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    Nope they're all dead in the water now
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    Happy birthday king
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    X Factor UK winner
  4. Album

    Why are there 7 members now this era is so messy and tragic
  5. Celeb News

    This week she said she wishes she'd never done Wrecking Ball
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    Miley, Kelly, Pink It's really shit on Luke month isnt it
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    People do though
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    Zedd really reuses his shit doesn't he
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    Cute I want Gangsta 2.0 though
  10. not cool
  11. It's pretty obvious, hence why the tour was cancelled just a few weeks after this. She is not herself and in serious pain
  12. This is so so awful If you allow civilians to purchase weapons (a machine gun ffs) then you can't be surprised when they use them. This is absolutely crazy