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  1. harry

    If that's all we have to worry about on social media I'd say she's doing fine.
  2. harry


    it's the gospel we been knew pasty white excellence at it's finest
  3. Also why is Halsey there... and why is no one talking about it? Can only I see her?
  4. It's even more than that. Studios make back an average of 55% of a films worldwide gross. Theaters keep the rest. So A film already needs to make double it's production budget just to cover that cost. Then you take into account the mystery marketing budget that's typically never officially reported, and they need to most likely triple the cost to make the film to truly make a profit from a theatrical run alone.
  5. Well, they could just create a new home Box Office (heh) app and sell it to you that way (no monthly sub) with a different marketing approach. I agree this whole thing has been clunky and sloppy, expectedly, but idk I think people are spending money on their homes right now since they aren't spending it going out or on vacations, etc. I think people are ready to embrace some new shit. That Trolls movie released end of April did huge numbers, and it had a $20 pricetag to rent. Yes highest grossing film, but theater attendance has been down yearly for the past like 10-15 years roughly. Ticket price inflation has been the only thing saving it. On top of that, studios have been going the less films, larger properties route for the last decade. IDK what the fuck is going to happen but there's literally already a stockpile of over 1b in film investments sitting on shelves from this summer alone Hollywood is waiting to release. Whatever the solution is I would like to invest in it.
  6. The theatrical experience is an argument yes, but it's becoming more and more obsolete as home entertainment gets more and more sophisticated. This form of marketing and selling a film for a $30 rental pricetag probably isn't it, but a $200m production is going to need it recoup its money somehow or they won't keep making films on this scale. On the flip side you have the comfort of your home and the ability to pause and re-watch for free, which aren't options when you spend $14-16 on a theater ticket. I sound like a Disney lobbyist now. The more they keep doing this means another nail in the coffin for the whole moviegoing industry, though. It will never recover, and no one wants to go sit in a room of 200 people with no fresh for 2 hours anytime soon. Home entertainment might just be.... entertainment, for now.
  7. harry


    i don't really care about what they say imma come back like a boomerang I have a 7yo niece.
  8. harry

    here u go @Villanelle enjoy bb
  9. harry

    I disagree with it being hideous but this ended me.
  10. harry


    That's nearly the same as Lover with no promo or IRL store purchases. An absolute force in the industry.
  11. You know these hoebags would have performed this at the VMA's too.
  12. Karen is not a sensitive word, jfc.