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  1. You supported your opinion of why the song was popular by claiming the song wouldn’t have longevity by asking where if would be in X amount of time and here it is still topping the charts. Oop.
  2. harry

    That’s not really true. Adele owns the stage. There’s a lot of factors that can command a stage. And they aren’t not dancing because they’re singing live. They aren’t dancing period because they don’t have the skill or simply don’t want to. It’s a big part of pop music that the current girls just aren’t doing, but even Xtina could mop the floor with the new class weaves when it came to dancing at her peak. There was just a different emphasis put on dancing and showmanship with the 80’s and 90’s girls and we all won when it came to performances because of that.
  3. harry

    There really isn't a Britney of this generation since none of the girls can fucken dance or own a stage to save their life and that's that on that.
  4. Dear lord you are C H A L L E N G E D boy.
  5. It's as if you have no idea what Sicilians look like. Ecuadorians and Sicilians have comparable skin tones. So tell me again why you opened this thread? For attention? We been knew.
  6. I love when Agu turns himself in like this. Like watching a drunk driver crash into a police station.
  7. Aguracist strikes again with his faux woke ass.
  8. Alexandra Ocasio Cortez 2020
  9. I love when people think they're cultured and their opinion is universal. A hilarious combination.
  10. Considering you literally asked in this very thread where it would be in 4 weeks/2 months and regardless which of those timeframes you choose the answer would have been "at number 1" I would shut up, Rae.
  11. And ADELE will sell again with her next release, you fucking troglodyte. You've said NOTHING.