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  1. AIWFCIY smashing has nothing to do with Mariah

    but it is mariahs song and mariahs vocals and the epitome of a mariah song try again though lmao after all shes laughing all the way to the bank
  2. Favorite Mariah Hairstyle

  3. Mariah goes top #5 in UK - Madonna hasn't had a #5 there in 8 years

    they're both irrelevant but just because one resurges during christmas doesn't take anything away from her it's not mariahs fault people love her iconic song
  4. "I'm That Chick" Named 59th Best Deep Cut of the Century by Billboard

    *cough* Migrate
  5. The Festive Lounge

    Plus no fucking Stella, thank god
  6. Teens know Madonna's songs, but not Mariah's. Why?

    came into this thread to say this
  7. Other Cities with the best nightlife ranked

    The only good thing about Dublin atm is the nightlife
  8. Mariah Singles Megarate 2017 Edition!

    dunno if i could deal with memoirs getting top 5 spots
  9. Event Marina (Diamondis) back in the recording studio!

    Nope, she said she was taking a long break (which it has been)
  10. Celeb News People Magazine's 2017 Sexiest Man Alive is...

    i actually think its made 2017 even worse with the eye opening fact of all the shit that occurs
  11. Bigger future legend: Gaga vs Rihanna vs Katy vs Taylor

    Rihanna doesn't have the legend persona???? even though 75% of the reason people love rihanna............. is cuz of her persona
  12. Bigger future legend: Gaga vs Rihanna vs Katy vs Taylor

    Rihanna hasn't declined, neither has taylor but rihanna has been absolutely huge this decade, not only with music but with cultural/social influences also.
  13. Charts Final: Demi #3 with 73k, Miley #5 with 46k

    tbh i didnt even know miley had a new album out
  14. RuPaul's Drag Race Battle Royale | Round 1 is Live!

    Alaska vs Stacy was homophobic
  15. Other Best Britney Album

    In the zone followed by blackout and femme fatale