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  1. Popboi

    No, she's not keen on big productions and massive performances which Super Bowl is all about.
  2. His last album had way more longevity than the one before though, despite a surgery cutting the era shorter (25 weeks top 40 compared to 13) but let's no derail this thread even more
  3. https://splash.ollymurs.com
  4. Mariah becomes relevant every xmas, Madonna each time she puts a tour on sale. So... Ignoring these recurrent stats, Mariah's last multi million selling album in SPS is E=MC2, 18 years into her career, Madonna's is MDNA in 2012, 30 years into her career. Can we not.
  5. Toxic waste ended the fish #savetheplanet
  6. Doesn't work when doing online raids
  7. That's what 375 hours of gameplay does to someone
  8. I can feel the earth shaking
  9. Got it! Thank you @edwinfg