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  1. The reaction on twitter has me rolling. I guess most people haven't seen the musical. Spoiler: it's the weirdest fucking thing to grace the stage and yes they look like human/cat hybrids there too.
  2. harry


    Why are Orlando's nipples sliding off the sides of his tits?
  3. harry here


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    2. harry

      I'm gay tho... consider everything sarcasm until otherwise noted. mad5 

    3. Aidan.

      I have him on ignore and I am still fuming at him based on the responses mad5

    4. Entea

      Sniff my underwear daddy

  4. Jesus your drags are corny as fuck.
  5. As if her label is willing to drop more than a few bucks on her stale career. lol
  6. Whoa this is messy. I mean we all knew Scooter was slimy, even the Taylor butthurts.
  7. harry

    Tay or Katy.
  8. harry

    It's really good. Simple, effective, political. This is a good start to this era, visually.
  9. harry

    I have some pics in the photo thread. In fact I posted one this morning.
  10. harry

    You are young compared to me even. I'm in my 30's now so it's not even electric chair for me, it's guillotine. I'm daddy now. Come to papa.