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  1. It's the only GH I ever listen to, because even though it's dated now, it actually features her songs that weren't commercial hits, like Where is the Feeling I like UK, but honestly, just because something flopped, doesn't mean it's shit It says "Ultimate Kylie", not "Number ones". No Cowboy Style or Your Disco? Bye Felicia!
  2. I mean the 87-99 one I think it's Australia-only, and it's always like 50 dollars in my overpriced stores, but it's no better elsewhere cause it's one-country only so expensive
  3. Many people honestly weren't aware of gaga at all, but somebody dropped a comparison after the VMA's, and the tide changed so much, she was labelled as a trend-stealer XXL's career died for Gaga's exposure tbh, have rihspect
  4. Oops, bye, Michael Fassbender got married rih9

  5. Didn't recognize her dressed and with an official facial expression Great shoot!
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    We're divorcing.
  7. Oh and GH Australia With Confide in Me single cover It's so expensive here
  8. tumblr, but he's not sharing he says add him on whassapp although I don't know what it even is
  9. I sent the ranking to Lord Stoneheart, shock him a bit
  10. This is some controversial shit, I'm honestly so stunned, I have no comment or a positive/negative opinion. Boundary-breaking queen TattooedHeart
  11. Does that mean they think Gag is 50 now
  12. I thought she was a lesbian The confusion
  13. omg yes, Goodnight! It's Austrian I think, maybe they mean it's IN German. If you don't speak it, don't forget the subtitles!
  14. I saw Goodbye Mommy yesterday (Austrian, psychological horror). Recommended!