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  1. I see both Taylor and Rihanna doing it in the next 5 years. The other 3 years will have legacy rock acts I'm sure.
  2. Shh. Let them let the hurt out. Seems much needed.
  3. Phantom is based on a book. I don't think there was a film before the musical. The musical was adapted from the novel.
  4. harry

    Jesus christ is that picture of KP unedited?
  5. The sheer number of posts. The thought control happening. I love to see it.
  6. harry

    You called Shallow garbage with the same fervor. Why should I believe your expectations this time hon?
  7. Oh wow you really are affected. Hun. Really. 😕
  8. harry

    Wasn’t that supposed to happen in October of 2018?
  9. harry here





  10. You still have so many from a year ago to address tho.....
  11. harry

    Still recovering from most of Madame X but my new noise canceling airpods do wonders.
  12. I could see it brushing the bottom of the top 10. Perhaps with a decent performance more is possible.
  13. harry

    What am I setting up? I have ears and can hear the track. I haven't said shit about chart positions. So what are you on about? PS.. last time we "set ourselves up" it didn't work out too well for you in the end.
  14. harry

    They won't be ready for facts for quite some time. Be patient.
  15. harry here

    The flavor of the day appears bitter and worried for some. The cackle I let out when I predicted everything I just saw in BG. 

    1. Sleep Deprived

      Almost as predictable as Gaga's new single gag1

    2. harry

      I too predicted a bop. xx

  16. harry

    You seem bothered by the reception it's getting on social media. welovetoseeit.gif
  17. harry


    OMG I'm not even finished and I have goosebumps. I love the sound. The chorus is simplistic but overall I love the sound and issa bop.