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  1. Registered for the Verified Fan presale in LA
  2. Are there two dates or one in LA? Her site shows only one.
  3. I was glaring at it last night as I let this song assault my ears for 2:30
  4. https://www.billboard.com/pro/madonna-celebration-tour-how-much-money-make/
  5. Got my tickets for the first Vegas show! I should have paid closer attention as I ended up buying resale tickets on Ticketmaster, but I was distracted by work.
  6. Kill Bill is seeing really great gains on multiple radio formats now, but Flowers is just on another level for some reason w/radio, streaming and sales. RCA really is trash. Miley moves to Capitol and look what happens.
  7. She's clearly going to blow past Adele's first week record of 85m with ease, and the fact that each day has been larger than the previous is nothing shy of stunning.
  8. "Then they got Christina Aguilera, I think, to do it." The subtle "I don't know [who]" energy here. How full circle.
  9. I think she might get it in a few weeks once Flowers dies down a bit. Really surprised by the response to Flowers thus far. This will be only Miley's second #1 of her career.
  10. I love Jenna. She's so gracious to entertain that obnoxious reporters questions so thoughtfully.
  11. He's kinda big tho (6'2). Seems fine for a flaccid peen.
  12. Lavender Haze vs. Welcome To New York Maroon vs. Blank Space Anti-Hero vs. Style Snow On The Beach vs. Out Of The Woods You're On Your Own, Kid vs. All You Had To Do Was Stay Midnight Rain vs. Shake It Off Question...? vs. I Wish You Would Vigilante Shit vs. Bad Blood Bejeweled vs. Wildest Dreams Labyrinth vs. How You Get The Girl Karma vs. This Love Sweet Nothing vs. I Know Places Mastermind vs. Clean 10 / 3
  13. Then compare *sports* to music, not a single sport to music in general. A more fair comparison would be comparing football to a genre of music. Still not a great comparison, but it makes much more sense since football is one variety of sport, like how rap or rock are specific varieties of music. You remove football from sports and there are still hundreds of other sports. You remove music from society and you upset the flow of everything. Accompanying soundtracks in film and tv, dancing, live concerts, singing, choir and band in school, etc. it’s literally woven into every aspect of huma