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  1. Let me spend all my money
  2. Yas sis Zaddy, his perfection is out of this world
  3. Rumor

    Another child
  4. What is she doing there? This btw Btw I can't at this fucking annoying bitch Poor M Is she asking her about snapchat Hope this bitch will put her video on youtube so I can see Ms face during this
  5. The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells After the death of her beloved twin brother and the abandonment of her long-time lover, Greta Wells undergoes electroshock therapy. Over the course of the treatment, Greta finds herself repeatedly sent to 1918, 1941, and back to the present. Whisked from the gas-lit streets and horse-drawn carriages of the West Village to a martini-fueled lunch at the Oak Room, in these other worlds, Greta finds her brother alive and well—though fearfully masking his true personality. And her former lover is now her devoted husband…but will he be unfaithful to her in this life as well? Greta Wells is fascinated by her alter egos: in 1941, she is a devoted mother; in 1918, she is a bohemian adulteress. In this spellbinding novel by Andrew Sean Greer, each reality has its own losses, its own rewards; each extracts a different price. Which life will she choose as she wrestles with the unpredictability of love and the consequences of even her most carefully considered choices?
  6. AKA is underrated imo. Yes it wasn't that good but it wasn't horrible So Good 10/10 Let It Be Me 10/10 her vocals First Love 9/10 Never Satisfied 9/10 Tens 10/10
  7. Britney is boring.