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  1. Sean

    Streaming really changed how music is consumed, so I dunno.
  2. Sean here

    Moving to Canada with my best friend as we descend into the middle of our mid-life crisis, ugh our minds 

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    2. Aidan.

      I live in the Toronto area and I cannot stand being downtown for more than like 3 hours dead2 I have lived here most of my life tho so jj2 Probably will end up with a Job downtown eventually too jj4

    3. Sean

      i've family in Toronto so thats prob why there @honeymoon lol3


      but who knows!! i might get hired suddenly here at home, who knows. Job hunt has been SHITE so I'm trying to hold out before I go back to retail lol3 

    4. Sylk

      me and @Mitski in a few years yas1 

  3. Both of them are absolute boots The second one however, is the most unflattering dress I have ever seen on her
  4. Golden Hour was my #1 album of 2018, really happy for Kacey
  5. Sean


  6. aren't you the person that said britney was lying about her dad dying can't take any opinion of yours seriously
  7. I think gaga would do the role of cleo rly well, but I wasn't really imagining either as cleo lmao
  8. a choice was made on this day
  9. Sean here

    @Urbanov has ruined my days since Sunday since posting a naked Mariah photo in Haus of Whores, it won't stop infiltrating my mind 

    1. Urbanov

      Naked @Sylk photo* jj2 

    2. Who I Am

      It's just a picture, i've seen worse.

  10. That #6.................................. electric chair other than that this list is good
  11. Sean

    he does but go off