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  1. This is me on twitter. I see you shading me
  2. I climbed on to the wall and nearly fell off as well
  3. Sis I nearly died a few times. Nobody told me that I would have to climb 248738 stairs every day
  4. Yeah. Really? I was like sweating through the eyes so literally was taking them blind YES. It was so beautiful and warm to swim in
  5. Oh I see It was wonderful. What a gorgeous city Like the architecture was amazing The cocktails better The men gorgeous
  6. tumblr_otr5stpZOT1rsjrs1o1_540.png

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    2. Dita


      If this happens I am with you :( 

    3. Dr. Slay

      Dr. Slay

      Not to mention being cast in the worst movie of the century fall1

    4. Dita


      Please don't fall2 


  7. Well.... it was bloody beautiful. Did you not see my pictures on FB
  8. Just back from my holiday in Dubrovnik. OMG guys. I fell in love. It was like walking through King's Landing! Such a gorgeous place to visit cry1 

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    1. TattooedHeart


      Wtf I'm coming 

    2. Dita


      I was shook. 

  9. SISTERS I am heading offline for my holiday. Have a nice week and I will speak again on Thursday
  10. Well sisters I bid you Doviđenja. Heading to Croatia early tomorrow morning. Will be back on Thursday xtina6  

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  11. He said Sunday, but may have to postpone.
  12. Took me a good two years to memorise CHUD
  13. CURRENTLY BOPPING TO BIONIC @Urbanov you are going to love it
  14. I know Mind you I dont even know all the words yet
  15. Bobblehead should be performed on Ru Paul