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  1. At this point I'd settle for the FWT on Netflix. That would at least keep me going for a while until B7
  2. Her best ever music video. Absolutely amazing. Love that she includes her family so much. She's such an awesome human being. I just wish this was a lead single for another album.
  3. I was so excited when they finally released a new song last year and I did really like it. With the singles that followed, I was a bit underwhelmed, particularly with Use My Voice. So I haven’t been that excited really considering it’s the first in a decade. When it leaked, I just couldn’t help myself. And this album has blown my mind. It’s SO much better than I was expecting and all the non released tracks are so much better (probably less mainstream and appeal more to loyal fans). The opening is EPIC. The crunch of those guitars in Broken Pieces Shine.
  4. I honestly don't think Eminem ever disappoints even though he's almost 50. I thought the only weak albums were Relapse and Revival I thought Music to be Murdered By was his best since The Marshall Mathers LP 2 and Godzilla was amazing. I'm just going through this Side B for the first time and I really like Gnat, Higher, Black Magic so far and Alfred's Theme. I think he's a complete lyrical genius
  5. Another beautiful work of art from Taylor. Only listened once through but my favourites are: - Tis the Damn Season - Long Story Short - No Body, No Crime - Dorothea - Cowboy like Me - Willow
  6. Tracklisting: 1. The Turn 2. Broken Pieces Shine 3. The Game is Over 4. Yeah Right 5. Feeding the Dark 6. Wasted on You 7. Better Without You 8. Use My Voice 9. Take Cover 10. Far From Heaven 11. Part of Me 12. Blind Belief
  7. So much for a 2020 release lol. I liked Wasted on You and I'm here for a new Ev album because they leave so bloody long between albums but I've found the tracks a bit underwhelming so far.
  8. This is her best album since Aprhodite in my opinion. I've listened through it twice and it's definitely made me escape the shit show that 2020 has been. It really takes you out on a euphoric journey of 70's disco nostalgia. My ranking of the tracks: Holy Trinity Miss a Thing Say Something Celebrate You Great Songs Last Chance Real Groove Magic Dance Floor Darling Where does the DJ Go? Good Songs I Love It Supernova Unstoppable Rubbish Monday Blues I don't understa
  9. Well, she did say she wouldn't tour when she released 25 and surprised us a few days later.. and I'd be surprised if she'd return to TV without anything in the pipeline... But 2020 is a year of disappointment so it's very on brand for no new music to come.
  10. It's so nice to hear her voice a bit as well. I've only seen pictures of her for the last 2 years and I just can't imagine her being the same because she looks like a totally different person Her hair is STUNNING. Imagine if at the end of the show she announced the album and live released it on iTunes like Bey/Jay Z did at the end of their concert.
  11. I've been singing Chained to the Rhythm to the beat all day, I'm glad it's not just me. I'm loving this era.
  12. This is my favourite lead single of hers since All The Lovers. The country album was good but I feel disco and dance is her strongest work. Slower tempo than I expected for a lead single for a disco album but I LOVE it.
  13. Looking forward to the album, would have expected it to be at least 45 minutes though tbh
  14. So, is this not a studio album like Lemonade?