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  1. I had forgotten how amazing the production is on ARTPOP. On high quality speakers its really quite incredible. gaga1

  2. $398,310,097  


    1. Freaky Prince

      Freaky Prince

      "LeTs WaiT fOr HeR nExT sOlO AlbUm" bey10

  3. ASIB will pass the 200m mark at the domestic box office on Friday.

    Closing in on 400m globally, like I said it would. moo12

  4. This remix still slaps.

  5. ASIB crosses the 300m mark today. moo12

    1. Freaky Prince

      Freaky Prince

      She did what?

      Won. moo12

  6. clap3

    1. Infrared


      I wish it hit 50 but I can remember when people were predicting $15 M and it earned that in one day alone brit9

  7. On a box office forum I frequent they're calling Bradley stans Mini Coopers. dead2

    1. Edu


      Mark Ronson came up with that name lmao check his Twitter 

    2. harry


      A genius with melodies AND words. legend1

  8. Why isn't Britney's show on Apple Music yet? -_-

  9. I realize this is just Wiki but wtf is this tea right here? 


    1. Hyun.


      If Rih's is true we're in for a huge show already. rip2

  10. 13781959_10154442392989575_4011623151261

    The DNC is ruthless. dead2

    1. QUINN


      The DNC didn't do this, CNN did it lj1 

    2. Michael.
    3. harry


      Delete it fat. 

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  11. Poor Ferguson is nothing but an afterthought at this point. Not her fault but oof the timing did not work out in her favor. She should probably wait a few months then release another single closer to an album launch. 

  12. Hillary gives no fucks anymore. dead2
    1. Hylia


      OH MY GOD lmfao1 

    2. Chris
  13. So there were people who were hoping for an actual feature film instead of a new album, music video collection, and era? That's interesting.. moo6

    1. Carlos


      Oh, thanks. Just really curious, good to know!

    2. VaginasAreDisgusting!
    3. harry


      Queen of Clubs is everything. 

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  14. How the fuck did Bey get 10m+ views in one day for an UNLISTED video tho? dead3

    1. Crystal Whore

      Crystal Whore

      The power of the Hive!

    2. EWA