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  1. Discussion

    Nope. My hopes were crushed when Joanne came out after they said they made 8 songs together. I’m not doing it again.
  2. ARTPOP lol
  3. Be homeless
  4. Charts

    Samantha like “Hol’ Up Wait a Minute, Y’all thought I was finished?!” 💀
  5. here

    I SEE YOU SAM! Music Vanilla as fuck so you gotta show SOME personality, right?!

    Image may contain: 2 people, motorcycle and outdoor

    1. Driven

      The red high heels and tea, one sassy legend. 

    2. Andrew Michael

      Boy not with those socks!

    3. Kyoteki

      Socks AND Heels! Trendsetting QUEEN 


  6. Sia should write a book, titled "How to Destroy Your Critical Acclaim and Praise in Two Years"
  7. Single

    The beat is aamzing and his flow is great. Also nah. I can tell he aint black lol. But this is a deff bop
  8. @Urbi get ur life tho.
  9. E MO TION The Fame Poppy.Computer Bonito Generation Teenage Dream LOUD All pure pop albums that cross my mind.
  10. Album

    I thought it was amazing, Icon. Its no gallant, but its very enjoyable.
  11. Ik. It was a good album now Camilla is outselling them is the irony of it all
  12. The US don't even want FH seeing how unsuccessful their last album was
  13. You should make a thread about her mixtape in Music Mania also Also icant @ Finders Keepers being her Radar making appearance on an EP and a Mixtape..Twice
  14. here

    Happy Friday The 13th, hoes