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  1. gettsleazy

    literally sobbing
  2. gettsleazy

    jesus christ plentyofbeer throw yourself off a bridge
  3. It was going to be on the album, but was scrapped due to more favorable songs being produced.
  4. RCA's a mess so who knows? They might mean new single, that would make more sense, and judging by context clues, her new single SHOULD be out very soon
  5. Actually, according to the fan she talked with, the Sia collab was her last project. All she has to do now is take some promo shoots and she's completely done.
  6. If you go to a target, barnes and noble, walmart, etc. and go to page 116 in the magazine [make sure its the one with Sarah Hyland on the cover] it says June. I consider this magazine a reliable source so why not. Also, you can enter a sweepstakes to win her new album! http://www.seventeen.com/sweepstakes/23745 figured this would clear up the muck in the other thread!
  7. gettsleazy

    ^ this; thank you michelle i hate this terminology of "clique" and I hate how everyone throws it around like its nothing. it bothers me a lot, since I'm one of the members. I can assure you that we don't masquerade around and hack computers. Hell, none of us could probably hack into a damn soda can. We're not this evil mastermind group that goes around and tires to humiliate, bully, and embarrass everyone. Were just a group of friends that are desperate trying to enjoy ourselves, but finding it pretty hard seeing as everyone likes to blame us for every speck of anything that goes wrong in this fandom. While I agree with your post for the MOST part, I think the clique part is really misinformed, and I don't mean to sound like a dick, but, you shouldn't judge the "clique" if you haven't even had the opportunity to talk to them. We're really nice people. trust me.
  8. gettsleazy

    This sounds nothing like it. I don't know what Woo Hoo you heard but that's not it at all .gif' alt='ny11'>
  9. gettsleazy

    UPDATE: Someone has just stated that they are going to leak Woo-Hoo in full to pressure Ke$ha and her label to release the single sooner, since it is already complete, much like "Judas" by Lady Gaga, and "California Girls" by Katy Perry
  10. gettsleazy

    Someone in this fanbase is super close with Ke$has team and they get EVERYTHING like the instrumental for BootyCall 2.0 is out there rn too
  11. gettsleazy

    It's supposed to be the lead single tho
  12. gettsleazy

    I'm sorry to burst everyones bubble here, but you all need to calm the fuck down. Do you want another "Only Wanna Dance With You" situation? I sure as hell don't Yes, it's a new song. Yes, it is potentially and most likely the next single, according to someone close to Ke$ha and her labels. However, why can't we just respect her privacy and let things go as they flow? If this leaks, we wont be getting a new single until like 2014. Yes, I have had the joy of hearing it, and yes, I have the joy of possesing it, and don't take this the wrong way. Yes, it's new-ish sounding. It's rocky and electronic at the same time, but it's nothing innovative or insane like the promised. Sure, it has dubstep, but i don't even think thats what her goal with this record was anyways. ok yeah
  13. gettsleazy

    OMGGGGGGGGGGG literally best dream album ever