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  1. To be fair, going for the "controversial" song as second single was his strategy at the time. He did release Don't after Sing from x.
  2. Crazier was intended for her debut, not Fearless. Same reason why TWAF was on Fearless and not on Speak Now.
  3. Bad Blood is one of her biggest hits pretty much carried exclusively by the remix, the GP loves it.
  4. ADIML has amazing production, her vocals are great and pack in charisma/personality, has variety but still cohesive... it only lacks on lyrics but that's not something catastrophic. If you want to see her at her worst, point fingers at Love + Fear cause that was her on literal auto pilot, testing the sound of what was popular 2 years before it's release and that was done better by her then boyfriend on Clean Bandit's album.
  5. It could be looked into 2 perspectives ACR stops the same songs from clogging the chart for weeks to end, but it stops the chart from being accurate to what's actually the most popular / consumed song, especially as they only use sales and streams as data. On the other hand, remove ACR and the rule that makes artists only chart 3x at once at most and then we would witness the likes of Olivia/Taylor/Ariana/Adele/Ed Sheeran chart with their entire albums for weeks, and the same ol' chart monster to halt anything in it's way, like imagine the amount of songs that wouldn't have any chance aga
  6. Niall Horan / Over The Edge / Album / Week 1 Tracklist: 1. Over the Edge 2. Vertigo 3. Flashbacks 4. let me know... 5. Deepest Shade (Interlude) 6. Tease 7. Mixed Signal 8. Not There Yet 9. My Only Fan (Interlude) 10. Blindsided (with Kylie Minogue ) 11. Wine Stain 12. Still Insecure
  7. Niall Horan / Vertigo / Lead Single / Week 1
  8. I want to sign in as Kylie Minogue and Niall Horan hihi
  9. Getting TFJ Marina - meets - Lily Allen teas from the song
  10. Cause the industry was different during Madonna's imperial phase with singles in the 80s, no female ever debuted #1 before Mariah did in the mid 90s with an astronomical radio debut and simultaneous sales release. Streaming and sales being low made #1 debuts easy, just look at the amount of hot shot #1 debuts in 2020
  11. Same here Just got my signed CD and blue marbled vinyl