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  1. TBH Beyonce was our generation's last thread of hope(Gagz doing Joanne and other artists flopping) and honestly I wondering if the BEYONCE era was her peak
  2. Redporus

    HERE FOR IT!!!
  3. Redporus

    Here for it
  4. Redporus


    Beyonce please don't do this to us so quick
  5. #1 CIL #4 DV #1 SL & #3 IIWAB #29 RTW #2 DIL & #45 XO #10 Formation
  6. DIL clocked ha! XO shouldn't be counted as debut single tbh
  7. Redporus


    I am not here to discuss another joint tour
  8. Redporus

    My queen had a #1 and THREE #2s and one #4 SLAY! with every ALBUM!!!
  9. Redporus

    DON'T!!!!! I have been hearing the rumors of a Joint Tour(which I'm not here for) But a Joint Album is a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  10. Redporus

    I'm talking about Beyonce