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  1. Discussion

    If MDNA were sentient it would take literal shits all over Rebel Heart and Hard Candy
  2. Review

    Either Stripped or Bionic I love both about the same - Stripped is the better album as a whole, but if Bionic receives the same shortening treatment as I do for BTB then it easily becomes one of the albums of the decade
  3. Review

    You know I always have to pipe up with something controversial sis! Yes talent always wins!
  4. Review

    To be honest I actually find the whole album a bit of a chore to listen to, especially disc one #ShiverCONFESSES But it remains my third favourite of hers and is still a masterpiece of course. I usually use this tracklist:
  5. Review

    The Right Man I have goosebumps again
  6. Review

  7. Review

    I have my volume set at 100 and my wig is not safe
  8. Review

    I'm literally shaking at the thought of the last minute or so of Mercy on Me LORD
  9. Review

    OMG so sad I missed most of this I started to listen from the beginning but lemme catch up real quick from wherever y'all are at now
  10. Let me take a risk with this audition eek Gonna edit this and add a small xcxplanation in hope that it might boost my chances nd hopefully not look too desperate! I picked this song because I have a pretty wide range of taste and I feel like this covers a few bases – a flop indie band from the late 2000s, an uptempo pop jam that isn't too basique, rock elements, vocals that sound good but are also lowkey all over the place, nice use of string instruments, etc etc. In short: taste!
  11. Discussion

    Poison, Don't Hold Your Breath and Wet exist!
  12. Discussion

    It's not even her own best song of the decade
  13. wtf I don't have instagram I'm morally against it @mods I feel harassed