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  1. harry

    Invitation vs Maria Make Me vs Sick of Sittin' Private Show vs Fall In Line Man on the Moon vs Right Moves Just Luv Me vs Like I Do Clumsy vs Deserve Do You Wanna Come Over? vs Twice Slumber Party vs Accelerate Just Like Me vs Pipe Love Me Down vs Masochist Hard to Forget Ya vs Unless It's With You Glory: 7 Liberace: 3 Caveat: While I prefer the whole Glory body of work, I haven't listened to it in forever, while Right Moves still gets some rotation from me, so there's that.
  2. Is that good? Like what's average now for UK? idontknowher.gif
  3. harry

    Yes because no one since her blow-up has had as much impact but she's been coasting on the brand she built for awhile now so that could end soon as people grow tired. She needs to toss out the stale image and find a new angle if she want to continue her success streak.
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    handing out charity upvotes moo1

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      Help me catch my rep points up to my posts moo1


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      Of course bb

  6. Blinding Lights is coming for Circles longevity on the chart and I'm here for that.
  7. harry

    Broken Hip solo climbing her way to the top 5 this year while Katheryn was off the charts completely in a month.
  8. harry

    She still has enough hype to release a terrible solo song and have it go top 5. Not all 2008-debuting pop whores have that.
  9. harry

    Fixed it for you, crusty.
  10. I would like to see him make an appearance, but for the opening scene I think they're going to go with a more provocative kill. Not to be ageist but LBR killing off a 60yo white dude in the opening doesn't exactly set the mood. The stakes need to be higher. I honestly was blown away by the Scream 4 opening. And seeing it in theaters with the auditorium reactions to the double twist was amazing.
  11. What's wrong with praising Britney's peak years?
  12. I think it's clear to see that at her peak and before the industry ate her up she was much better than just good, and had a spark on stage that was hard to imitate.