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  1. Diane is just mad she wasn’t invited to be part of the best reviewed album of the year, and Beyoncé’s career. https://www.metacritic.com/music/renaissance/beyonce
  2. I *think* this is in my top 5 from the album. That’s all I’m willing to commit to atm.
  3. Yes. The era is a ramp up. I understand it better now. They knew they were sitting on a 16 track masterpiece and didn’t care if the first single didn’t debut at number one. They knew it would grow as the era was revealed/released and goodwill for the project grew. Come Monday’s chart BMS will be between 5-7 on the H100, and the following week early guesses have it anywhere from 1-4 depending on how strong the streaming bump is from the album release, which looks to be very strong. If the visual comes anytime soon we could be looking at Bey’s first solo #1 in…. 13/14 years? This all wo
  4. I need more time.
  5. It's sampled in Energy (the one interlude track if there were)? Oh. I honestly don't even hear it. I'm guessing it's in the production of the second half?
  6. Can we also talk about Pure Honey and America Has A Problem and Cuff It and Thique and Church Girl and and
  7. Time to drop the visual B
  8. I couldn't even dare choose favorite tracks. Whichever one I'm currently listening to. Currently it's Heated. I could see them releasing Alien Superstar as the second single.
  9. This. It's the only explanation.
  10. Only allowing myself to listen to the leak cause I bought the expensive ass vinyl.
  11. oh it leaked... 

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      incredible. holy shit
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  12. The gay rage on display over a Beyoncé single that doesn’t punch your prostate. Don’t let that disappointment consume you.
  13. Break My Soul 15-7-9-9-7 Will most likely stay steady next week and then rise into the top 5 after the albums release. Certified hit.