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  1. I mean the fuck at all buuuuut that was sorta sweet overall, especially at the end.
  2. The switch.... Bullying works y'all. Beyonce finally paying attention
  3. I actually am. Kimmy should get her first top 10 from this.
  4. they can't leave each other alone. they are best friends at this point.
  5. Shadow is the superior ITZ ballad we been knew
  6. I should have said can't write a proper sentence (other than Everytime!!!!1!)
  7. Single drop on Thursday night? Gaylor incoming.
  8. We all know Britney can’t form a proper sentence to save her life. Her team would even fake bad writing to make it seem more authentically her. 💀 To paint her as some vile monster is sorta funny tho since that gives her much more credit than is due here. Trashy? Sure. She doesn’t seem to care about optics. She’s opted out of all that at this point. I wish she’d find a healthy channel for all this rage. Ffs.
  9. Why not bring commercials and scheduled live programming back while they're at it?!
  10. But what if it's all 3 acts together in one giant film?
  11. SFG will be absolutely forgotten in a few months, while the legacy of RUTH will continue to live on for many more decades.
  12. What you said was"to keep control" but what you meant is actually "adapt to stay credible in the face of shady stan maneuvers", Onika
  13. This is why I don't make threads But I thought this video was cute