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  1. Electric Barbarella is the best music video featuring models and glam lifestyle, and the song is crazy good. The album though, is number one shite
  2. Angels with Dirty Faces is the only album that can compete with Spice World, other pure pop favourites are trash Freak Like Me's "Are Friends Electric" sample is iconic Iconic vampire video
  3. Fancypants Hoodlum says hi, fake stan Hylia's over as usual
  4. Bdw when me and Aidan rotted on dubtrack playing Kylie (plus Spice Girls and Cher ) the other week, grandma told him the history of FOTP aka how when we only had a Kylie Thread and three stans (me, POP, ajp) posting in it regulary, and it took a week to fill one page worth of posts Look at us now, having a large community of stans and a prolonged section, even though there hadn't been an album since that time, minus Kylie CHRIST-mass and Snow Queen We gone and DONE it Thank you all!
  5. My dear long-time friend, who is not really a Kylie stan, although she always said "How could anyone NOT like Kylie, she's adorobz" (and where is the lie) is stanning AR sessions for weeks now Immaculate Goddess claims another stan victim
  6. Was that MadTV that did Dirrty with Sarah Michelle Gellar?
  7. Dunno you
  8. Look who's talking, your superpower is being a deaf flop
  9. Je Ne Sais Pas Pourqui OMG I'm bopping to Kylie today, my wig flew suddenly. How could I reject this album for YEARS Best pop debut ever, Mastodonna wishes, Xtina is pressed
  10. Achievement

    Non-trash people don't understand that some people ENJOY SHIT, like us
  11. Photos

    OMG shit, I haven't watched Ghosttown video for ages, and this screenshot knocked me out of water She looks so stunning in it
  12. So I've been bopping to Aphrodite Les Folies these past two days, which I mentioned like fifty times alright, but although it's a 10/10 affair, I still can't deal with the basic bullshit she pulled with that Love at First Sight / Can't Beat the Feeling mash-up LAFS is such a great song, and Feeling is fucking trash And it sounds together like some Piss me Once reject nnn
  13. General News

    My fucking wig broke in ten thousand places, somebody help
  14. Event

    Song is filth but I love the video and her Marilyn Monroe look, so the video itself gets a 9!
  15. Game

    "Bitch, wyd?"