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  1. Cause the industry was different during Madonna's imperial phase with singles in the 80s, no female ever debuted #1 before Mariah did in the mid 90s with an astronomical radio debut and simultaneous sales release. Streaming and sales being low made #1 debuts easy, just look at the amount of hot shot #1 debuts in 2020
  2. Same here Just got my signed CD and blue marbled vinyl
  3. I think it's gonna be the Infinite Disco performance of Real Groove or Magic.
  4. Actually it did with 5 weeks and 2 days It took Golden 15 weeks to go gold and Kiss Me Once is still like 8k shy of reaching that after almost 6 years.
  5. Week 3: Smile #5 - #54 - #104 Plastic Hearts #2 - #12 - #16 and this is with xmas albums dominating, 2 Taylor Swift albums and so on. UK? Smile #5 - #25 - #54 Plastic Hearts debuted #4 with almost double the units, still top 20 on week 3. Australia? Miley top 5 on week 2, and most likely will for week 3 too (Smile was #9) Never underestimate a better quality album
  6. https://www.billboard.com/articles/business/chart-beat/9495004/bad-bunny-el-ultimo-tour-del-mundo-billboard-200-number-one So Miley outcharted and outsold in US, UK (Miley did double of Katy's numbers), all across Europe and charted one spot lower but selling more than Katy in Australia... this with the xmas market causing competition
  7. Her own vocals aren't even impressive, even Jennifer's prerecorded runs destroy her (and whatever of voice she has left)
  8. Oh Santa coming for top 10 a decade after the iconic #100 peak? They ate!
  9. Legendary Hearts has been increasing in streaming every day since release so her prediction was off, Frown will remain beneath it... on pretty much every country non called Oblivia.