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  1. Once upon a time Kim had one good clarifying and sensitive statement on the matter. She should have left it at that... but here we are. I just know deep down her current success is fleeting so I guess live it up for now girly.
  2. 140k estimated for the album's sixth week but t4p. Not everything is meant for the dance floor but faguettes will always do the most.
  3. New info revealed it was in-fact a trans woman who stomped on the shooter and not a drag queen. Harmless mistake made by the veteran who tackled the shooter when being interviewed, but now that we know we can more accurately and respectfully applaud her heroism.
  4. I know football fans are passionate and love supporting their teams, but if everyone who agreed that Qatar is not the place to host any sort of civil event simply didn't tune in or go it would be THE LAST time this happened. FIFA made a lot of money from Qatar, but they simply cannot lose all their advertisers. Sports are like drugs to some people.
  5. I mean, feel free to show me where he’s ever shown an ounce of humility for his past and I’ll shut up.
  6. 204k in its 4th week, with Xmas just around the corner to sustain these sales figures through the end of the year. She’ll have more than doubled her opening week figure by then.
  7. Never seen him take accountability in a credible or honest way. Just PR written glossy apologies.
  8. I did! Two tickets on the aisle in the lower ring.
  9. The presale was a fucking mess. There were 14m people on the ticketmaster site trying to get tickets when there were apparently only supposed to be 1.5m presale codes sent out. I had a presale code and couldn't get into the page for the Sat LA show. There was no waiting room before 10am and everything just crashed about 5 mins before 10am. Then 20 mins went by with 404 pages and refresh pages and then it came back and said the presale was rescheduled for 3pm. At 3pm I didn't have any issues but did have to wait 30 mins in the waiting room till 3 and then 75 more mins in the queue till it was m
  10. Hasn't happened in almost 50 years due to an increasing market and competition, but this bitch can pull it off in 2022.
  11. Good fa ha! I smell a role in a higher profile film after this. LiLo comeback tour 2022 yaaas. I legit expect her next project announcement to come in the next month.
  12. End Game TV feat Meek Mill confirmed
  13. https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/leylamohammed/drake-backlash-taylor-swift-anti-hero-charts-petty-feud