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  1. Love Me Harder, Into You, No Tears, Breathin, Break Up With Your Girlfriend
  2. Aged like milk. I still use Sour Candy occasionally but the rest not so much. I've gone back to Joanne
  3. i can't remember where this shade came from but i have a feeling it's when you said i looked like michael jackson
  4. Whether she really is bisexual or just said it to be a part of the club, it's kinda irrelevant. She is still a white woman singing mainly about men and relationships with men and she only has public relationships with men. Most people would identify her as straight. Sam on the other hand openly came out and lived authentically as a LGBTQ person. It's different and he deserves that title GRAMMYs gave him
  5. from the Zane Lowe interview so try again