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  1. Shiver

    The OP is a trainwreck but omg
  2. Shiver

    I'm aware rat but do you want people to post in your thread or not
  3. Shiver

    afkfaklasksksks I'm yelling
  4. Shiver

    In Memoriam deserved
  5. Shiver

    talent always wins
  6. Shiver

    We love perseverance!!!
  7. Shiver

    Best disaster goes to this thread oop
  8. Shiver

    wtf since when was this bitch called @gemini. I'm truly out of the loop
  9. Shiver

    I love being rewarded for my timekeeping skills!
  10. Shiver

    pretends to be shocked.gif
  11. Shiver

    Fake news truly is a huge problem for this generation
  12. Shiver

    SORRY the bitch is back.m4a
  13. Shiver

    We love a Meme Experience