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  1. 1. Poker Face vs Hot N Cold 2. Telephone vs Teenage Dream 3. Judas vs Unconditionally 4. Do What U Want vs Bon Apetite @Gilly You should've added Wide Awake vs Judas, so in that way there would be room for MR too
  2. we finally agree about queen Perra
  3. Discussion

    I love it
  4. Migos actually fit the song really well. I'm on my fourth listen already and I'm staring to really really like this. At first I was BLOW IS SHOOK tbh.
  5. Still my favourite Bey album. Freedom grew on me a lot. My top 3 now are Formation, DHY and Daddy Lessons. I believe 6inc and DL switched places, I used to LOVE 6 inch, but now I only listen to The Weeknd's verse
  6. whyyy? You don't like it?
  7. I remember I read this somewhere too. She was the one who insisted for Toxic to be a single. I can't imagine a world where Toxic isn't a single lbr THE song of everyone's childhood
  8. Listening to LAV rn and I'm SHOOK at how good Love Don't Live Here Anymore sounds.
  9. Game

    Standing on the Sun vs Be With You
  10. In the Zone is the only correct answer. Musically, visually, popularity wise, performing aspect, taking control and expressing herself more and lbr her look, everything was at the peak during that era. We all know how it ended But at least she wrote Everytime!!!!!!!!1
  11. Whenever I see another "someone vs Madonna" thread
  12. WE'VE BEEN BLESSED WITH SONG OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111
  13. Event

    It's short and cohesive. I alredy knew most of the songs on it. It's a very fun record and I agree, it aged very well. Burning Up is 10/10, my fave 80s Madonna song, along with LAP and EY.
  14. Achievement

    Say what you want but 4 Gods, Slay It To Me, Miles Awaysus, She's Not Jesus, Dance 2Night till our juices r dry and Gods Wouldn't Recognize You all slay!!!
  15. Event

    Listening to Madonna for the first time as a preparation for this