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  1. what the fuck
  2. Any sites with HQ covers and artwork? And I don't mean Dickcogs obv.

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    2. Vertigo-go

      Those are great, although I was also asking for inlays lol

    3. Cosmic

      also spotify has them at 600x600

  3. Other

    This is the most random picture anyone ever used
  4. Event

    This video's costumes are my 100% aesthetic, so I'm voting a 10.
  5. Event

    The exact same thing I think of when this song starts playing 10!
  6. Get in line bitch, already did
  7. OMG it's not POS, it's "Live in concert world tour" The basic title "Live"
  8. Are you in Israel suddenly?
  9. I thought your last words were supposed to be connected to Robot and a burger somehow.
  10. I want her next tour cover to be Like a Virgin I'll be so slayn I'm sure, I'll possibly DIE Kill me, Kylie
  11. More like "The inside story of me, POP and Stoneheart crawling in shit trying to convince Kylie to re-release "KM" in 2016"
  12. The melodic structure of this song The last seconds of haunting singing
  13. Other

    There was a sex scene? Anyone has video/gifs, asking for a friend
  14. Event

    I have an acting charisma of Hayden Christensen a potato, and never wanted attention, so yeah, I'll be directing this masterpiece! Since Paris is unaffordable, I'll meet you all on the set of Word is Out aka post-Apocalyptic English ghetto
  15. Event

    Can we also agree that was one of her greatest looks ever, forever forgotten because of the era floppage She looks like a goddess, and that picture used as the single cover