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  1. shocker! just because hes a pornstar filming sex doesn't mean hes like anyone else! gay pornstars all have HIV! fuck outta here with ur trash attitude towards people with HIV, someone can have sex +100 times and not contract HIV, and someone can have sex once and contract HIV
  2. one sweet day is that song i absolutely loved at first then it was meh and now its still meh 8
  3. Glad hes been identified but also disgusted that a relatively young man could carry out an act like this.
  4. every memoirs lamb is a goat
  5. if you give honey below a 10 jokes on u 10
  6. here

    Seeing Ariana in less than a week now and my soul is ready to depart from this realm forever once the moment comes ny9 

  7. mariahs biggest career mistake was releasing you're mine as single
  8. lfmao one of her worst singles 4
  9. 10 for that intro alone
  10. legit though, haven't listened to the entire album more than once mimi letting me down bar some bangers on the album
  11. an album that has the longevity of a week
  12. a solid 9