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  1. Dangerous Jim

    Sadly she is a straight up cunt and it shows
  2. Dangerous Jim

    Celeb News

    This is ridiculous - is she not allowed to visit a country now????
  3. Why is she crying in the video?
  4. TRL reboot was an insult to its legacy im here for the Cribs reboot tho
  5. Dangerous Jim


    It's clearly a contestant on Big Brother, says Big Brother UK in the theme. You should stop being pedantic and melodramatic
  6. Dangerous Jim

    For a while now yes
  7. Dangerous Jim

    More like Selena
  8. Dangerous Jim

  9. SO Random but come thru best song on nightride
  10. Dangerous Jim

    omg shes actually good didn't think Spain made good music
  11. Very good decision. '& the _____' is very mid-to-late 2000s
  12. Dangerous Jim

    Music Video

    Video is cool but song is very average. Plus twerking for 3 minutes is kinda 2014
  13. DAMN Cardi. This was so effortless. She didn't even promote it. Fair play to her, it's a brilliant record too.
  14. Dangerous Jim

    My ONLY reservation would be that I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up without a mother
  15. Dangerous Jim

    You’re kinda missing the point and anyway it’s a hit
  16. You conveniently seem to have forgotten there was a trial that in no way proved Luke sexually abused or raped Kesha. Yes, while it seems probable he did, no one bashing Kim and Troye have actually been in a room with Luke. Kim has. And I'm sure he's told her all the right things and gave her no reason to believe he would do such a thing, but she does know him better than us. Yes she worded it poorly but she is new and English isn't her first language. Is she going to believe hear-say or a man who picked her up from nothing and made her into a (semi) successful artist? Obviously Luke. Can't blame her for that
  17. Dangerous Jim

    Warrior is an old song
  18. Dangerous Jim

    The Light Is Coming sounds like a flawless bop tho
  19. You're being unreasonable She put out what sounded like a very genuine apology where she acknowledged her wrongdoing. Troye can't just throw her off the tour, not only because it would be harsh but also because he can't be seen to just bow to gay Twitter just because they have a problem with something (which they do every single day).