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  1. here

    come back queen

  2. My sugar daddy is my mum because I'm unemployed and not ready to mingle either It's hard out there when you're not a career woman nor a thot
  3. How much is international texting?
  4. You won't catch me dead, stanning Cryptney If you change your mind, just ask Daddan for my Facebook to catch up on recent news
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    Condom Style
  6. Till the end of the month, grandpa
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    I didn't understand what it even was, what was that 19th century printing machine with a calendar
  8. inb4 he snatches MY mother I'm going with DailyMail is at it agan bdw, "Nicole Richie yawns at a restaraunt" With news like this, I don't need hi-tech laptop
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    Her look in it is better than the entire RoL looks era bdw Queen of looking better than ever in an unaired condom advertisement
  10. I can't view fotp normally on the Nintendo DS so I'll be on FB, message me on updates from rotting and pass on my messages to everyone here
  11. going nowhere
  12. fergie's last album came out in 1516
  13. Well I'll be checking youtube for videos, since I'm packing light and can't really download and properly listen to things, although I'm sure the thing that can happen in the next 2 weeks is just an announcement. Surprise drop isn't really her style
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    I don't belieb I'm being outed as a joke Send money instead