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  1. Sir Devious

    Can we start tweeting her to re-release it solo or with another artist or something? Like gimme another pop girl instead of Migos. Wasn’t Ari rumored to be on it before Migos was confirmed
  2. Sir Devious

    The “Um... we’ll be back” is SENDING me
  3. Okay but the worst part is the guy “singing” along the whole time but omg when she holds out her note he sounds like a garbage disposal and needs to quit ruining the show for the stans
  4. Sir Devious

    I TRIED to like it but I can’t get behind it. It seems like it’s lacking SOMETHING and just sounds like some rough demo idea that wasn’t ever finished.
  5. Sir Devious

    It bops, it’s funny, can be associated with being a meme, the story on how/ why he got Billy Ray on the track, I can’t hate on it. Just cause I don’t like a certain genre doesn’t mean I’ll shoot down anyone who dabbles there. Get that coin sis, I have no reason to be mad. In fact, I got the horses in the back
  6. Sir Devious

    I hadn’t heard the Madonna song, so I checked it out and wow that was absolutely terrible/ messy. Not even the “stans” like it at first what makes you think this is gonna be a hit omg. It’s gonna tank.
  7. Sir Devious


    Omg I want to see this lmao
  8. Sir Devious

  9. Sir Devious

    Voted for Britney, but honestly Gaga & anyone but fucking Bjork
  10. Sir Devious

    I remember back in the day when I used to root for J. Lo..... Before I realized she was B L A N D af
  11. Sir Devious

    Probably idk... talent and relevancy?
  12. Sir Devious


    Ahh, I see. Well I hope with her recent success she'll get one
  13. I don't see how having a song about being yourself and being confident is a big deal? It's positive, it's cute, it bops I also don't think it's that bad to have a song that sounds similar to another one of your own songs, especially when you're starting out and finding yourself as an artist. If it was your fave you'd be poppin' those pussies like Pop Secret
  14. I keep wanting to like Nicki but even when I went to see her live, the show was two hours late and for some reason Tinashe and the other performer's didn't come out... just her and fucking Meek Mill This was obviously on her last tour, I won't be going to another one unless someone buys my ticket tbh At least I still like her music. Such a mess lately + the last few years + in general lol