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  1. Event

    I am not here to discuss another joint tour
  2. My queen had a #1 and THREE #2s and one #4 SLAY! with every ALBUM!!!
  3. DON'T!!!!! I have been hearing the rumors of a Joint Tour(which I'm not here for) But a Joint Album is a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  4. I'm talking about Beyonce
  5. I see more of a resemblance tho
  6. The only bop on that album is Disgusting
  7. Since my fave has a catalogue filled with magnum opuses Vocally - 4 Artistically - BEYONCE Visually - BEYONCE/Bday Lyrically - 4/Lemonade Iconically(not a word) - IASF/CIL @Urbanov
  8. Iconicilicilicy - The fact that you guys keep on posting this and not cringe at it not being a word
  9. JT has never been RnB Usher is bae Neyo gets my vote though, he slayed my entire teenage years Chris was more RnB/Pop Usher and Neyo was most loyal to the genre