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  1. Ariana has sold WAY more records in less time. Ariana has sold way more tour tickets and grossed much more than her with her tours (actually Dangerous Woman Tour alone shatters all of Selena's tours combined). Ariana has multiple top 3s and now is getting a #1, and not just in US, she has them in UK (3 #1s, some struggle to go top 10 hihi), Germany (and all through Europe really), Japan and Oceania. Ariana's music as lead artist is huge worldwide, Selena only has had WW hits by the hand of Charlie Puth, Kygo and now DJ Snake + Cardi + Ozuna on a single track. Ariana's streams are MUCH bigger, the "most listened female" don't mean much when all her albums combined don't out stream Dangerous Woman + My Everything (and Sweetener + Yours Truly, and soon thank u, next add billions into the equation). She is not bigger lmfao, cute that she is bigger on instagram, didn't know Britney was bigger than Xtina in just social media? and Xtina is bigger than Britney in acting so you just contradict it even more.
  2. Popboi

    ffff right? If there wasn't something fishy going on then Apple wouldn't have done anything
  3. Popboi


    well let's not pretend these don't exist
  4. Popboi

    Billboard itself confirmed that sales made with VPNs don't count, hence his last release doing absolutely nothing when it was massive on iTunes. The songs were released in US first to take advantage of the people willing to use a VPN to purchase which is pure manipulation (or attempt as it failed, again) lmfao. They're acting like bots.
  5. Popboi

    It's common knowledge it was a massive use of VPN for chart manipulation lmfao, he (and the fans pretty much) got what he deserved. If you don't think it was pretty much 100% coming from foreign countries look at the reported sales for his last release in contrast to how it did on iTunes.
  6. Britney sweetie... this doesn't fit the real narrative of Xtina being on Britney's shadow for the entirety of their careers, not with Ariana being MUCH bigger than Camila ever was and ever will be.
  7. Popboi


    Great album, not quiet as great as 24 HRS but it feels like it's carefree counterpart
  8. Popboi

    Sorry to annoy y'all but I would really appreciate if you vote for Kylie here: Singles: - Mystic - Melody - Hypnotic Album: - Echoed Silence thx x
  9. She means it's time to move on from God is a woman cause it's #1 on radio, breathin is the "next one"
  10. Popboi

    My single Hypnotic has been delayed till week 3.
  11. Popboi

    I'm never truly gone
  12. Both Almost Love and Paris are so much better than it, you should really check it out.
  13. Popboi

  14. Popboi

    Saying people don't know shit and that they should shut the fuck up while getting all fed up cause of a subtle video tag, yikes. might as well get attached to the conspiracy that Cardi's (successful) purpose is to end Nicki's career or something.