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  1. Let’s not what? It was a genuine question cause I literally don’t know who the fuck she is and she isn’t known in any of the circles I keep. Thank god, apparently.
  2. She has a big following? Who ARE these people and where do they reside?
  3. harry


    Welcome To New York
  4. harry

    No one does babe.
  5. Gone might catch some plays.
  6. I haven't listened once yet, and I'm highkey perched for her next album.
  7. harry

    You'll always have those 6 months between the June 22, 1999 release of GIAB and the turn of the century, I guess?
  8. harry

    is it sampling Better Off Alone? ok maybe I'll stan.
  9. This does seem to be the general consensus.
  10. harry here

    This excerpt. brit9

  11. But she did call the album brilliant. Just not the whole album. Snake strikes again.
  12. Pruned, but not altered as the title suggests.
  13. Nothing's been altered tho.