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  1. Tate didn't leave one crumb on the floor with that BBMA performance. Fuck. katy9

  2. It's quality like the rest of her material. Dua delivers.
  3. Oh she left no crumbs with this one. Her pure sales 1.359 were higher than Britney’s largest, something she hadn’t achieved yet before this release. Her 13th and 11th no.1 album and single respectively, this week. Thinking of songs that just missed the top mark, she’s collected quite a few no.2’s at this point. YBWM TWAF Trouble IDWLF ME! YNTCD Lavender Haze Karma NTWDT That’s pretty impressive also.
  4. Oh I agree. I'm just saying she could if she really wanted to. It's perfectly feasible.
  5. ICSY was shot over 2 days and we all know blondie can write. I’m sure she could whip up a video treatment in a few hours. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was spotted filming something this weekend.
  6. Superior Vault Track 'Is It Over Now?' is the frontrunner now.
  7. I mean, this is the first TV that will outsell the SV's first week, and it's also the first to get an official radio single. She could be filming a video this very moment. She has a few weeks to get it wrapped.
  8. She now has a 7 album streak for #1's. Red (WANGBT) 1989 (SIO, BS, BB) Reputation (LWYMMD) Lover (CS) Folklore (Cardigan) Evermore (Willow) Midnights (Anti-Hero)
  9. Drake queen of quick little #1 hitz. Meanwhile Tay is predicted to collect another #1 with a song she hasn’t discussed once outside of her concerts in 4 years. No video. No televised performance. Just a song hanging out in the top 5 for the last 3 months waiting for the right moment. 🥹 Then she’ll probably collect one more from the 1989 release. Drake gurl, you in danger.
  10. I wonder what theater chain will get the exclusive internationally since the majority of AMC’s presence is local to the US.
  11. More than that it’s also supposed to include footage from the music videos she completed for the entire set last November.
  12. Would love this. My show was moved to March.
  13. You should. She's rumored to be the 2025 performer... a few months after the Eras Tour ends.
  14. Howcome this is better than FtB tho...
  15. The song and video are a serve. This is the most interest I've had in a Kylie single in over a decade.
  16. They are. I won't stream or purchase their music, but I'd sub their OF.