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  1. I thought you meant total and I was like bitch where?
  2. Try to get tickets to one of her shows. Just try. I have so many friends who were butthurt cause there was just no possible way to get them, and they're the gheys who always get tickets. I think she has a built in audience for her second album, but if it sucks she'll burn that first album goodwill quickly. Should open big tho.
  3. The 'total units' system billboard uses includes streaming numbers as well. It's the only reason Drake is able to move the 'units' he does. It's the only reason Doja is still 'selling' well with Planet Her. While the climate has changed, it's still a rather steep 80%-ish drop from her last era, when all various numbers are calculated. This only goes to show what a magnificent run 25 had. Not anything to shame 30 for, as I pointed out previously.
  4. Shifting close to 2m units in the US will be a magnificent achievement in 2021, but the absolute chokehold Adele had on white women in 2015 for 25 to literally almost double her total 30 sales IN IT'S FIRST WEEK is not lost on me either.
  5. It legit sounds like she's out of breath and gasping for help at the beginning.
  6. Sounds awful. The details (and lack thereof) do make me curious what Noah was suffering from and what his operation was.
  7. Figures you have nothing to add. Also, she released Joanne. She can do very wrong. I had to interpret your nonsense since "cant do nothing" would imply "everything," smart guy.
  8. And once again, show me where I said Gaga was never criticized? Or where I even eluded to her being a perfect actress? I said she wouldn't win from the start. I was genuinely surprised she was even nom'd for a GG, and then dumbfounded at anyone talking about an Oscar nom. You decided to swing the pendulum entirely in one direction and highlight criticisms of her in reviews. I decided to provide some balance to the discussion by highlighting the praise, of which I would say there is noticeably more of. Also Madonna DID get praise for Evita. Deservedly so. Why so focused on just the n
  9. I was gonna say I think she's getting 2 weeks at no.1 this season.
  10. "[You] thought had a real juicy bomb to shout loud about, and in the end it's just a middling crime drama, both critically and financially.... which tbh is sorta boring to argue over lol."
  11. You need to reread everything I stated in this thread for better comprehension. Your insults do very little.