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  1. Bless her heart. Poor fans but at the end of the day her health is more important than any show.
  2. Paper Gangsta


    NOT JLo delivering the bop of Q1 2018
  3. Why the fuck Unbroken wasn't released as the 3rd and final single from the album, I'll never know

  4. Paper Gangsta


    The fact this is 8 / 9 years old makes me feel so old. The production, on-point looks...
  5. Paper Gangsta

    Katy getting a fugly ass haircut for Witness
  6. Paper Gangsta


    She was on drugs during FF?
  7. Wow, Miley hasn't looked this good in such a long time. shock1

  8. Paper Gangsta

    Gaga basically giving up on Perfect Illusion straight away and moving onto Million Reasons. PI deserved lots of promo and tons of TV performances.
  9. Paper Gangsta


    Which is the era / album you think defined your fave as an artist? It could be due to general success with the GP, on-point artistry or when they really became themselves. Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster Rihanna - GGGB Demi Lovato - DEMI
  10. Paper Gangsta


    Manchester I'm on my way!
  11. LGTI >>>>>> KMO I prefer "Dancing" to "Into the Blue" however I'd need to know more about the era, hear some more tracks and watch some recent interviews to decide whether or not the album is comparable to or better than KMO.
  12. Paper Gangsta


    #3 on UK iTunes! Release the video now sis for the chance of a #2 or even #1 hit
  13. She loves controoolll, she wants it her waayy bey6

  14. Paper Gangsta


    Wouldn't surprise me tbh. It keeps Britney in a routine which is probably what she needs.