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  1. Did anyone else notice that during witness world wide she gave a speech to Sasha and at the end said "I hope I didn't ruin anything" she read the wrong thing off the note card?! I was watching at the time and totally caught it
  2. Album

    Can someone dm a link please
  3. Not gonna lie the live stream had me addicted. I watched 75% of it and wanna watch more haha. Such an epic idea. Love Katy for it!
  4. Where is she live from with now? Where you can chat with her ?
  5. Katy is sleeping. Dinner was last night with a bunch of people
  6. Devil is serving me bird if prey vibes. Love it
  7. Album

    I'm getting it at target. I'm buying. Don't worry. But I can't wait another min bishhhh
  8. Album

    Where can I download?!? Dying!!
  9. Album

    where can i hear the snips!? im dying
  10. Where can I hear the snippets?
  11. Performance

    I was on ellen for her NYC2Ellen show! Wish Katy was there then
  12. Please start this era!! I'm beyond thirsty! Slay me over and over with music, videos, tour, and more music lol <3
  13. Single

    Love this!
  14. haters... i love her albums!
  15. I have a feeling she's gonna come back and really bring it. Like two albums worth