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  1. Popboi

    Who told her releasing 8 was a good idea
  2. Popboi

    Doing a variety of collaborators isn't bad when your music is diverse and good and you actually co-wrote and co-produced everything (Mariah, Madonna, Gaga and Taylor are objectively more hands down to what they do than the rest - Lana too but her work isn't the most varied). Also Kesha was forced to collaborate with a small circle and that's bad, look at her most ambitious album (Rainbow) being heralded as her best and the one that introduced the most amount of new collaborators...
  3. Popboi

    A "mildly successful era" that pulled 10 MILLION SPS outside US, more than almost ALL the female eras this entire decade, reputation did more outside US than almost every latest female album, including Gaga, Katy, Madonna, Mariah, Kesha, and more. Taylor only has 2 local albums (her debut and Speak Now) and that's factual. reputation is at over 7 million SPS worldwide, that's more than A Star Is Born, Anti, Sweetener + thank u, next (combined, so far), Lemonade, Beautiful Trauma, with a tour that rivaled Sticky & Sweet Tour, if that's a strong sign of fading... the other girls got bad news. Take your delusion glasses off please.
  4. Popboi

  5. Popboi

    ALL of Charlie's and Kylie's releases are pushed back a week cause of health reasons, tyvm
  6. Popboi

    Vote for Charlie Puth, you little puthas <3
  7. Popboi

    This is her most interesting setlist since what, Charmbracelet Tour? The fact she kept her word and did a #Justice4Glitter medley is amazing!
  8. Those are stadiums doing arena sized capacity. You could post Nicki’s curtained arenas or her lack of electricity canceled ones... or well her entire US tour canceled as it was a marketing scheme to abuse tour bundles that didn’t even get her to #1
  9. Britney and Mariah are performing all the time and have done tons of arena and some stadiums in their career, Nicki is on a league even below Selena Gomez sis.
  10. You're missing the joke lmfao. Liberation had that $8m grossing tour having tour bundles, Avril doesn't have tour bundles and probably won't tour cause she hasn't recovered fully from Lyme disease. Xtina's numbers would've been in the same alley without bundles, comparing who flopped the least is...
  11. Imagine believing the "outsold her ever since" narrative In the Zone and Stripped are about equal Back to Basics outsold Blackout Circus demolishes Bionic Femme Fatale demolishes Lotus Britney Jean demolishes Liberation and then there's Glory that won't be outsold by Xtina's never coming next album. Greatest Hits: My Prerogative also sold like 4x of Xtinct's Keeps Getting Worse: My Only Decade of Hits Xtina only "outsells" her with a bunch of *removing her first 3 albums *removing all sales not to come from an artist called Christina Aguilera *removing album sales over a million copies etc. Good luck listening to Xtina, heard the Liberation sales are so bad that she had to resort to doing a residency where Britney grossed over $100m, will she even fill her shoes? I mean, I would expect her to since she has been "OUTseELling her SIncE 2002!!!1111111
  12. Popboi

    Warner REALLY thought badly edited performance videos were cool, just look at what they did to Madonna's Get Together
  13. Popboi

    KYLIE F/ PERRIE EDWARDS / Cupid Doesn't Warn (First Single) / WEEK 2
  14. Popboi

    KYLIE / RENAISSANCE (Album) / WEEK 3 1. Hierarchy 2. Spanish Lullaby 3. Cupid Doesn't Warn f/ Perrie Edwards 4. Podium 5. Dazzling 6. Absense 7. Inside Heaven's Eyes 8. Hot Pink f/ P!nk 9. Love Letter 10. 5am f/ Charlie Puth 11. Goddess of War 12. Dancing With Demons 13. REVENANT Back Cover