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  1. Music Video

    Not a fan of this. It’s so messy. The prism one is life though
  2. Achievement

    Hahah it all happened so fast I don’t even remember breathing
  3. the bridge in this song is EVERYTHING
  4. I heard it from pinks mouth! Just wait, that’s all I heard
  5. Rumor has it that pink and Xtina did a song together recently! Trust my sources
  6. So I didn't get the meet and greet I wanted, but after going to 3 shows.. I knew the best spot for a selfie and it worked! Check out my video, us singing power for 1 second! https://www.instagram.com/p/BaC8wYalx_e/?hl=en&taken-by=antpampz
  7. Discussion

    Who’s going tonight? I’ll be in the pit!
  8. Discussion

    I’ve done this before! I’ll be there lol
  9. Discussion

    I didn’t buy my ticket yet lo! I have Sunday’s but waiting for tonight do drop
  10. Discussion

    Thanks everyone! Fingers crossed!
  11. Discussion

    Ugh nothing?!? Thank you! Maybe I should message Angela lol
  12. Discussion

    Hey everyone! I’m a big katy fan and saw the MSG show Monday. I’m going again Friday and Sunday. Obsessed with this tour. I know there is some kinda way to meet her during it.. does anyone have any idea how or what I can do? thank you!
  13. Celeb News

    I know! I was shocked! She was going on and On about the song lol. She’s the sweetest. I told her if she has xtinas number tell her please get this album out but she didn’t say anything lol. I also love the fact that when she saw my phone case she said “Xtina” and not Christina.
  14. So I was at “Watch what happens live”and Fergie was there Tuesday night. Since I know someone who works there I was able to get a pic with Fergie. After the picture she saw my phone case and goes YASSS Xtina! And I’m like omg I love her and she goes “me too, my favorite of hers is “I am” and then she starts singing it to me for a min! I died!! Xtina Stan fergie ferg! Super sweet! She also told me her ex, Josh, is the the Genie music video! thought I’d share!
  15. this is not the song? lol