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  1. Single

    God WHY. No one needs this Do something original ffs
  2. @The One Below All So much factual innaccuracy and falsehood
  3. original
  4. Single

    LMFAO oh god. this is so tragic
  5. She is the definition of a fad. I'm looking forward to the day the public finally clock onto her disgusting and hypocritical personality and her average talent
  6. I've heard this and it's a fucking smash
  7. Surprised The Middle didn't make top 20
  8. Starting to look like she won't be able to ever do massive tours again :/
  9. Music Video

    Awful song but hot video
  10. init just shut the fuck up it's not always about you bebe
  11. Why was Alessia Cara nominated for Best New Artist when her album dropped in 2015 um1 can someone explain idgi

    1. Sylk

      Best New Artist criteria is super messy. Apparently she was eligible but artists like Whitney and Lady Gaga never were rip2 

    2. Coca-Cola

      this has happened a few times before.

    3. Dangerous Jim

      So stupid. Khalid or SZA should've taken it