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  1. You're mine isn't even in top 5 album tracks
  2. THIS is the sort of album photoshoot she NEEDS i need the next era LAWD THANK U THAT STELLA HAS FUCKED OFF
  3. Event

    Her best song
  4. This 100% is the worst OP I have ever had to read, trolling or not.
  5. Cuz mainstream pop has been dipping recently
  6. Daydream was better for live but as far as era videos butterfly was better plus mariah had the nerve to not release underneath the stars as a single with a video
  7. Finally. I'm so ready for new Marina material. Just glad she confirmed its in the makes even if its for 2019
  8. Because it just isn't selfish at all. Its a natural process. If someone wants a child, they can have a child. Your method actually wouldn't work at all; the geography dynamics of population is much more complicated than that. It isn't that people are having children that is the problem, its the X children per person that's the problem. Plus you'd have voids in the populations which would make it fuckin impossible for governments to develop for future generations as your suggestion would have voids of gaps in X age ranges which is actually harmful overall to services such as schooling etc. Also another flaw in your argument is you need to consider developed vs developing world in the Demographic Transition Model (DTM). Countries like Japan, Europe etc are in stage 5 in which they're actually destablising the population and reducing the overall pop. A common example is Germany in which they keep on trying to introduce initiatives for people to have kids.
  9. Y'all better be voting Sylk as the Goat in the Lamb awards
  10. Scream at having biological children being selfish
  11. the only lamb older than me is heatseeker