her before.
  8. You go girl she did that and backed Britney’s account of things