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  1. oomf the type of girl to shout out "sing my saving grace" at the mariah concert although theres +100 other songs to choose from
  2. love story truly is the ugly duckling of singles
  3. what were her label and her even thinking releasing i'll be lovin u long time over those (alto its a cute bop!)
  4. mariah should be sent to jail for not making Migrate a single from E=MC2
  5. my all is better than the entirety of charmbracelet combined
  6. we have to be thankful for one thing about charmbracelet though its so bad it made her comeback look godly on TEOM, a skinny legend!
  7. lullaby, bringing on the heartbreak and through the rain are the only acceptable songs on this album
  8. giving you got me above a 1, choices
  9. imagine calling memoirs ur fav mariah album H.A.T.E.U. teas
  10. only goats would enjoy this album from start to finish
  11. At least this album makes TEOM look amazing coming right after it
  12. 10 the best song off butterfly and possibly my fav mariah song