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  1. Photos

    I live in New Jersey but very close to the city. I have a little source! I was right about pink and drag race but hopefully not sept
  2. Photos

    There we go!! Thanks everyone!
  3. Photos

    I will! Thanks everyone!
  4. Photos

    I’m so bad at uploading pics on forums. What site should I use?
  5. Of course I worn an Xtina shirt and brought up lip sync battle and how big of a fan I was and she loved the shirt and said her and Xtina are good friends. Should have asked about the album lol
  6. Rumor

    Maybe on the just be free album
  7. Rumor

    Yeah I’m happy it’s not. It didn’t sound like anything new if it was her.
  8. some thought this was her on the upcoming movie “Life of the party” nope
  9. Rumor

    I really hope this isn’t true. I don’t like the track list or the title 😭😭
  10. Single

    Where is everyone hearing this? Come on fighters!
  11. Single

    Can someone pm me please 🙌🏻🙏🏼
  12. Single

    Where is it?!?!?! Help please
  13. I was right about a few rumors and the last rumor I heard was not until sept which I’m really hoping is wrong!