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  1. Reasons to live cancelled. Lindsay Lohan section is imminent, Kylie's in the Wastelands
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    Sylk is shook and over
  3. We're on the same page for like 3 weeks after Stone's departure We're over. Feeling like Daily Mold says Kylie feels after the wig break-up
  4. They're marrying a 12-year old to her rapist in North Carolina now, at the request of her parents, but let's pretend it's Asians and Arabs who are uncivilized all day every day.
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    Shed my skin since you came in Where do you end and I begin I listen to this song every day
  6. Found old video I loved rip2 "BE-BE-Z!"



  7. Another mess thread XXLtina refusing a Vanguard Award like Nabokov refused a Nobel Peace Prize Humble legend
  8. Honestly, most X tracks, even throwaway ones, are bops that work when you're shopping and shit Like a Drug In my Arms 2 Flops (Slide off the charts together)
  9. 50 could work if you could purchase a personal reel for your home cinema. Until then, I'm browsing through subbed Indian and Korean web rips, thanks
  10. This cursed image will turn you straight, don't click




  11. I knew artful, bisexual, 2000-year old vampire legend Marius was a Kylie stan The last image I had of her passed before my eyes, colored in ecstasy; she took the young Pharaoh from his chair and broke him into sticks. I saw her before that revelation, at the beginning of the swoon, running down the corridor laughing. A slow fear crept over me. "What is it'?" Marius asked. "Confide in me."
  12. It's not that Xtina's videos aren't iconic, it's just the judges forgot she existed altogether
  13. I don't believe Joanne was the reason behind Cheeto Satan's win