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  1. Years & Years - Communion Namie Amuro - _genic Lana Del Rey - Honeymoon Brandon Flowers - The Desired Effect Troye Sivan - Wild
  2. Favorite Mimi song and ballad in the entire world .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>
  3. It's beautiful but this is her most underrated masterpiece tbh http://youtu.be/pNd9dhegw2E
  4. The whole MV is already out go see it here sis http://www.jpopsuki.tv/video/Crystal-Kay---REVOLUTION-feat-Amuro-Namie/ec24c8e6b61bea5d6559551fad40a8ce The height difference is kind of distracting but they look FIERCE! Make's me like the song a bit more. _genic has so many bops! Golden Touch, Fly and Fashionista were like the songs of my summer .gif' alt='cry3'>.gif' alt='cry2'>
  5. This reminds me, am i the only one who's found K-pop/J-Pop to be a little disappointing this year? From the top of my head the only tracks i've loved are the one's from _genic, Wonder Girls' I FEEL YOU and some of Ayu's Sixxxxxx. SNSD's comeback was wack, i usually always have a track or two i listen to for a while but nothing sticks out on the new album. I need 2NE1/CL to serve something amazing and save the day.
  6. Revolution just falls kind of flat to me, it's like a weaker version of Contrail idk. I'll probably end up loving it and bopping to it but she can do better tbh. She and Crystal looks amazing in the MV tho i'm living for the art direction working on a cover as we speak, hopefully it doesn't end up looking like shit _genic has enough to hold me over anyway, she killed me with that album.
  7. Yessss! I've been missing FOTP a lot these last couple of months so it's good to be back<3 Can't wait for LIVEGENIC getting the Blu-Ray treatment so i can add it to my collection! I loved _genic but i've been a little cold on Revolution, it's kind of weak tbh. Your Troye set is so great, his new ep is fire!
  8. Music vs American Life Impressive Instant vs Hollywood Runaway Lover vs I'm So Stupid I Deserve It vs Love Profusion Amazing vs Nobody Knows Me Nobody's Perfect vs Nothing Fails Don't Tell Me vs Intervention What It Feels Like For A Girl vs X-Static Process Paradise (Not For Me) vs Mother And Father Gone vs Die Another Day American Pie vs Easy Ride Music: 5 American Life: 6
  9. WILD vs. Happy Little Pill BITE vs. Touch FOOLS vs. Fun EASE vs. Gasoline THE QUIET vs. The Fault In Our Stars
  10. The first time i heard Honey i was literally blown away by the intro/breakdown at 0:21, i kept replaying it over and over for weeks. I had never heard anything like it before, it was euphoric Justice for Emotions, Fantasy and All I Want For Christmas is You too tho