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  1. Cute video to a bbbaaasssiiiccc song.
  2. harry

    After 2 listens I'll say that I think she has a nice voice and she's beautiful and I'm curious to hear other songs from her cause this one is just okay for me.
  3. This is like my 4th cycle of that. I'm well versed in the art of aging.
  4. I'm not mad I'm just..... confused? Guess I'll need to look her up.
  5. Largest re-increase in it's third week for a former #1, since we love arbitrary achievements. 38 to 23.
  6. harry

    Willow rose 15 spots this week.
  7. half a mil in 2 weeks. here's to another future platinum album.
  8. I didn't realize this bitch got another #1 last week. Sleigh a little bit. Two #1's in the same calendar year from separate full length studio albums.... I doubt that's something many have. 15 years into a career.
  9. I was surprised to see it still easily #1 on itunes. Nowhere to be seen on spotify tho.
  10. na na na na na got a smile on my face go ahead and pass it on
  11. harry here

    Kwen👑  Stefani

  12. Have you seen some of the songs that go viral on there?
  13. with the lyrics could this become a viral tiktok song?
  14. TIWTTFL has some gems on it. My husband and I danced to Rare at our wedding lol.
  15. @Modshelp where is our Gwen Spotlight section?
  16. I’m trying to figure out what the strategy is of releasing mid-week for billboard. Like she’ll probably fuck up her chances of charting higher, but maybe she’s expecting a sleeper hit?
  17. One more hour till we find out.
  18. It doesn’t sound like country music at all.