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  1. Maryanne

    Madonna. Beyonce slays technically but it's repetitive af.
  2. Maryanne


    Ugh I hated this finale. The SCUM storyline was the worst AHS story ever. And I can't believe they managed to 'defeat' someone like Kai so easily.
  3. Maryanne


    Randomly scrolling through strangers things tag on tumblr and was like who dat and then I saw it was that asshole Billy omg
  4. Maryanne


    After tonights episode, I can say that Evan is the best tv actor right now. Fight me.
  5. Maryanne


    008 was the only one I liked in that group, agree.
  6. Maryanne


    Ep 7 is the worst Stranger Things episode btw. That whole 'group' was VERY unlikeable.
  7. Maryanne


    I still have 2 more episodes tho. But for the majority of the season she was away.
  8. Maryanne


    Idk why, I really want to like her, but she's annoying I hate that Eleven is not with the group, I miss the 5 of them And her storyline would've been much better if she was in contact with the boys 2 more episodes and then I have to wait another year
  9. Maryanne


    I'm on ep 5 now Probably I'll be done with S2 tomorrow I love Max so far Nancy is still annoying af
  10. Maryanne


    I'm suprprised I like this season as much as I do. I blame blue haired Evan and amazing Adina.
  11. No. When Telephone was out they were both at their commercial peak. And it still didn't get to No1. Beyonce distanced herself from pop completely and Gaga went, well... gaga