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  1. Discussion

    Thought this was gonna be as funny as the Demi one nope
  2. Discussion

    Its always the case why does no one share our flawless taste
  3. Discussion

    I love the lyrics But the production is so dated imo
  4. The Katy / SZA comparisons and the gif at the end Flawless first post @Red
  5. Celeb News

    Ahhh OK I get it thanks shelve fire fade and drop lady wood ii please
  6. Celeb News

    Don't Talk About It isn't new tho
  7. Flawless song to be born on
  8. You have no grounds for that at all. It's pretty clear from the tv show that she does in fact have problems. Do you think they asked legitimate registered doctors to lie on TV? I don't think so
  9. Wild Thoughts is THAT bop. It's a masterpiece 

  10. Sledgehammer is amazing
  11. Lmao what Time for a new era Elena, we're thirsty
  12. Game

  13. Yeah agreed. I also like the end, the homage to Madonna and Michael Jackson