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  1. Redporus


    I'm in, but all the Bonus tracks will be receiving 1s
  2. Redporus


    Which one is the girl?
  3. Redporus here

    The only good songs on Bitterer other from the Singles(ex promo) are Everytime and Breathin' this album is a complete waste of an era!

  4. Redporus


    Right now in no particular order: Ganja Burn Nip Tuck Good Form Miami Coco Chanel/Sir
  5. TBH Beyonce was our generation's last thread of hope(Gagz doing Joanne and other artists flopping) and honestly I wondering if the BEYONCE era was her peak
  6. Redporus

    HERE FOR IT!!!
  7. Redporus

    Here for it
  8. Redporus


    Beyonce please don't do this to us so quick
  9. #1 CIL #4 DV #1 SL & #3 IIWAB #29 RTW #2 DIL & #45 XO #10 Formation
  10. DIL clocked ha! XO shouldn't be counted as debut single tbh
  11. Redporus


    I am not here to discuss another joint tour