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  1. On 8/8/2017 at 2:11 AM, Vertigo-go said:

    I reckon I'd be called "a fake stan" by any given hardcore fighter, because I keep seeing those disturbingly positive stan posts and just go are you fucking serious jj4

    "Be patient, you all! X6 is coming soon and is going to be amazing!!!" orly1 They've been posting this for 5 years, how can somebody actually be excited this way, and retweet Oral cooks pics, blurry WalMart ball performances and Emoji red carpet orly1


    This is like ultra-delusion or am I being negative as always?


    This is me on twitter. I see you shading me ny13 

  2. 1 minute ago, Kirjava said:

    Checked them. moo1 You took all those pics yourself? You have a good eye for photography. lj1 

    Looks beautiful cry6 Was the sea that freaking blue in real life too? shock1

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. antm1

    Yeah. Really? I was like sweating through the eyes so literally was taking them blind fall2dead2 

    YES. It was so beautiful and warm to swim in shock1 




  3. 6 minutes ago, Kirjava said:

    No, I don't really check FB apart from notifications. I'll go see that tho. moo1

    But how was the trip itself? Did you enjoy it?


    Oh I see xtina2 

    It was wonderful. What a gorgeous city oprah1 Like the architecture was amazing oprah2 The cocktails better oprah2 The men gorgeous oprah2 




  4. 1 minute ago, Urbanov said:

    Is anyone here for Stripped listening party with me giving my opinions about this album? I've never fully listened to it jj2

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    @Freaky Prince - Candyman

    @Khems - Fighter

    @Kirjava - Bird of Prey

    @Iris - Prima Donna

    @Dita - Queen of Burlesque

    @Urbanov - Nasty Naughty Boy

    @StrippedX - Oreo Cookie

    @123petra456 - Genie In a Bottle

    @Bionikal - Little Dreamer

    @Chris Pratt - Christmas Time

    @Habits - Monday Morning

    @Driven - So Emotional

    @Stars Are Made To Shine - Can't Hold Us Down

    @GLORY - You Lost Me

    @BackToBasics - Infatuation

    @#Music - Beautiful