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  1. Sean

    Music Video

    Video ain't it for this song
  2. good that he's pushing for more fluidity shame the materials ugly for the most part
  3. Sean here

    Lockdown feels longer than Chers career

  4. Sean


    best: emotions (it is just... absolutely sublime) worst: thank god i found u
  5. Sean


    break the ice
  6. Sean

    awful. simply just awful
  7. it'll still take 1/2 years for everyone to get vaccinated (just not anti-vaxxers i guess jokes on them)
  8. if you mean the hot 100 then yes, tik tok is ruling it at the moment
  9. Sean

    you're comparing taylor to artists that have dedicated their entire careers to this genre
  10. Sean


    i keep thinking BB is bareback this thread is cursed
  11. Sean

    Celeb News

    she'll release august at the end of august, its taylor
  12. Sean


    Exile, August, Epiphany continuously changing with 3rd song, exile and august are solid