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  1. Sis come back :( The Legend Of The United States is now Liberated!

  2. Dita

    I haven't listened to Rainbow yet. Joanne was not a good album and Witness was full of Shitness.
  3. Christina Aguilera, 'Beautiful'. Everyone usually starts singing the CD version, but Legend always changes it up God her voice during the B2B tour though More recent one is from her sold out concert in Georgia last year
  4. Dita


    That and Change were rejected demos
  5. The main theory I have, has it has been scrapped and started again
  6. She is obviously not ready
  7. Dita

    The first that comes to mind is Beyonce. But let's be real they all do.
  8. Dita

    When I arrived at Amsterdam for New Year the first thing I bought was weed. Pretty much walked about the city stoned out my nut for 5 days