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  1. Discussion

    I agree that it didnt age well
  2. Discussion

  3. Discussion

    The turn of the century No make uponce Boobonce Assonce Long Hairce
  4. I actually don't know her
  5. Discussion

    Stop making me panic
  6. Did DIL make the list at all? Just wondering, too lazy to check Btw Partition is light years ahead of DIL in terms of sexiness
  7. Why wouldn't she flop tho Given the circumstances: She lost tons of fans with her ridiculous antics in her last era She did not promote Her first single was not very commercial though it was a nice song Her second single is even LESS commercial Her promo single was just an OK song Also this so called chilled, relaxed and inspirational era is seen as FAKE to the consumers and the list goes on, I did not expect anything major sales wise this era
  8. Celeb News

    So does this mean Telephone Sequel coming or nah?
  9. Still waiting on Camilla Chubacabra to happen After all the hype her fans gave her current records
  10. Other

    slutonce looking amazing