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    We live in 3035, while you're in 2017...
  2. ...and two Katy Perry songs were played omg First it was Swish Swish and the crowd went nuts I used to hated that song, but hearing in the club, what a bop. And later they played Bon Appetitty Keep in mind that I live in 3rd world country and people knew both songs And it wasn't some r&b or hipster night/club, it was the most mainstream club in my town WHEN WILL OTHERS GET THEIR "FLOP" SINGLES PLAYED??
  3. Game

    I can't believe I missed Hard Candy
  4. Call me when Rihtard Oral delivers like this
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  6. here

    I finished uni today omg oprah1

    I'm still SHOOK.

    1. Jony

      Congrats! kr1 

    2. Maryanne

      @Jony thank you oprah2

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    Beautiful Killer better pull thruu
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    All of my top 5 songs are here Except Iconicsuss, but that's an underrated anthem. Sorry for not being here yesterday tho.
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    There's no such thing as top 5 on MDNA.
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    Do I need to resend my rate because I didn't vote in a poll, I sent you a pm ?
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    Sent mine
  12. Game

    1.Cherish 2.Turn Up the Radio 3.Dear Jessie 4.Take a Bow 5.GMAYL
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    Sending mine tonight