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  1. harry

    That's what she gives K.Fed hun.
  2. harry

    Thanks for posting. 💫
  3. harry

    Exactly, and she sings the first verse and the chorus. You have to make it nearly halfway through the song before hearing anyone else. The self-convincing going on by these bum bitches is hilarious.
  4. harry

    That’s a cute opinion literally no one shares yet you keep repeating it, special Edward. Much of the general public know every god damn line of that FIRST verse that opens the track. Step out on a Friday night and witness it yourself.
  5. harry

    Guess I wasn't talking to you then.
  6. harry

    I guess it's time to shut the fuck up now.
  7. The aftermath of Justice League tanking. I expected nothing less. Blow it all up and start over DC.
  8. harry

    What else does your crystal ball say?
  9. harry

    So many sudden film critics up in here.
  10. harry

    Haa if you think she had the only hand in that you weren’t paying attention to anything else.
  11. harry

    IDGI why is she not coming to the west coast at all?
  12. Might I recommend someone you can bounce your thread ideas off of *before* you post them? Here to help. 💫
  13. harry

    The correct answer is Barbra, child. Next.
  14. harry

    The general buzz around Hollywood is that it’s really good and Warner’s is really confident in it. The critical consensus isn’t going to sway much from these initial reviews, 8 or 9 of which are from top critics who were 100% positive. I certainly wouldn’t bet against this film at the moment. It’s gained a lot of momentum over the last few weeks.