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  1. The only good songs on Bitterer other from the Singles(ex promo) are Everytime and Breathin' this album is a complete waste of an era!

  2. Hey guys, I'm in a singing competition and I have made the TOP 6, help me make the top 4 by voting in the link below. cry1


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    2. Dan


      I'd be happy to vote. But which one are you? brit15 


    3. Redporus


      Sorry guys yes I'm SEAN ENNIS fall2


    4. Dan
  3. Oh I'm in a Singing Competition that a radio station is hosting!
  4. https://fans.vote/v/ACsB7noshfw GUYS!!! Your votes have pushed me to make the TOP 6 Now I need your help to make it to the Top 4! Click the link above and vote SEAN ENNIS Alejandreaux @Luca. @Fierce @King X @Redporus @Maraj @Monster @fab @Juinae @Hannah @Sylk @NJ @blankdreams. @#Music @GLORY @Hyun. @Lord Stoneheart @Skyline @Vilppu @Urbanov @SockBitch @bxigitte @WorkDude @Anna-wa @steliy
  5. Hey Beyhive vote for me Sean Ennis in the Sing-Off Competition. Vote for me!!! https://fans.vote/v/ACruHGhOsNk @Alejandreaux @Luca. @Fierce @King X @Redporus @Maraj @Monster @fab @Juinae @Hannah @Sylk @NJ @blankdreams. @#Music @GLORY @Hyun. @Lord Stoneheart @Skyline @Vilppu @Urbanov @SockBitch @bxigitte @WorkDude @Anna-wa @steliyah @SANDCASTLES @Diamond @Royale @Andres @KingOfTheCloud
  6. Hey guys vote for me *Sean Ennis* in the Sing-Off Competition! https://fans.vote/v/ACruHGhOsNk

  7. A Tori Amos section? moo4 

    1. Hylia


      Is there a problem?

    2. Redporus


      Yes there is, who is her? oprah12 

    3. Hylia


      She's a singer that released a new alberm earlier this month and she has a few stans here, so we wanted to get the section to discuss her until the next rotation moo1 

  8. IKR EOT is never underrated That is certified BOP
  9. Lorde's VMA performance sob1


  10. It's a pendulum it all comes back aroooound

  11. I'd be here for that tbh I hate the Bey-Droughts
  12. The clothes, the hair, the makeup everything about it to be honest
  13. I should have placed that as an honorable mention, but something about it is off putting to me
  14. The shade of it all I hate yall the vid is cute tbh
  15. So the video Gives me Animal Era moving up to Redemption teas That scream in the end of the song The whale sounds in the end The black and white scene when she is laying on a piece of board in the sea gives me Love Drought teas And the opening scene when she is laying down SCREAMS Alejandro Music Video LOVE IT
  16. Old, retired and dormant Kesha stans returning to the Stan Card Dispensation Center like... The slayage is too real I want her to get hits out of this Rainbow era Single #2 and 3 better deliver a gp friendly hit