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  1. Sean


    obese taste with girls the rest is good
  2. I've gotten only warnings/bans so this better be year of redemption!!
  3. Sean

    General News

    Dua Lipa probably
  4. Sean here

    Taylor really snapped with All Too Well, such a masterpiece of a song 

  5. Sean

    Dead at people underestimating the legacy spice girls have
  6. Sean

    10/10 the fact it wasnt her 1st single.. dumb ass management team
  7. I just will never be a fan of long hair at all
  8. Not even a disputable question. Even lady gaga would say mariah
  9. Sean here

    Y'know, battlegrounds is so 2011 

  10. Sean

    y'all are so cringe lmao
  11. Sean here

    Got a Nintendo Switch, ugh my wig evaporated 

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    2. Dan

      Yessss! Love the Switch, have played so much Mario Kart cry7  And can't wait for Animal Crossing and Smash Bros :) 

    3. Sean

      @Jake Odyssey is so fuckin amazing, been playing it all day

      @Unapologetic Bitch the game line up looks so good omfg for the next year 

      @Hylia thats my next game! So far I have Odyssey, mario kart and mario party but planning to get smash ultimate / pokemon lets go

      @Dan Animal crossing is HYPE reason why I got switch eventually 

    4. Unapologetic Bitch

      omg i forgot about Animal Crossing now im even more hyped for next year cry1

      and of course pokemon jj2

  12. She's just so good at pop
  13. Sean

    naw i meant why the fuck did they not release migrate after her single choices for her albums have been a mess since tbh