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  1. When she was a performer bey9


  2. This girl, I- cry0




  3. Why is APESHIT maybe my fav BeyxJay song giveup1


  4. giphy.gif


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    2. Satori

      Omg hi mom!!1

    3. Rebel Bitch

      Madonna, ha iconic Instagram posts whit1


    4. Chris Morlock

      wait, thats MADONNA shock2 

  5. Queen bey9



  6. "Elite" is omg ari7 I'm on ep 5 and it's already one of my fav tv shows in 2018 bey9


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    2. River Song

      Same hopefully they don't make us wait till fucking october brit2

    3. Rebel Bitch

      October??? Omfg brit1

    4. River Song

      That's when the first season dropped 

  7. Can we talk about Bad Bunny and his flawless new album giveup1

    Wig giveup1


  8. oprah2



    1. Régine Filange

      now u posting the same thing i posted some hours ago. yas1

    2. Rebel Bitch

      Omg, we r connected bey9

  9. OMFG jj4


    1. Urbanov


    2. ajp

      Mariah found dead moo4


    3. Urbanov

      I’m straight now

  10. Rita is fucking serving with ha bops this and last year giveup1

    Her mind ugh giveup1


  11. Almost 0 copies lmfao1



    1. ajp

      her daddy is paying the bills... oprah14


    2. ajp

      every family has their Dannii kylie4

    3. Hylia

      It’s what she deserves

  12. OMG Why is pop scene so boring this year dead4  I- dead4

    Rih save us asap cry0


  13. Not sure what to think about AHS? ari7

    It is more comedy than horror ari7

    1. Tough Lover

      I feel like they're going to try and mix camp (Coven) with horror (Murder House, Asylum), and I really hope they don't fuck it up. jj4 Great season opener though! clap3 

    2. Jjang

      Boring characters, the plot could be played with but the scenery is not appealing to me. Whatever, I liked the last season, I hope I'll like this one in time.

  14. Havana won over This Is America lmfao1

    How lmfao1


  15. Madonna will perform with Ari tonight bey11