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  1. haters... i love her albums!
  2. I have a feeling she's gonna come back and really bring it. Like two albums worth
  3. Did anyone hear bliss yet?
  4. Album

    Amazing album! So excited to see her in NYC
  5. Single

    the album is soo good! loving it all!
  6. Single

    Betty Stan here! Met here at Adam lambert concert last year! Super nice can't wait for the album
  7. Single

    I wanted Xtina to bring disco back with her next album but so excited for Katy!
  8. So excited for this new album! New single "Some kinda wonderful" out now!
  9. Rumor

    The album got delayed so she wasn't gonna perform and new music when she isn't ready to start the era. I think she's laying low now and getting that dance body back in shape! It's coming
  10. Rumor

    Hahah thank you, yes it's me!
  11. So I know someone who works on a tv show and told me Xtina was supposed to be on the show this month to perform her new single but the album got pushed back. But something has to be coming soon!
  12. Album

    A joint album and tour and then solo ????
  13. so excited for this!
  14. thoughts?!? I would love this!