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  1. Shiver


    Gays will call anything with even the slightest amount of electronic production "disco" these days
  2. 2020 albums not 2019 albums!!
  3. Shiver

    Main pop girl Kim Petras yes
  4. Shiver

    Why am I getting upvotes on posts from a thread older than @billie. though
  5. Can I participate without having to listen to a dated and bloated Nicki Minge effort please ty
  6. Shiver

    Love both but we have to stream TMYLM now
  7. Shiver

    Post it sis I want to give my stancard a boost
  8. Shiver


    Iconic album, I love all of these so no rank shaming 1. Sexy! No No No 2. Call the Shots 3. Control of the Knife 4. Can't Speak French 5. What You Crying For 6. Crocodile Tears 7. Girl Overboard 8. I'm Falling 9. Fling 10. Damn 11. Black Jacks 12. Close to Love
  9. Shiver

    Celeb News

    Where's the mailing list
  10. Also available in various other langauges
  11. Even a Feel This Moment would be welcome at this point
  12. She seems like she has a lot of potential. I just looked up her interview with Gay Times and she seems like the kinda gurl the gays need, I might stan!
  13. We do love a future first dance staple!