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  1. Bobblehead has been giving me the giggles all day xtina38
  2. xtina10xtina29 I bet if she unleashed those pipes she would have sounded much bigger than both of them +love+
  3. We'll still be waiting for this single January next year knowing Christina xtina31
  4. Same. She is Queen of transformation so fingers crossed +love+ OMG EXCITED!!! xtina36xtina36xtina36
  5. My dream is for it to be this album that goes against all the current trends in music (a la B2B), but Love your Body and the rumours suggests Bionic part 2. :flutter:
  6. OMG but christina copies Gaga all the time :O!..... :tehe: Suppose. Anyway I can't wait!
  7. I seriously can't wait anymore. It's amazing how quiet Christina has been but You'd think with all this buzz surrounding her she would tease like Gaga done with BTW.
  8. I'm here and I'm ready to stan hard for my Queen. This new album is already slaying me!