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  1. May be back when mods start doing their jobs. Good thing you all don't get paid for this passive, enabling bullshit kylie2

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    2. Body Language

      Omg come backkkkk

    3. trashmagic

      I swear to god you better not leave dirty bitch!!!!! kylie2 

  2. Mod Notice Do not joke about AIDS.
  3. Sure, how could I not be
  4. Event

    Sorry I don't give a fuck
  5. 1960s one-hit wonders are my SHIT That bassline is so lovely
  6. First, Johnny Dick loses his looks, hair and movie roles, now the self-victimizing narcissist white mamba alt-right ikkon is going down. I've realized that the god was real Smite those leeches, jesus
  7. In this thread, a guy is a dick though
  8. Dannii Hitler
  9. Why would anyone wear a Jenner t-shirt, whatever's next, Hitler?
  10. Event

    1 What are all these Pissmass songs added, give this thread an eternal rest already, I'm tired of these shitty songs 100 Degrees is a separate song from Pissmass version? What's the difference, if it's still the same song
  11. I prefer Stripped part 2 interlude myself, and this article is spot-on!
  12. Starships' annoying, dated beat
  13. Haven't seen you in a while Michael, are you in hiding after Fassy got married
  14. I'm glad there are people out there that don't remain spiteful and pressed years after a fallout with somebody
  15. Daiily Minogue, Diimon's fan site