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  1. Game

    I feel exposed tbh I put her there mostly because I wanted to add more but didn't want to lose the symmetry lol. But I do still stan her older albums so it'd be rude not to include her
  2. Game

    Loud is a solid pop album and one of my faves (it literally has my fave song of all time on it) but it is not her best work at all
  3. Album

    Me too, I'll never forget how truly SHOOK and encapsulated I was when I first heard it. IMYS is still the only song I don't like (although Frenulum can go too because it doesn't suit the album at all)
  4. Discussion

    Teenage Dream, closely followed by Witness
  5. Discussion

  6. I prefer the sound of the guitar, but the vocals on the piano version. I don't think I'd want to combine those two though as they both work really well as they are
  7. Hello Icon-wa I'm as inactive as ever as you can see
  8. Rank Song 1 Real Friends 2 She Loves Control 3 Havana 4 All These Years 5 Inside Out 6 Something's Gotta Give 7 Never Be The Same 8 Consequences 9 In The Dark 10 Into It
  9. Discussion

    asdfghajkadsl ICON Every few months I google that video and pray that something will show up but I can never find it
  10. Scorching
  11. Discussion

    Absolutely. It's not my personal favourite song on the album but it's clearly the one with the biggest hit potential, or at least it would've been as the lead single. Just watch any youtube reaction video to the album and listen to them say what an incredible start to the album it is and how the singles don't do it justice
  12. Other

    The Superbowl ha impact!
  13. Rumor

    tbh I could see Tsunami feat. The Weeknd taking off, and if it does it could pave the way for Roulette to follow suit and we all win
  14. Discussion

    I thought it was fillerish at first but it's the album's biggest grower tbh, I'd put it in my top five now Whew I love tea!