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  1. Maryanne


    Hopefully there'll be a Spidey cameo Tom H square
  2. Maryanne

    Madonna. Beyonce slays technically but it's repetitive af.
  3. Maryanne


    Ugh I hated this finale. The SCUM storyline was the worst AHS story ever. And I can't believe they managed to 'defeat' someone like Kai so easily.
  4. Maryanne


    Randomly scrolling through strangers things tag on tumblr and was like who dat and then I saw it was that asshole Billy omg
  5. Maryanne


    After tonights episode, I can say that Evan is the best tv actor right now. Fight me.
  6. Maryanne


    008 was the only one I liked in that group, agree.
  7. Maryanne


    Ep 7 is the worst Stranger Things episode btw. That whole 'group' was VERY unlikeable.
  8. Maryanne


    I still have 2 more episodes tho. But for the majority of the season she was away.
  9. Maryanne


    Idk why, I really want to like her, but she's annoying I hate that Eleven is not with the group, I miss the 5 of them And her storyline would've been much better if she was in contact with the boys 2 more episodes and then I have to wait another year
  10. Maryanne


    I'm on ep 5 now Probably I'll be done with S2 tomorrow I love Max so far Nancy is still annoying af
  11. Maryanne


    I'm suprprised I like this season as much as I do. I blame blue haired Evan and amazing Adina.