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  1. Demi ha power
  2. she's finished. not that it hadnt been knew for 6 years already. but still
  3. Other

    Queen of the UK it’s an American advert they’d never use pop music for that in the UK
  4. Celeb News

    ‘Other LGBTQ+ people’ come of it Rita sweetie
  5. Right?
  6. Why would you tag everyone for such a below par and average ballad in comparison to her older catalogue ?
  7. Team =\= successful artist sometimes not even a good team can save you. Gaga and Katy have solid teams but they aren’t about to forgo the huge paycheck and future earnings and relationships just because they don’t agree with a direction of one album a truly good team will steer an artist through a slump, just like Gaga’s and Katy’s have been doing
  8. Discussion

    Absolutely pathetic, she needs to let it go
  9. Celeb News

    Another album, another new boyfriend for Ari make your move now Timothée
  10. The one Rita performed live was sooo basic. Hopefully it’s been changed
  11. Classic Nick tbh