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  1. Discussion

    THAT PICTURE :lmfao:
  2. hnnnnnnnnng you're making me think about all kinds of nasty things
  3. Hvala, tebi isto :runhug: I was gonna make a perverted joke about eggs but it doesn't seem appropriate :gaycat:
  4. Discussion

  5. does anyone of you have a HQ version of Everytime from the Onyx Hotel Tour?
  6. I listen to Work Bitch, Alien, Perfume, Passenger, Don't Cry and Hold On Tight all the time. I love those songs <3
  7. Discussion

    yeah, but i mean over absolutely completely. we still have the tour and if she seriously pushes ACT II i'll jump out of the window ugh
  8. Discussion

    i just want artpop to be over
  9. Discussion

    same i need to go grocery shopping [groans]
  10. Discussion

    :lmfao: remember when Gaga dropped Judas right on time for Easter? .gif' alt='ny4'>
  11. Discussion

    next page is reserved for satanga. let's worship the devil
  12. i'm mad