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  1. Lorde looking like Harry fucking Potter
  2. DOC cause it finally gave me the finalized Haus Labs remix I've been patiently waiting for.
  3. I personally didn’t want backyard livestreams from her, either. She had zero possible events to perform at from the time her first single dropped till the VMA’s, and let’s face it by then the era was commercially over. It’s truly okay to blame the largest catastrophic global event in a lifetime for the Chromatica era not getting more than one live performance.
  4. That’s just the thing, ‘Queen of Pop’ isn’t a title with successors. It’s a nickname gifted to Madonna because it’s, well, Madonna. Is it something that can be considered an achievement? Sure, but it’s not something that has any measurable value therefore we can’t compare and apply it to anyone else. It’s a nickname, not a held position.
  5. The ‘little’ medely you bring up was quite the 10 minute medley tho. It’s not like she half-assed it. I think people are selectively critical of Gaga in a weird way, especially calling her pandemic-born era (literally like, to the MONTH) lazy. Weird.
  6. Funny she mentions caring about a films merits above success when her version of ASIB was critically panned and Gaga's was lauded.
  7. Till the World Ends vs. Alien Hold It Against Me vs. Work Bitch Inside Out vs. Perfume I Wanna Go vs. It Should Be Easy (feat. will.i.am) How I Roll vs. Tik Tik Boom (feat. T.I.) (Drop Dead) Beautiful (feat. Sabi) vs. Body Ache Seal It with a Kiss vs. Til It's Gone Big Fat Bass (feat. will.i.am) vs. Passenger Trouble for Me vs. Chillin' with You (feat. ***** ****) Trip to Your Heart vs. Don't Cry Gasoline vs. Brightest Morning Star Criminal vs. Hold on Tight Up n' Down vs. Now That I Found You He About to Lose Me vs. Ooh La La
  8. Except that Stupid Live Laugh Love did debut inside the top 5 making this thread seem pretty.... pointless, now, dunnit? Gargoyle did that, with little more than her troupe of faguettes and an iPhoneX out on the desert.
  9. The video has amazing sets, choreo, outfits, etc. The song?