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  1. Shiver here

    @Sleep Deprived honey i c u with those DATED upvotes, just ask me to dinner already!

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    2. LÉON

      PM me, because chances are I won't be able to reply to this status tomorrow brit7

    3. Urbanov

      He’s skint

  2. Shiver


    Gays will call anything with even the slightest amount of electronic production "disco" these days
  3. 2020 albums not 2019 albums!!
  4. Shiver


    Serve me some Music era turn of the century realness please mother
  5. Shiver

    This is such a tumblr title, I really thought she was gonna serve this era hmm
  6. Shiver

    Main pop girl Kim Petras yes
  7. Shiver

    Why am I getting upvotes on posts from a thread older than @billie. though
  8. Can I participate without having to listen to a dated and bloated Nicki Minge effort please ty
  9. Shiver


    Moonlightï»ż vs. Raindrops (An Angel Cried) Dangerous Woman vs. Blazed Be Alright vs. The Light is Coming Into You vs. R.E.M Side to Side vs. Godï»ż is a Woman Let Me Love You vs. Sweetener Greedy vs. Successful Leave Me Lonely vs. Everytime Everyday vs. Breathin' Sometimes vs. No Tears Left to Cry I Don't Care vs. Borderline Bad Decisions vs. Better Off Touch It vs. Goodnight n Go Knew Better/Forever Boy vs. Pete Davidsoï»żn Thinking Bout You vs. Get Well Soon DW 7 vs S 8
  10. Shiver


    1. Album of the Decade 2. ARTPOP 3. Joanne 4. ASIB 5. Lady who
  11. Shiver


    Dinner is coming ladies!!!!!
  12. Shiver

    Love both but we have to stream TMYLM now
  13. Shiver

    Post it sis I want to give my stancard a boost
  14. Shiver


    Iconic album, I love all of these so no rank shaming 1. Sexy! No No No 2. Call the Shots 3. Control of the Knife 4. Can't Speak French 5. What You Crying For 6. Crocodile Tears 7. Girl Overboard 8. I'm Falling 9. Fling 10. Damn 11. Black Jacks 12. Close to Love