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  1. BMS to make sure she gets that #1 next week.
  2. Summer Renaissance is officially on radio programmers Cool New Music section to add, and has seen increasing feeler spins on pop radio. Same with Cuff It and Cozy. Pop Summer Renaissance - 104 spins from 56 stations Cuff It - 101 spins from 45 stations Cozy - 82 spins from 76 stations I think Alien Superstar could work too. It's going to debut in the top 20 (and maybe 15) on the hot100 so it's obviously one of the most popular tracks for streams and sales.
  3. Pure/Honey Alien Superstar Cuff It + first minute of Energy
  4. Her Hollywood agent deserves their cut. Smart choices/roles since her debut. This will probably provide another soundtrack single opportunity and you know that bitch loves one of those.
  5. I feel like these are the obvious single choices, plus Alien Superstar.
  6. That was mentioned when the rumor about Gaga starring as Harley first started last month. I'm curious to know if that was true as well.
  7. Pitchfork’s review is great. Really helps connect some of the dots on where the samples came from, why they were chosen, etc. I appreciate that kind of informative review. Learning all the layers to Pure/Honey was absolutely fascinating. RS has been rather trash for some time.
  8. Sure, everything is irrelevant to some degree, considering music is extremely subjective. Regardless, the universal appeal of her latest release is hard to miss.
  9. ok I think I'm ready... pure/honey (10/10) cuff it alien superstar heated cozy virgo's groove move thique summer renaissance (9/10) all up in your mind energy america has a problem break my soul (8/10) church girl i'm that girl plastic off the sofa (7/10)
  10. So glad I saw this... Now I can stop wondering where the sample was, which was nearly nowhere to begin with. Sit the fuck down Kelloggs.
  11. HDD reports a midweek sales-ONLY figure of 200k, and says 325k by end of first week. She’s historically under-predicted. Beyonce: pre 250k-300k, actual 600k+ Lemonade: pre 500k, actual 650k+ Renaissance: pre 275-300k, actual ??? I think she can get 350k by end of week.
  12. Yes, Pharrell could have avoided any drama by mentioning the sample to Kelis. Zero obligation on Bey’s part since she was working with the *person who made the whole ass song originally* Also. I still can’t hear the sample for the life of me. So it was only in the last 10 seconds?
  13. Diane is just mad she wasn’t invited to be part of the best reviewed album of the year, and Beyoncé’s career. https://www.metacritic.com/music/renaissance/beyonce
  14. I *think* this is in my top 5 from the album. That’s all I’m willing to commit to atm.
  15. Yes. The era is a ramp up. I understand it better now. They knew they were sitting on a 16 track masterpiece and didn’t care if the first single didn’t debut at number one. They knew it would grow as the era was revealed/released and goodwill for the project grew. Come Monday’s chart BMS will be between 5-7 on the H100, and the following week early guesses have it anywhere from 1-4 depending on how strong the streaming bump is from the album release, which looks to be very strong. If the visual comes anytime soon we could be looking at Bey’s first solo #1 in…. 13/14 years? This all wo
  16. I need more time.