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  1. Popboi

    The multiple Grammy and future Oscar winner, Finneas.
  2. I mean, they didn't lie. The "recovered" information provided quotes "people who are no longer contagious" - so accounting deaths fits que criteria. Also this isn't the biggest mess there is, people in other countries are dying due to corona and not getting reported... at all. Like in UK they're only accounting people who were hospitalized during deathbed - if you were not able to get health care the UK be like "you dead girl and no one cares". Can't just blame just him when the entire circle of ministers are just as trash (all politics for that matter too f). Our entire political class is a massive joke. Of course they do, it's just the information given to the masses that this criteria is used - and to date it's over 4k people (only about 60% of all cases accounted in the country are active).
  3. Popboi

    Hung Up vs. All the Lovers - WON’T CHOOSE Get Together vs. Get Outta My Way Sorry vs. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) Future Lovers vs. Closer I Love New York vs. Everything is Beautiful Let It Will Be vs. Aphrodite Forbidden Love vs. Illusion Jump vs. Better Than Today How High vs. Too Much Isaac vs. Cupid Boy Push vs. Looking for an Angel Like It or Not vs. Can't Beat the Feeling Fighting Spirit vs. Heartstrings History vs. Mighty Rivers Superpop vs. Go Hard or Go Home Triggering vs. Silence
  4. Popboi

    Physical will be top 5 in UK for many weeks, with her having the lead single STILL perched in the top 5 after 22 weeks or so (gonna break records cause only 1 was out of top 10) + a third simultaneous top 10 to the other 2, and also having a single currently perched in the top 3 of US (#1 on US radio call outs so it’s going to be top 10 for months)... there’s a big difference between Dudu and Gagz current eras. Also their standards and label expectations are completely different, one is a streaming artist that is just starting, the other is a big-miss huge artist that once ruled the entire music landscape a decade ago.
  5. To be fair with the Madame X part, Medellin was the best video of that era, along God Control that was recorded around the same time... but yeah Madam Vampire probably has another video ready to go, she doesn’t do stuff last minute, but the rest of the era would be in shambles.
  6. Popboi

    No, she's not keen on big productions and massive performances which Super Bowl is all about.
  7. His last album had way more longevity than the one before though, despite a surgery cutting the era shorter (25 weeks top 40 compared to 13) but let's no derail this thread even more
  8. https://splash.ollymurs.com
  9. Mariah becomes relevant every xmas, Madonna each time she puts a tour on sale. So... Ignoring these recurrent stats, Mariah's last multi million selling album in SPS is E=MC2, 18 years into her career, Madonna's is MDNA in 2012, 30 years into her career. Can we not.
  10. Toxic waste ended the fish #savetheplanet
  11. Doesn't work when doing online raids
  12. That's what 375 hours of gameplay does to someone
  13. I can feel the earth shaking