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  1. ... ok @ the responses in this thread while on the topic; why do people want more queer representation but the minute there is some they get slammed lol good for him anyway
  2. I feel like this is so random? Litch have not heard of her recording anything excited for new bops though
  3. Me! should've been deleted the minute the studio played the final version Cruel Summer for that summer hit
  4. Sean

    Will do tomorrow
  5. Sean here

    Lover snapped

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    An icon 


  7. mariah had +5 #1s before one sweet day lol
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  9. Sean

    This is such a reach and I love air balloon lmao
  10. Sean


    bad album imo, i dont search i find is my fav song off it
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    Britneys last IG story sent me 

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    Naming a song the same as the absolute banger that is Zedds clarity It's.. okay. Nothing too impressive
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    She snapped
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    Press is so god damn good
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    Cardi fucking snapped with Press omfg