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  1. streams =/= monthly listeners btw well done moo
  2. Dangerous Jim

    Music Video

    Why is she crying in the video?
  3. Dangerous Jim

    Celeb News

    Can you post the lyrics pls
  4. Dangerous Jim

    A lot of Columbia acts are non existent. LM are signed domestically in the U.K. and only licensed to Columbia anyway, so there is much less incentive for them to push them in the USA
  5. Dangerous Jim

    RCA UK and RCA USA are different companies. They are moving to RCA UK (who have already taken over the marketing for LM5). They are still signed to Columbia in the USA.
  6. TRL reboot was an insult to its legacy im here for the Cribs reboot tho
  7. Dangerous Jim


    Becoming hard not to flawless rockpopcountry album followed by sold out tour, super bowl performance, critically acclaimed documentary and then phenomenal box office smash with stunning soundtrack she's won me back over. I even stan WDYDT
  8. Dangerous Jim


    It's clearly a contestant on Big Brother, says Big Brother UK in the theme. You should stop being pedantic and melodramatic
  9. Dangerous Jim

    For a while now yes