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  1. Beyonce Madonna Miley Cyrus Rihanna Adele
  2. I hate you
  3. Tbh I think it's her fierce, domineering, strong, goddess-like aura She and Rih have a stand out Aura, they arrive and it's OVAH
  4. Probably her talent is what garners the hype
  5. If you are unaware, research tbh....don't go on twitter lol Social media is good research material but with racism there are tons of research material...
  6. This tbh! I hope sumn positive comes out of it
  7. It's an honest question that many would ask but I feel like she is only asking because she is famous and if she wasn't she probable wouldn't have advocated for us. So there is a positive to it, which is the fact that she is using her platform to advocate but then people might think on the lines of her being a hypocrite on the basis that she only care because she has a platform... Lol idk I think it's a good question to ask but preferably she should be DOING it, it's not rocket science to know
  8. There is a positive to this but the question sounds like something that shouldn't be asked but done
  9. Out of all the questions to ask anyone? This response tho
  10. I hope you killed Forward and upvoted Hold Up
  11. Discussion

    I thought the song was epic at first but now it has lost its replay value
  12. Celeb News

    well let me join in then