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  1. My fellow Christina fans, you suck!

    IT was critics picks for album deep cuts. At least they chose good songs for your fav they chose Kill the Lights for Britney and everyone knows Unusual You is her superior song from circus. Tho they got How I Roll and Freakshow right
  2. Photos Britney looking Britney at the opening of her campus at NVCCF

    Queen of Children savior of children
  3. Celeb News Britney paints in her back yard while listening to Mozart!

    Artistic Qween
  4. Shania takes a 15 year break and she's #1 world wide...

    She has a strong country fan base and her fans have been wanting a new album for a long ass time her fan base was thirsty so they went out and bought it
  5. Did Selena have better bops during her scene days

    Those are bops love those songs but she consistently gets better each release imo
  6. Discussion Interview Magazine: "Britney Spears is one of the definitive artists of our time"

    No lies detected Queen
  7. Other Fourth Powerpuff Girl Revealed: Meet Townsville's First Black Crimefighter

    Poor Bunny the OG 4th powerpuff
  8. Favorite celebrity feud ( Poll )

    It was mainly X and the stand Brit didn't even bother with ha
  9. Crazy In Love vs Toxic

    Love both but went with Toxic
  10. I don't know her: The sequel

  11. Single Kelly Clarkson | Love So Soft | September 7,2017

    Them vocals in shook
  12. Rihanna vs. Taylor Swift: Better Albums

    Taylor GGGB LOUD Red 1989 3:2
  13. Pink vs. Xtina

    Location turned on let's go
  14. Pink vs. Xtina

    Genie and Dirty then the rest all P!nk
  15. Which Pop Girl Had the best Caesars Palace Vegas Show?

    The only correct answer is Celine Queen of Vegas