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  1. Dangerous Jim


    Alice is the only viable single left
  2. Dangerous Jim

    ARTPOP wasn't that experimental irks me when people say this. The bulk of it was pure dance pop music with some quirky concepts And there aren't many 'top 40 hits' on Chromatica. Only one is Rain On Me and it's smashing partly because of the featured singer
  3. Dangerous Jim

    1/5 tfm btw joanne artpop tf chromatica idk there's just something not right about chromatica. the visuals are amazing and i love the blockbuster feel of this cycle. but it's like what @Unapologetic Bitch said... there are some moments of industrial, darkness etc. but then she fucks it with a cringeworthy cheesy chorus. the only edge to the album is sour candy and even that falls short. could have been truly EPIC but the chorus is just so meh there are highlights (stupid love pre-chorus, sour candy beat, blackpink in general, rain on me video, enigma chorus, alice is ok) this is like an album of 'nothing on (but the radio)'... that's the level of these songs to me. disappointing af!
  4. Dangerous Jim


    Would you mind sharing again?
  5. Dangerous Jim


    ima head out because i don't wanna ruin other people's experience. I'm glad some people like it. For me it's too gay-house-dancey, sounds like RuPaul could've released it. But totally get a lot of people are here for it. Sour Candy knocks tho. Wish it was longer
  6. Dangerous Jim


    Not really into what I've heard so far rly generic
  7. Dangerous Jim


    Omg I want a link pleaseeeee
  8. Dangerous Jim


    @VoiceOfTheQueen I think you're right about Sexxx Dreams original bridge Martin Bresso is also credited as a writer on Sexxx Dreams
  9. Dangerous Jim


  10. Dangerous Jim


    tell us something we don't know
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  12. i'd rather be drunk but at least i'm alive
  13. Dangerous Jim

    Music Video

    You expect building THAT set to be cheaper? No fucking way
  14. Dangerous Jim

    Music Video

    That really was a serve Honestly this is the video I've been waiting for since February 11, 2011. Since Alejandro, her videos have been a mess. This one is really special. How much money do you think they have? it looked great and really realistic