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  1. She has two of the top 3 songs in the country right now, and another just outside the top 20 and big on radio. I think she can pull it off. I’m getting tickets for the San Diego stop.
  2. She's been a worldwide household name for more than 5 years now. Next. Welcome to the forum.
  3. No one wants to hear her grating voice in front of a banjo. JFC just retire your music career and go get yourself a hit streaming show on AppleTV+ or smth sweetie.
  4. I've been getting somewhat hyped up from the media blitz she's kicked off in the last month with the fan listen and pics, but that clip is cringy af. Just go listen to Cher instead.
  5. She calls it "slumber party pop", which translates to synth-pop that tends to have an angsty/darker mood and vibe. I love her, and only in the last few months started playing her whole album, but Naked In Manhattan was my most played song of 2023 on my Apple Music. Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess has zero skips.
  6. The fact that this forum is dead and we’re seeing some of the biggest music consumption ever in 2024, especially from the pop girlies and new pop princesses is just—. Chappel and Sabrina blowing up insanely quick. Charli being thee moment and releasing what is currently in the top 20 critically acclaimed albums of all time on Metacritic. Getting albums already this year from Taylor, Beyonce, Ariana, Billie, Dua, with confirmed eras ready to launch from Katy and Gaga. This year is so exciting musically. It’s a shame this place has little more than a faint pulse anymore. 

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      Me trying to keep up with the threads for 5 replies max:

      Marajtwt Nicki GIF - Marajtwt Nicki Minaj - Gif's ontdekken en delen

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      Dennis Reynolds

      Can always try to make threads yourself for engagement! :) I like Chappell Roan and I’ve never seen anyone mention her on here until now, I’m sure some users are the same.

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      @Dennis Reynolds just like magic, I've just post a thread about her! ari5 

  7. The fact that this is challenging for a #1 debut is insane. Go on girl, end that Post and Trashbag Wallen grocery store-ass country song.
  8. week 1: 2,610,000 week 2: 439,000 week 3: 282,000 week 4: 260,000 week 5: 378,000 week 6: 175,000 week 7: 146,000 (est) total: 4,290,000 (est)
  9. She's going to be a few miles down the road. Still won't attend.
  10. Did she sign the outside protective wrap again?
  11. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C7VuyFkv2YA/?igsh=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==
  12. The whole thing pushed Billie to her biggest sales week ever, of which she otherwise would not have achieved. This whole war between the stans over her chart position is silly. The music industry is a business and everyone plays the chart games, some with more success than others, which makes them a target of jealousy. Womp.
  13. week 1: 2,610,000 week 2: 439,000 week 3: 282,000 week 4: 260,000 week 5: 375,000 (est) total: 3,966,000 (est)
  14. *5th week week 1: 2,610,000 week 2: 439,000 week 3: 282,000 week 4: 260,000 week 5: 350,000 (projected) total: 3,941,000 (est) Almost 4m units in 5 weeks is insane.
  15. I'm here for it. Looks great. Both leads are eating up their roles. My only fear is the 2-part aspect is going to stunt the impact of this films "conclusion" but we shall see. The trailer is nearly feature-length itself.
  16. They're rebooting the entire DC universe to try and revive it's dead corpse.