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  1. it's fun, but it doesn't showcase her talent as much at all imo
  2. i love your set. That was my fave artpop era art. Also, why are all of you hating? It's nice to see someone who truly enjoys what they do and doesn't give up after a flop era.
  3. Mariah living in some auto-photoshopped version of reality where she remains 22.
  4. I re-listen to a lot of songs I liked in that decade now with an adult POV. Lyrics meant something then. Now, it's mainly sonic effects.
  5. Wayne is like a comedian. He's like a family guy episode put to rap, so I can't fault him. Kanye is a beast and in a way deserves to be somewhat conceited. Justin Beiber; I don't like his music or voice, but he is talented. None I guess.
  6. Now? like a 9 after she stopped smoking.
  7. 9. She's very technical and will likely have her voice well into her 60s and even 70s, but the voice to me isn't very distinctive when stripped of runs.
  8. I think all of them were subjected to some degree of sexual or personal extortion. Many times the major figureheads of music labels are mid-to-late 40s and would love to have a young play-thing, especially as a trade for potential super-stardom and riches. I just try not to think about this underbelly much and enjoy my faves either way,
  9. Hated it as well. Personally, I think BTD should have won. It's very well-written, showcases her wide vocal range, and pretty nicely sets up the concept of the rest of the album. The video is also arguably her best.
  10. But people buy her ALUBMS, not just singles. For the record, I'm not crazy about either. I have a slight preference for Rih.
  11. What A Girl Wants 125 + Come On Over (All I Want Is You) 125
  12. So glad to not see basic ass bitches like Mariah, Whitney, or Xtina listed. It's time they honor real vocalists. Katy is an inspiration to all aspiring singers, male and female--from pop to opera.
  13. She's pretty, but she looks her age. For age-defying, look at Halle or Jennifer.
  14. I think that's much more concentrated than what is in a stomach. The pH of stomach acid is about 1.5-3.5 while pure Hydrochloric acid can have a pH of less than one. If this were the case, you'd nearly die burping food back up.
  15. 9 because she has perfect pitch on her albums!
  16. National Anthem - 67 - Summertime Sadness + 4
  17. I was just so floored. She kept the emotion in the song but ascended in a way only pre-drug Whitney could. Ariana's is good, tbh. It's more tasteful for the moment. I just wanted more people to know about So Hyang, but I guess
  18. So who makes it their own the best? Has the most power? Can be understood the best? or
  19. Don't even attempt this as a joke if you live in the US. In some states it's a misdemeanour, and there's no "blocked numbers" for dispatchers on the other end.
  20. I'm black, and I think WM is kinda nasty. I think I've eaten it like 3-4 times in my life. But fried chicken...gurl :worship: