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  1. Don't say Minogueville is going the way of the Brittown. Next thing you know we pretend to stan a shit album, which was voiced-over by Dannii
  2. No More Rain my ass. Lying skank Unstanned!
  3. Oh my god, whatever's next, a 4-CD, 10-DVD Enoy Yourself reissue Beautiful coming out on vinyl
  4. This is extra-crazy because it just ended suddenly and everything's as dry as KMO single run I guess the album was cancelled or accidentally deleted by a power outrage from ha label's harddrive I'm glad a deity or aliens are looking out for us at least sometime, please cancel the re-re-release of Kylie Christmas this year, extraterrestrial legends
  5. Event

    Not a fan of random collabs and an artist that names ITself "Mum" + a stress, is a capital offender 4
  6. Hey guys, Aidan, Stanheart, Magic, Pop et al If this is my last transmission, here is what you know: a massive crazy storm came out of nowhere super-fast, the trees go crazy and it's like a tropical storm here. I'm afraid Dannii released a new album and we are all going to die. See you in Enjoy Yourself hell, my good friends <3
  7. Game

    I never understood you all's hatred for this good song. Mine is an 8!
  8. First I unstanned, then restanned
  9. Discussion

    Oh my god she doesn't give a single
  10. Event

    Well, that was quick Britney's 2-hour Vegas marriage is fat Ocean Blue is a charitable 6.
  11. Discussion

    Oh my god, I feel guilty for not being a fan, she's everything I love in a human, shit Stans, post some more PLEASE!!!
  12. Discussion

    "Please don't smoke weed in the toilet. Please do not have sex in the toilet. First glass of wine free, the following are unfree. Your baggage might have been lost back in Calcutta"