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  1. harry

    You don’t have an opinion whether artists should have the freedom to perform their own songs they’ve written? Seems like a pretty basic right most people can muster up enough energy to verbally support but you do you lol.
  2. harry

    Who the fuck would be on Scoot's side and why?
  3. harry

    Britney's Man(nequin).mp3
  4. harry here

    The absolute iconography. Not many have that. 

    1. Urbanov

      Is that Britney 

  5. harry here


    1. Freaky Prince

      Thats quite a stupid generalization nicki5 Gays be doing the most mental gymnastics to give decade "achievements" to theur faves. SELENA THE FIRST FEMALE SOLO ARTIST THIS DECADE TO GO #1 WITH A BALLAD THAT HAS 5 WORDS AND TWO OF THEM START ON L clap3

    2. Gravity

      I'm sorry but isn't Adele solo and also had several ballads at #1 dead4 Edit: didn't click on it and thought it said she was the only one

  6. too many shrieking bottoms on this site (and twitter). annoying af
  7. harry

    Nothing defines it. Princess of Pop is a nickname given to Britney just like Queen of Pop is a nickname given to Madonna and King of Pop to MJ. It's a nickname not a title. These articles are dumb. Don't feed their hunger for clicks.
  8. harry

    Never Really Over hit the Top 15 a few months ago. NMT peaked at #23. Both were exactly 11 years into their career. Not sure what you're trying to prove but some basic brainpower could help you out kid.
  9. harry

    Nice try bitch.
  10. He does this all the time too. It wasn't just a typo. Bitch really learned nothing with that GED and beauty school dropout education of his.
  11. harry

    Nah, it's not that deep. They're just reaching for the pot now that it's full. Lizzo stated she's sharing the songs success with the originator of the line, so fuck these bros and their 5% of a song they had absolutely no involvement with.