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  1. Sean

    Rihanna has been dominating for ages now
  2. He's right on the idea of modern love though, but he's using the wrong terminology. it's actually lust vs love
  3. !? what are these high scores 5
  4. you're literally just twisting narratives to suit your own, costs etc were also inflated compared to back then. just stick with one narrative
  5. Sean here

    I got a first in my dissertation, I am absolutely over the moon! Ugh so happy brit2 

  6. a solid 9 (its what mariah needs as another lead single on new album)
  7. Sean


    Everytime is best song on album
  8. Sean


    Don't do Jolene dirty. Joanne wishes she was Jolene
  9. Sean here

    noah fence but when is TAG coming back 

  10. Sean

    Music Video

    Its an ABBA inspired video where the shots are similar to those of original ABBA videos
  11. Because Lana is a nice departure from your typical mainstream 'bop' music, which is why people appreciate her slower approach to music