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  1. Vogue

    Happy birthday boo My 9 Year anniversary of when since I saw her live for the first time
  2. 52/57. Beastin' on this most holy of days. Did people seriously count how many times she said "fuck" on Letterman?
  3. Vogue

    I Want You 4evah. American Pie makes me want to gnaw off my own arm.
  4. Vogue

    2nd date announced. I went to buy in the pre-sale this morning and holy shit at the prices: SVIP - P57,750 ($1,280) PATRON VIP - P52,500 ($1,160) VIP FLOOR - P52,500 ($1,160) PATRON- P42,000 ($930) LOWERBOX VIP - P33,600 ($745) LOWERBOX - P29,400 ($650) LOWERBOX SIDEVIEW - P29,400 ($650) UPPERBOX - P8,400 ($185) UPPERBOX SIDEVIEW - P8,400 ($185) GEN AD - P3,150 ($70) GEN AD SIDEVIEW - P3,150 ($70) I think I'll stick to Aus, NZ and (hopefully) Tokyo
  5. Vogue

    I'm the biggest Elliott Smith fan (Madonna, Elliott & Amy Winehouse are my holy trinity of solo singers), so I lost my shit when she first covered this
  6. Vogue

    Those big fat Italian thighs
  7. Vogue

  8. Vogue

    Madonna: Think of Me Like a Virgin: Shoo-Bee-Doo True Blue: Jimmy Jimmy Like a Prayer: Dear Jessie Erotica: Rain Bedtime Stories: Don't Stop Ray of Light: Little Star Music: American Pie American Life: I'm So Stupid Confessions on a Dance Floor: I Love New York Hard Candy: Spanish Lesson MDNA: Superstar Rebel Heart: Autotune Baby
  9. Vogue


    The Above & Beyond remix
  10. Vogue

    I need some gold lamé hotpants
  11. Vogue


    The first Melbourne date will be buzzing. 23 Years I have tickets for both Melbourne shows, 1 Sydney and both NZ so far
  12. Vogue


    What date are you trying to get tickets for?
  13. Vogue

    That definitely looks like Taylor's leg. Girls got chicken legs for days @ 6 foot. But the other two has, a) a tattoo on one ankle, and, b) are way too tanned for Madonna's complexion. So either third parties other than Madge and Taylor are involved or it's something else.
  14. Vogue

    Uh, Madonna doesn't have a tattoo on her ankle...
  15. Vogue

    FRONT ROW FOR ALL THREE DATES I PURCHASED cry0 cry0 I take back everything bad I've ever said about ICON. CRYING