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  1. He was already charged, they aren't going to take a second case from the same person seriously.
  2. Hidden Place 26 Cocoon 22 It's Not Up To You 20 Undo 18 Pagan Poetry 30 Frosti 16 (-) Aurora 22 (+) An Echo, A Stain 22 Sun In My Mouth 20 Harm of Will 22 Unison 20
  3. Hidden Place 24 Cocoon 22 It's Not Up To You 20 Undo 18 Pagan Poetry 28 (+) Frosti 18 Aurora 20 An Echo, A Stain 20 Sun In My Mouth 20 Heirloom 4 (-) Harm of Will 22 Unison 22 Overratted my asshole.
  4. She's so fucking ugly and stupid. Can't believe I deluded myself into liking her for a period.
  5. The majority of her singles weren't chosen by her.
  6. Not even funny and posted like 3 times. Fabulous.
  7. Katy and Gaga are just as influential as those two, they may not sell as much, but they're both power houses in the pop industry. So is Madonna. You girls know how this site works. You chart lower than expected then you get dragged. It's happened to everyone.
  8. I wrote at the moment. Y'all too embarrassed to stay OT. .gif' alt='ny6'>.gif' alt='ny5'>
  9. Bjork hasn't been charting since Medulla (Did that chart?), she's also not someone I or anyone else expects to be topping the Billboard 200. She is not a pop star, I don't even think there's a word for what she is. Madonna is labeled the queen of pop and compared to the top selling female artists at the moment. There's a difference.
  10. Trixie is my favorite of the season so far, but I adore Katya and Pearl as well. Trixie can't goooooo. I see Americunt frequents the Reddit page. Ginger is cute and sticks out, but I don't feel any attraction to her. Same with Max, I love his aesthetic but he bores me for some reason. He was great in the last episode though so I hope he comes out as one of my favorites.
  11. Let us bask in the glory and powa of a TV show soundtrack outselling the "queen" of pop. .gif' alt='ny6'>.gif' alt='ny5'>