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  1. Teenage Dream is great, but Never Really Over is just THAT earworm. Roar can rot.
  2. Hope not, but it really doesn't matter since it would be replacing OTR.
  3. A turd like this serving this cold ass tea and the haters will pounce. Happy *checks date* Monday/March.
  4. It should be whoever is billed first/originator of the track, which is Miley. Weird rule.
  5. Christians are the hugest hypocrites, I cant.
  6. My point was perhaps she is ignorant to how others view the figure in her necklace, but attacking her isn't going to change anything. They still turn religious imagery into huge for-profit empires and if they REALLY want to try and change that perhaps they should go after those people. What's warranted about profiting off ANY religious materials? Pretty sure in the majority of religions the original texts state not to do such things.
  7. I'm sure Beck's label was like, this middle aged white dude isn't getting any younger after 20 years in the biz, time to capitalize! lul
  8. Eh, if you don't follow the religion, they don't hold some sacred meaning to you. Perhaps the religion itself shouldn't be commercialized and profited off of with these products Rih was able to obtain? If it were so sacred why are they being sold as jewelry and gas station trinkets then? Why not go after the manufacturer of these items for even existing in the first place? Not Rih for finding a colorful necklace she liked. Religions are so fucking hypocritical. Oof.
  9. Girl watch out where you go , Flicks is getting slammed on social cause the GaysOverCovid account reposted a story of their last drag show with no masks and social distancing.