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  1. music aint just about album sales, mariah was the biggest star of the 90s. period.
  2. people saying celine was bigger than mariah in 90s btw celine: Weeks charted: 324 No. of hits: 16 mariah: Weeks charted: 467 No. of hits: 21 ugh talent
  3. I haven't seen someone as obsessed with mariah in quite a while
  4. cool mariah is still the biggest artist of the 90s
  5. Sean

    Celeb News

    the more i hear the more i dont like it
  6. Sean here

    I'm fucking done my masters dissertation!! 22000 words lol3 

    1. Pandora

      comhghairdeas sissy!!!

      go to the fleadh to celebrate .

    2. ajp


      Now come back to FOTP to play sass5


  7. Sean

    They're both flops, who gives a fuck Still legends
  8. Sean

    "As a matter of fact, let’s just point out that even Mariah Carey‘s Glitterdoesn’t belong to the Top 50 of largest bombs." Queen
  9. I just.. cannot get over the fucking trend of post malone looks STOP
  10. Sean

    yeah he said 80% for a reason also roar and firework have aged so badly
  11. is that not complete and utter irony to your whole point?
  12. It's ignorant to assume that people can't change over the course of years, so hey if you wanna live in that bubble you're welcome to
  13. Sean here

    3,000 words left of a 20,000 word dissertation, may someone throw me into the void lol3