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  1. Howcome this is better than FtB tho...
  2. The song and video are a serve. This is the most interest I've had in a Kylie single in over a decade.
  3. They are. I won't stream or purchase their music, but I'd sub their OF.
  4. I don't really get it. Is it a train stop? Is she *ON* a subway/rail/bus thats open on 3 sides?
  5. maybe even 200m+ opening weekend... https://deadline.com/2023/09/taylor-swift-eras-tour-movie-ticket-presales-box-office-1235533199/
  6. It's gonna do 100m+ opening weekend and break the October Box Office record.
  7. This was all just part of Skidmark Brown's plan you guys
  8. https://time.com/6307420/taylor-swift-eras-tour-money-economy/