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  1. Bullshit, Nicki hasn't ever had a fight in her life. She is all talk
  2. She didn't lie. Still better than the majority of Sweetener tho
  3. Dangerous Jim

    More like Selena
  4. Dangerous Jim

  5. Dangerous Jim

    Music Video

    SO Random but come thru best song on nightride
  6. Dangerous Jim

    Why did she bother with all that bullshit Should've just said sorry y'all it's not ready
  7. Thank god Thought she might perform NTLTC
  8. Dangerous Jim


    Having a child must be her way of coping with a flop album
  9. Dangerous Jim

    omg shes actually good didn't think Spain made good music
  10. Dangerous Jim


    Very arrogant. She's not established enough to pull this off- not even Taylor has done it successfully. Hopefully she just means radio tours etc. She will need to perform if she wants to stay relevant
  11. Dangerous Jim

    Celeb News

    Very good decision. '& the _____' is very mid-to-late 2000s