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    She is not that smart lbr
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    I know I’m maybe late but oh well Really enjoying this album tbh it’s xxxx times better than Flopanne ..this is Gaga for me ALICE ROM REPLAY holy trinity
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    Hate everything about this photoshoot
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    Vogue #1
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    From ATRL There's a rumor going around that Madonna signed a deal with Disney who will take over her promo from now on. It will allow her songs to be used in movies/shows as well as rides at Disney theme parks. Of course this speculated that Disney+ will release material of hers as well. I'm taking this all with a grain of salt though cause it seems too bizarre to be true since they're a family friendly company.
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    Yes, it's finally over
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    Oh wow I need all her videos in this quality
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    Oh wow Her worst tour did that
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    Wow here u have lq full performances Human Nature looks great, and she sounds good.
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    Thank u God, this era is almost over.
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    This song is horrible so I'm not surprised.
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    News of Madonna report (translated from French): As soon as she started Vogue you could read on her face that something was wrong. Madame X is not in top form. On Vogue she is on the verge of falling when she misses the chair when sitting down. A thrill runs through the audience. She pulls herself together but her hand shakes abnormally, she has made herself a big fright. She continues with the second piece and then comes the selfie. She asks for a chair, sits down and ... bursts into tears! I can't describe how it felt at the time, it was terrible to see her like that. Madonna cracks and gives herself up to us: "I'm in such pain" she manages to whisper "Look at me crying like a baby in front of you! But I don't want your pity. I was the one who wanted to do this tour and I will finish it no matter what!" This tour omg A nightmare I can't wait for this era to be over
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    Hard Candy sounds better than MDNO RH and MX now She did that I told u guys, MDolla is iconic S$S Tour too
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    Sorry but this is so bad. Forgettable.
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    This. Both are good. But JLO OMG SHE ALWAYS DELIVERS. Queen
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  21. Oh wow Shakira was better later with JLO, imo. But JLO ate that What a performer omg