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  1. harry

    The sis can do no wrong when she's on her meds. Praise be.
  2. harry


    The "beauty?" of this situation is she doesn't need to declare anything, and shouldn't. When she does release another single it's going to restart the era regardless of what fans consider Stupid Love to be as a release. People will be hungry for normal life and new events. If she ends up releasing the Ariana collab, lets say with a televised performance and the video, people won't need to know what Stupid love was. In another 3 months whatever Gaga does professionally is going to feel like the start of something new, especially since she (and everyone else) are essentially disappearing for that period of time.
  3. harry

    Not Azealia Banks of all people completely obliterating Kim with the cold hard truth.
  4. harry

    Kanye West is a slimy arrogant sack of shit and Kim is a vapid parasite. Get over your bizarre personal crusade against Taylor Swift and pull your head out of your ass.
  5. harry

    Fade the fuck away you moron.
  6. harry

    The production is goofy and bland. It's like a lazy, slightly modernized update of Beautiful Stranger with a bag of features thrown in. GGW is better by default given my above opinion, I but I actually enjoy it as a nice lil dancefloor bop of hers, and the video is a good time. It's nothing new but it's well executed.
  7. harry

    Girl please. I’m actually an M stan who likes a lot of MDMA and don’t agree with some of the fanbase that thinks it’s one of her terrible albums. Honestly at this point I listen to it more than HC. But GMAYL was garbage and sounds even worse now. GGW is that bitch tho.
  8. harry

    The only mental health problems I observe in any discussions on this forum come from the haters of either girl, rather than the fans, but some of y’all obviously aren’t ready for accept that truth.
  9. harry

    We can drink some wine Burgundy is fine
  10. harry

    Now I’ve had GMAYL stuck in my head all day.
  11. harry

    Perhaps one day I’ll choose to pretend it doesn’t exist as well. During the week(s) of GMAYL’s release and promotion I pretended it was great, as I’m sure you did too. Then over time perspective sets in. Such is life. I was happy my girl snagged another top ten 30 years into her career same as I’m happy my girl snagged another top five 12 years into her career.
  12. harry

    I’m referring to her plethora of quality singles in her catalog. I prefer to forget GMAYL exists. I’m not a Madonna or Gaga foaming-at-the-mouth hater so I don’t have any bets placed in this little game.
  13. And how about where music intersects with visual arts?