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  1. Sean here

    Break the ice is THAT bitch and Britneys peak

    1. Pawn

      nvm. you're no fun. 

  2. People saying 'just drink water!!!!!!!!!!'
  3. Sean here

    Moving to Canada in under 2 weeks, love this mid-life crisis I'm having, ugh my mind it AMAZES me rih1 

  4. Sean

    You know its shit when the feature saves the song
  5. Sean here

    Mam: sean stop playing games for hours

    me: whats the difference with u watching netflix for hours pressing next episode 



    Mam: who owns this house 

  6. Sean


    Yeah by far her best song Unusual you is so overrated though for real
  7. Sean

    we been knew for a long time now hopefully he gets his shit together, i know what it feels like to let go
  8. The title alone sent me
  9. well they better step up their game then!
  10. Sean here

    On a diet and I turned off ad-block for this website and the very first ad is takeaway x 

  11. Y'all.. Arianas slamming y'alls bussies this era and you will deal
  12. All of these newcomers are so uninteresting