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  1. folklore had the biggest flop out of the 3 albums and still has the most unit consumption and will remain that way forever. albums > quick lil' hits.
  2. Clear vinyl is listed for preorder in Australia
  3. Lizzo and Camila already faded, Megan might be next considering Sweetest Pie made no noise, even with Dua.
  4. That's a long debunked myth. Taylor has sold more units (by a large margin) in North America, Asia, Oceania and both UK and Ireland, pretty sure she's comfortably bigger in Germany too. Taylor is constantly out streaming her in Latin America too. Neither are making much noise in mainland Europe, but it seems the only countries Ariana is bigger are... Italy and France. Taylor being the biggest female artist of the century in US, and not having said title in the rest of the world, doesn't make her "local". Positions barely outdid evermore and is never touching folklore, especially wh
  5. Comparing an album to singles? Singles from albums that outsold and currently are out charting Positions on literally every country? that are actually acclaimed? (including AOTY win). Keeping in mind Positions had 3 singles, a high profile remix for one of those singles and a re-release, both folklore and evermore had 1 single each with no re-release.
  6. Why are Ava and Bebe paired with the other ones (low-key Charli too)? Ava currently has a legit EU hit with The Motto and both her and Bebe have had several hits already (Bebe even having one certified Diamond) Out of the rest, Rina for sure SHOULD be the one having her moment.
  7. It seems the vinyl preorder was delayed, but not the release date.
  8. To be fair, going for the "controversial" song as second single was his strategy at the time. He did release Don't after Sing from x.
  9. Crazier was intended for her debut, not Fearless. Same reason why TWAF was on Fearless and not on Speak Now.
  10. Bad Blood is one of her biggest hits pretty much carried exclusively by the remix, the GP loves it.