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  1. Sean

    Music Video

    she isn't?! I thought that was the point omg
  2. Sean


    Having this viewpoint is also not cute Let people do what they wanna do. More people than you'd think use makeup (concealer, etc)
  3. That was actually adorable
  4. Sean

    My problem with this song is I know Xtina is capable of much more, which is why i'm waiting for the next songs
  5. Sean

    Its a dumb risky sort of risk. She featured two bad artists
  6. Amazing video, just graphically really stunning and doesn't look tacky It gave me alice in wonderland realness
  7. Sean

    Dead at thinking Xtina is relevant They're both irrelevant. Britney is just more popular for nostalgic purposes. She has also been more consistent in releasing albums, in contrary to Xtina who hasn't released in a long time so naturally shes gonna get hyped.
  8. You're mine isn't even in top 5 album tracks
  9. Sean

    THIS is the sort of album photoshoot she NEEDS i need the next era LAWD THANK U THAT STELLA HAS FUCKED OFF
  10. Sean


    Her best song
  11. Sean

    This 100% is the worst OP I have ever had to read, trolling or not.