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  1. BWET is almost perfect. A shame she's so miserable.
  2. 7. I find it mostly annoying now but oh oh oh oh, I used to love you.
  3. I used to just think it was bland and okay, but it replays surprisingly well now years later. 8/10
  4. It's nearly perfect for me. A 9.5 bìtch.
  5. The pettiness bey11

  6. She seems like the type who would send her son to conversion therapy to shock the gay out of him. Next.
  7. It infuriates me that just a few months ago he played a flaming faguette in The Prom as if that's warranted let alone acceptable. Maybe if he came out of the closet as an insufferable cunt instead of playing mr. giggles for the camera he'd be more relatable for some.
  8. As much as l love Doja I’m glad the academy isn’t awarding Dr Puke.