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  1. what's wrong with them being successful?? they make good pop songs , nothing's wrong with that
  2. she was good. next episode it'll be about her basically. the show is really getting intense.
  3. this is not her standards, she used to hold steady on that #1 spot with her songs , let alone a LEAD single
  4. oop , snake is clocking ha ass on itunes too time to ''shave'' that head cunty
  5. are you saying this because selma , gagz , and ginger are clocking ha ass on itunes??
  6. Chained to ha knee is @ #8 didn't shady perry have 5 #1's with one of ha albums?
  7. a joke can be made once in a playful manner. this is probably the fourth time she mentions this. and it's always in a vile subtle way. she's vile and needs to stop. she needs to take her single's sales aggression on a family member , not Britney
  8. There's so much contradiction in your post i don't even know where to start. what is the difference between experiencing a severe emotional distress in THE PUBLIC EYE , which CAUSED and RESULTED in further complications , than having it in the first place?? are you actually trying to formalize and categorize the stages of mental distress and causes?? i don't think you're in authority to do so. all i can say is that what this vile woman did is wrong and you cannot back it up by any means. this is NOT the first time she speaks badly about the exact same ISSUE , she has done this in
  9. THIS . we're people who judge behind computers yet we still allow ourselves to think coherently??? She's very well known and can actually EASILY relate and understand what britney went through. yet she becomes a bully vocally.
  10. when people made fun of britney's 'head shaving'' at first , it was because nobody understood why. everyone thought it was a stunt etc. 10 years after , this is clearly far from the truth. for you to be a so called ''popular pop star'' and shame a women who was obviously going through emotional distress and continuous struggle mirrors only two things.... 1. you're either a very disgusting human being whos pure evil. 2. you're actually experiencing rough emotional distress yourself and you're trying to let the world know.