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  1. Peaking at 56 on radio doesn’t get you into the top 20. Sorry but your bullshit doesn’t work on me. I know how the charts work.
  2. It as actually due mostly to sales and streams sweaty.
  3. harry

    Couldn't the same theory be applied to BTW as well?
  4. harry

    Nah it was Gags. Bad Romance, Telephone, and Alejandro, along with her Fame/Monster albums selling like crazy week after week, along with her grip on the media all point to her being the bigger name. I mean Bad Romance, even though released in Oct of 2009, sold 9.7m copies in 2010. The Telephone video was a cultural event. Katy was just getting started with her cute radio-friendly bops that were geared to own the charts, and that didn't even start till halfway through the year 2010.
  5. harry

    Toxic is played all the time. Like literally everywhere. It’s quite insane.
  6. Posting this in BG as if its a brag. Sad day.
  7. What's not clicking for her?
  8. harry

    I quote this all the time to my husband now
  9. harry

    I usually end up there like once a month. We’re always at InsideOUT and Uptown. Sometimes Gossip.
  10. honestly this sounds kinda good and better than Xanax
  11. harry

    sus when are we meeting up at Rich's?
  12. I just learned he's so little. I had no idea he was such a munchkin. He doesn't appear that way in pictures and videos to me.
  13. In his world, everything. Ugh her mind (control over him). Queen.
  14. harry

    This goes without saying.
  15. Let’s not what? It was a genuine question cause I literally don’t know who the fuck she is and she isn’t known in any of the circles I keep. Thank god, apparently.
  16. She has a big following? Who ARE these people and where do they reside?
  17. harry


    Welcome To New York
  18. harry

    No one does babe.
  19. Gone might catch some plays.
  20. I haven't listened once yet, and I'm highkey perched for her next album.
  21. harry

    You'll always have those 6 months between the June 22, 1999 release of GIAB and the turn of the century, I guess?
  22. harry

    is it sampling Better Off Alone? ok maybe I'll stan.