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  1. harry

    Taylor’s performance being praised amidst the lashings this movie is getting is not something I expected.
  2. harry

    worms nesting their way into @G like MC's brain
  3. Happy for Taylor's big nom. A songwriting nom for a song she wrote on her own probably means more than any other recognition to her.
  4. Tried, and succeeded in getting the nom.
  5. harry

    TBH I think it all boils down to preference, because each of them are seasoned singers without naturally gifted vocal abilities. Not one of them has a discernible advantage over the other.
  6. harry

    Oh.... who the fuck cares? Everyone sues everyone. Must be a slow news day for something as trivial like a food delivery dispute to be rehashed.
  7. harry

    He's quite obviously an otter.
  8. harry

    Wasn't there a thread about this exact situation 2 months ago?
  9. harry

    You don’t have an opinion whether artists should have the freedom to perform their own songs they’ve written? Seems like a pretty basic right most people can muster up enough energy to verbally support but you do you lol.
  10. harry

    Who the fuck would be on Scoot's side and why?