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  1. It should have and she should have released Lift Me UP as a charity single
  2. Bionic was good though I hope she gets inspired before this new era tho
  3. Vote here bitches


  4. Well you better buy Lotus or I am getting you banned
  5. P!nk is such an enigma Yeah X is fucked 1
  6. She does have a lot of competition right now She should have released earlier this year tbh
  7. I actually am planning to tomorrow. I haven't listened to anything form it yet!
  8. Hopefully, she uploads her performance to youtube straight away
  9. Yeah they need to make her stop, but she would probably just lave.
  10. They are not the best label. But she isn't the best either
  11. Oh yeah, I forget I am Scottish and refer to places in English I am so ignorant