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    Madame X is expensive and annoying af
  2. Rebel Bitch


    She will never perform her greatest hits she hates everything She will always perform new songs mostly.
  3. I don't care She is expensive, just let us see the show on youtube
  4. Oh god rip2



  5. Madonna = FLAWLESS DANCING imo She can do something similar to EROTICA from Confessions But no she wants to talk now
  6. Plus she can't dance anymore Less dancing again.
  7. Rebel Bitch


    Now when phones are banned from the show we have to wait for her to be generous enough to share some pics and videos
  8. This setlist is shit 5.000 $ for this show and u can't have your phone I'm mad I want videos Madame X is a bitch.
  9. AUDIO is online I need links asap
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    Sorry if someone already made this thread before, I saw it now on ATRL and I think it's really cool http://zerocharts.com.br/login
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    Celeb News

    I want S&S tour back Stadiums pls
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    Kendji Girac was born July 3, 1996 in Bergerac, in Dordogne4. He became known on the Internet in 2013 with a cover of Bella Master Gims in a gypsy style. The video was viewed more than five million times on YouTube. This reputation allows it to be quickly spotted by the production of Season 3 of The Voice. He spent the spring castings and winner, with more than 51% of the vote against Maximilian (21%), Amir (18%) and Wesley (10%), making it a record.5November 6, 2014, on the occasion of the death of Manitas de Plata, Kendji pays tribute and highlights the influence that he had on the music played by his father and himselfKendji Girac, is a French singer born July 3, 1996 in Bergerac, Dordogne, who won Season 3 of The Voice, the most beautiful voice. From gypsy, his musical style is influenced by the flamenco1.His first album Kendji ranks number one in sales in France the week of September 8 to 14, 2014 with 68,168 copies sold, making it the best start in France in 2014 for an original disc and the first winner of a remote hook directly to seize the top spot in Top albums from Christophe Willem in 2007, the best start for a first album since Christophe Willem again in 2007. in the final of the Voice Kids, September 20, 2014 , Kendji was invited and rewarded with a double platinum for his debut albumKendji Girac released his first album Kendji September 8, 2014, four months after his victory. Charles Gautier site Obs The Highest judge the album release and precipitated calls it "immature, banal and soulless" and Kendji Girac "new toy TF17." Hermance Murgue, the Express, describes instead the album available: "This blend of modernity and tradition has convinced some public during the summer. Many Internet users have even commented that they appreciate their music without being a follower of gypsy music I'M IN LOVE His music is amazing, almost every single Well I love gypsy/spanish music so he's my cup of tea + he is hot as hell Just a few of his hits, visit his vevo for more
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    Hellloooo Miamiiii.... . See which flavor you like and I'll have it for you Come on in to my store, I've got candy galore Don't pretend you're not hungry, I've seen it before I've got Turkish delight, baby, and so much more
  14. Rebel Bitch

    Poor monsturds They wanted another Fame Monster and got this crap instead and now they're forcing themselves to like it This era is one big mess And is this bitch serious "NEW FANS" She is trying TOO HARD with her "new persona"
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    Music Video

    Brunette is a NO
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    Oh well Knowing her she knows how thirsty we r for this song and she is probably only teasing
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