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  1. Love Me Harder, Into You, No Tears, Breathin, Break Up With Your Girlfriend
  2. Dangerous Jim


    Aged like milk. I still use Sour Candy occasionally but the rest not so much. I've gone back to Joanne
  3. Dangerous Jim

    i can't remember where this shade came from but i have a feeling it's when you said i looked like michael jackson
  4. Dangerous Jim


    sooooo fucking good
  5. Dangerous Jim


    i am soooo ready
  6. Dangerous Jim


    Whether she really is bisexual or just said it to be a part of the club, it's kinda irrelevant. She is still a white woman singing mainly about men and relationships with men and she only has public relationships with men. Most people would identify her as straight. Sam on the other hand openly came out and lived authentically as a LGBTQ person. It's different and he deserves that title GRAMMYs gave him
  7. Dangerous Jim


    One of the best on the album for sure
  8. Dangerous Jim

    from the Zane Lowe interview so try again
  9. Dangerous Jim

    So glad someone has taste
  10. Dangerous Jim

    What happened with this song? Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated songs on Chromatica. Starts so promising with the sickening beat and haunting vocals and then crumbles in the chorus to a boring, safe mess. Potentially the worst chorus of her career. Why did she do this? The song and concept deserved better. Chorus should have been urgent, hard hitting, dramatic. Could've been one of the best on the album instead of one of the worst
  11. Dangerous Jim


    it's an atrocity i'm afraid
  12. Dangerous Jim


    Diamond Heart vs. Aura A-YO vs. Venus Joanne vs. G.U.Y. John Wayne vs. Sexxx Dreams Dancin' in Circles vs. Jewels n' Drugs Perfect Illusion vs. Manicure Million Reasons vs. Do What U Want Sinner's Prayer vs. Artpop Come to Mama vs. Swine Hey Girl vs. Donatella Angel Down vs. Fashion! Grigio Girls vs. Mary Jane Holland Angel Down WT vs. Gypsy Million Reasons WT vs. Applause ARTPOP: 12 Joanne: 3 Thought I liked Joanne more than ARTPOP but I guess not I hate the concept and messiness of the ARTPOP era but I think the songs are better. But the execution and concept of Joanne was amazing
  13. Dangerous Jim


    The Born This Way EP 1. Born This Way 2. Judas 3. Heavy Metal Lover 4. Electric Chapel 5. ScheiBe 6. The Edge of Glory