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  1. tbh pop has gone to absolute shit
  2. fatty is he finally going to look as gross on the outside as he does on the inside?
  3. If someone needs to explain it to you.....
  4. PETA sucks but they aren't that wrong about it. What she's doing with Asia is not the way to treat a dog.
  5. I actually hate it. It has shitty lyrics, weird music and her voice sucks big time on the record. I only stan Old Money.
  6. Yeah, it fucking sucks. And that fucking video is disgusting, like i legit wanted to throw up.
  7. i like the dark outfit tho. perhaps we'll get something more tfm like
  8. i get why interscope wanted this not released like ever
  9. youtube sucks so fucking much lol @ them thinking they can beat spotify