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  1. Discussion

    I think so, I should probably go through chronologically from this point I suppose
  2. Discussion

    I'll give it a second listen tomorrow to provide some better thought out opinions
  3. Discussion

    Listening to The Bends rn. I like what I'm hearing so far
  4. Discussion

    I mentioned earlier in the thread that I STAN Dig Out Your Soul and Noel's albums I own Heathen Chemistry too but not really into it much and other than that I only use a few singles I feel like I will get into them properly one day though because it feels like a natural fit for my tastes
  5. Discussion

    I literally never sing along, I've even left the room sometimes bc I hate it so much. Such a drama queen tbh
  6. Discussion

    omg following I need some TASTE in my life
  7. Discussion

    Let me just take this opportunity to announce how much I fucking DESPISE Mr Brightside for overshadowing all of the great material by The Killers which never gets the respect it deserves You're 100% guaranteed to hear it on a night out in the UK and I hate hate hate it
  8. Discussion

    The Ting Tings were one of my first faves WHEW I swear I'm like the only person on earth who owns all of their albums welp
  9. Discussion

    This actually mostly reads as a list of artists that I am yet to get into but plan to at some stage Right now I mostly use White Lies, Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Reverend & The Makers, Hard-Fi, The Ting Tings, The Ordinary Boys, Franz Ferdinand, some of the more popular stuff by The Fratellis and The Kooks...and Blur of course I'm not the biggest Oasis fan, enjoy a few songs here and there but I LIVE for Dig Out Your Soul and Noel's solo material
  10. Discussion

    I know, here I was thinking y'all were all basic pop phags jk I still am
  11. Discussion

    I'm very into British indie rock but not much outside of that. I'd been thinking about getting into Arcade Fire recently too though, this thread ugh I can't
  12. Discussion

    You're welcome, I hope it doesn't disappoint!
  13. Discussion

  14. Discussion

    Well imo it's their self-titled, but if you listen to critics you'll probably hear a split between Parklife for being a classic, and 13 (my second fave) which is their most experimental and lowkey Radiohead-serving so fits in with the rest of this thread ig
  15. Discussion

    I own and stan all of their albums, my fave being their self-titled which I made my grand entrance into this thread with Although I have to admit that my favourite song is the not very indie Song 2 welp All legendary albums btw and if you like Parklife and TGE then you need to hear Modern Life is Rubbish to complete the britpop trilogy, it's by far my fave of the three