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  1. They should do one for the whole tour tbh. Like the Bieber and Katy movie. Has there ever been a more dramatic tour?
  2. Performance

    Look at how full it is in this video
  3. omg sarah has finishedT her career and buried it even further into the ground. poor girl
  4. Well she ruined her much
  5. This is disgusting. They're both black and this is low key racist
  6. I was ready to be like But you're actually so right
  7. Single

    Hope it's good Bombastic was very average. Wish she'd drop the whole vintage LQ aesthetic
  8. I wonder if anyone will give a fuck about her after this ?
  9. i love how this is exciting for you
  10. Discussion

    It's good but I think Diamonds is her best
  11. Gossip

    I get really bad vibes from this guy. In all his interviews now this guy just speaks for Justin He is ruining justin's life
  12. Omg this is low key such a bop. Grown on me so much I reckon this will be huge, unless people boycott it
  13. Achievement

    imaging having to store a huge fucking surfboard in your house just because you were once active on snapchat