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  1. Not us ignoring this flop thread and having a group chat to catch up with Beren
  2. I need you to change that stale avi of yours And your display name too BEREN in upper caps would be nice
  3. Where the hell were you ho
  4. Please get rid of those dead chickens in your closet
  5. I guess it hasn't aged properly yet Currently at the level of "Fine Tap Water"
  6. LBR be real, Bieber would slay All the DL male rappers would be drooling over that white cunt I can already see Big Sean wanting to tear it up like he did with Ariana
  7. Artpop ahead of it's time?? yet, years later NOBODY is replicating it Music has not evolved into that sound or is making any hopeful signs And NO successful hit single has that sound either The past, present and most likely future has rejected AP It was cute while it lasted #Justice4Gypsy #DebutSingle
  8. Here at work
  9. Hi
  10. Can we switch DOB then Cuz to be born when IWALY was #1 is such a blessings