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  1. Is this considered a bragging point?
  2. harry

    Except he’s mostly a Madonna stan so that’s not a very good argument. Oops.
  3. harry

    I literally holler every time I see it. It’s quite fascinating.
  4. harry

    She gave us that too with ASIB tho.
  5. harry

    For comparisons sake, Crazy Rich Asians, another very American-centric (don't be fooled, this wasn't made for anyone but American audiences) romance flick released this year, made 174m in the US and 62m everywhere else. Most Hollywood produced romance or romantic comedies do NOTHING overseas unless it's starring a proven global lead who can open a film on their name alone. The fact that this is going to make 200m+ from international territories and also become the highest grossing non-action, non-kid film of the year makes it a resounding mega success for all involved, any way you choose to slice it. Not to mention its rated R.
  6. harry

    I don't think Venom is going to get within 100m of WW's 821m but it has done spectacularly well regardless. EDIT: I just realized you probably mean Venom's international numbers only. China really helped it's intl numbers explode. I'm so happy for my man.
  7. harry

    As well as it's done in other key asian markets like Korea, which is pretty well. So...
  8. harry

    It hasn't opened in Japan.
  9. harry

    We were making fun of this article on a box office forum I frequent, especially since one of the admins contributed to it lol. Probably one of the worst takes and hugest reaches this year. The film has already made TEN TIMES ITS BUDGET, and nearly half of that is outside the US. thank u, next
  10. harry


    Ohh look someone wants attention.
  11. harry

    It could plunge by 50% in streams and still clock enough points to stay at #1 like
  12. And as of today it just entered the top 20 R-rated films of all time.
  13. Lol I gave you more credit than I should have. I assumed you knew the basics. Shame on me.