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  1. wow its over and no gaga interesting waiting for someone here to download it and upload for us <3 lol
  2. Hey is there any working link where I can start the show from the beginning?
  3. I know what I'm fucking mixing next!!
  4. Hahaha. Just wanted to share it again. I guess everyone hates remixes or this isn't as good as I thought.
  5. Okay. I took all of your advice and I have a final version. Made the verses less rapid took out g easy added more vocal shots and changes I hope you guys like it. It's rendering now. EDIT. UPLOADED!
  6. Okay. I took all of your advice and I have a final version. Made the verses less rapid took out g easy added more vocal shots and changes I hope you guys like it. It's rendering now.
  7. OH WOW. fail lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  8. What I think is good about Closer is its chill edm. It sounds basic, but its tropical house with EDM roots. Chill music is whats trending right now because its soothing and this election has us all fucking stressed the fuck out this is especially a good move now. While everyone has their eyes on Britney for Make Me, fuck that song (sorry even though I love it Chainsmokers > Burns) and support the HELL out of this single. You guys know how long Roses was on the freaking `top 10 chart, like isn't that we want? EVERYONE listening to Britney Spears? Or for
  9. GURRRRLS SHOULD I FINISH THIS IT SHOULD SOUND BETTER NECAUSE I JUST SPENT 2 HOURS MASTERING IT. The first verse is sorta bland, its not done either obviously. But if you guys have any suggestions you want me to incorporate, this is the last chance it was sooooo shittty b4 girls im sorry cry`1
  10. Lol xtina wishes she was on a CHAINSMOKERS track she could neva
  12. Lmao me either. I'm upset you didn't care for the clip. I was popping my morning wood dancing around the house and I'm tired and hung over af chainsmokers get me. Roses also changed my life. So.
  13. Who cares if they're basic, that alone with score Britney and them another number 1. After hearing what the use for the drop, its insane this is just like when invitation leaked through the dance routine, could only hear a little and had no idea since they produce they know vocals, what to use what's catchy and what shines. and you may think it's basic, but there's a lot more to success and there's WAYYY more involvement on writing a song, knowing what chords are trending/what works best for the vocalist. How one wrong sample or choice or words, or even the
  14. Yes it is lol, I have the snippets here girls. It's all over exhale. https://vid.me/C163 https://vid.me/wcFQ daya tweeted them and said yeah go hang with your new friend Britney they are both performing at IHR too, Ryan even tweeted asking if she had any SURPRISECOLLABS for the performance And alek just combine threads if you can, don't make a new one lol
  15. Edit: It's not her I don't have the snippets, but it was on their offficial snapchat. This makes totalsense she needed relevance in 2011. So she jumped on that S&M remix. Makes sense for her to do it again. 4 for you Larry R, you go Larry R!!!!! This sounds even better than Closer. This could be Roses 3.0. That song is flawless. Im honestly so shocked from this era all I wanted in life was Britney stoner music then I get invitation then this?!
  16. Yeah I mean convinced. That HAD to be what the hype was about. Something she's never done. What, dance? Lip sync? She's done that. SHE ALSO POINTED AT THE MIC. LIKE I JUST SANG A COVER LIVE BITCH
  17. Hey gurls, working on another Britney remix. I don't like any of the remixes out there, they either haven't done enough or its too basic. Zippyshare kind of kills the bass on the preview, but I would love to know what ya'll think. http://www103.zippyshare.com/v/NbF9VPSt/file.html
  18. God you guys still need the album? Here Mod Notice: No download links outside of the VIP Media section.
  19. I just want to say I love you all and we've been waiting such a long time for this. This. THIS is the comeback. "I don't...like it when they call it the comeback...I never went anywhere. "
  20. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed all of it!