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    1960s one-hit wonders are my SHIT That bassline is so lovely
  2. Vertigo-go


    Dannii Hitler
  3. Vertigo-go


    Why would anyone wear a Jenner t-shirt, whatever's next, Hitler?
  4. Vertigo-go


    Daiily Minogue, Diimon's fan site
  5. Vertigo-go


    The fact that Daily Star is actually a B-grade (if even possible) version of The Sun and Daily Mail
  6. Vertigo-go


    Yo guys stay home tonight, it's a pre-Halloween party also known as Dannii's birthday Minoghosts, Diimons and Zombiefied unsold copies of albums past will be manifesting outside our windows! Stay safe, play Light Years, watch Ultimate Kylie dvd!
  7. High-key a bop kylie2



  8. Vertigo-go


    omg I ran a tub so hot, this is like Where is the Feeling video but with boiling water Rotting
  9. Vertigo-go


    I feel personally responsible for destroying everybody's hair recommending a colour shampoo, because my mother caught wind of me dying my hair, and asked me for an advice on shampoos, so we went and bought something for her. She already has a recently dyed blond hair, and we bought a simillar shade shampoo to try out. Flo, are you looking around for those already?
  10. Vertigo-go

    I watched Force Awakens for the second time, after the initial release (ikr ) and I'm shoocked at the amount of screentime Oscar Isaac had They better fix it
  11. Shit, I didn't know I was, thanks for the heads-up!
  12. (i dunno if i'm late again)

    but what is this fad of smoking fruit orly1 Somebody from Asia is Liking videos of some guy chopping up bananas, pineapples etc and stuffing them inside a home-made hookah, and it looks like a waste of expenisve fruit dead4 What IS to smoke, when there is no tobacco, could just breathe in the air in sauna or something hottie1


  13. Vertigo-go


    What the fuck
  14. Oops, bye, Michael Fassbender got married rih9

  15. What is this mess That photoshopped child
  16. Vertigo-go

    omg yes, Goodnight! It's Austrian I think, maybe they mean it's IN German. If you don't speak it, don't forget the subtitles!
  17. Vertigo-go

    Anyone knows any bizarre monster / Lovecraftian movies like Dagon, Hellraiser, From Beyond etc?
  18. Vertigo-go

    I saw Goodbye Mommy yesterday (Austrian, psychological horror). Recommended!
  19. Vertigo-go


    This at least makes sense. The rest of these or simillar series have such fucked-up combos Like Enjoy Yourself / Body Language, Mi Reflejo / Back to Basics, Like a Virgin / Confessions
  20. Vertigo-go


    This Halloween: "Aidan Black [name changed for discression] finds a mysterious t-shirt in his grandmother's house. He thought he could get a man of his dreams, but all he gets is a woman of his nightmares, when the t-shirt comes to life and wrecks havoc on his life" Promo poster https://www.redbubble.com/people/hausofayr/works/27381884-kylie-says-enjoy-yourself?grid_pos=100&p=t-shirt&rbs=ae1a737d-b61c-4fb7-9831-d351cf56c154&ref=shop_grid&style=mens
  21. The Matrix defense is the term applied to several legal cases of a defense based on the Matrix films where reality is a computer generation—simulism—and that the real world is quite different from what reality is perceived to be.

    In using this defense, the defendant claims that they committed a crime because they believed they were in the Matrix, and not in the real world.


    wendy4 Why is America like this wendy4

  22. Anyone has a big size of eve1 ?

  23. Vertigo-go


    Invented sucking laser dick, poor Star Wars
  24. Vertigo-go


    It's expensive as fuck tbh I went poor with buying all those bleachers, going for roots touch-ups, purple shampoos etc Hair still looked yellow! I think they have some special expensive treatment to make it WHITE. Then there is Xtina's flawless white hair, that's actually lifeless as hell because that white procedure literally kills your hair by discolouring it!