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  1. it'll still take 1/2 years for everyone to get vaccinated (just not anti-vaxxers i guess jokes on them)
  2. Yeah this story has been twisted, it's Japan that is at fault here
  3. she doesn't want to because she doesn't want to lose her Japanese citizenship as they don't allow dual citizenship @Gravity ig yeah i agree but then it just becomes global award shows like WMA
  4. its the brits awards, what do u want them to do
  5. The problem is Japan doesn't allow dual citizenship, which is japans problem
  6. if you mean the hot 100 then yes, tik tok is ruling it at the moment
  7. Sean

    you're comparing taylor to artists that have dedicated their entire careers to this genre
  8. Sean


    i keep thinking BB is bareback this thread is cursed
  9. Sean

    Celeb News

    she'll release august at the end of august, its taylor
  10. Sean


    Exile, August, Epiphany continuously changing with 3rd song, exile and august are solid
  11. Sean

    love love love the album, definitely my favorite by her it's making me realize i dont really care for pop as much as i used to
  12. Such a good album, wow. I didn't expect it at all but I am SO glad she ditched the pop route she was going. Exile / August / Mad Woman the trinity
  13. Sean

    FIRST NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Vision Of Love / Saving All My Love THIRD SONG TO GO NO. 1: Emotions / Greatest Love Of All EARLY 90s POWER BALLAD: Hero / I Will Always Love You PEAKED AT NO. 4 ON BILLBOARD: I Still Believe / I’m Every Woman SONG WITH "HEARTBREAK" IN TITLE: Heartbreaker / Heartbreak Hotel 2002 LEAD SINGLE FLOP: Through The Rain / Whatchulookinat LATE 90s SMASH HIT: Honey / It’s Not Right But It’s Okay PEAKED AT NO. 3 IN UK: Always Be My Baby / I Have Nothing SEVENTH NO. 1 ON BILLBOARD: Dreamlover / Where Do Broken Hearts Go COVER SONG: I’ll Be There / Higher Love 1998 BALLAD: My All / I Believe In You And Me MARIAH: 8 WHITNEY: 3
  14. Sean


    Yup, welcome to Ireland humour this is cracking me up though
  15. Sean

    Cannot get into her at all whatsoever