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  1. Hot as Ice

    Your fav was on Sesame Street...
  2. Thank god. I guess that means she can't tweak around with it and keep pushing it back now. It's all in her record labels hands now I guess cant fucking wait
  3. You're the one that's assuming that we're siding with them by not been ok with what OP and Cady said. I'm not defending what some Fighters have done but I'm sure as hell not endorsing "fat cunt" and the fat shaming/bullying that happened.
  4. Ooh look the c word is out you're really mad aren't you
  5. I never said that was ok but thanks for putting words in my mouth
  6. Lol so you can't post them yourself. Not even surprised.
  7. Oh what you said was just annoying, Cady is the one who went too far and vile
  8. Receipts please, ive not seen this and if they are I strongly believe you're exaggerating the frequency
  9. New level of stupid reached right here. Jfc
  10. Hot as Ice

    Celeb News

    If she's in pain I feel bad for her but that of course she has to find some way to shoehorn Joanne into it. Ugh.
  11. Disgusting behaviour from the usual Britards again. Grow up. The fact Xtina is on your mind so much that rather than just enjoy the video you have to pull this crap is childish and stupid.