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  1. Kyoteki here

    I’m glad Cardi spoke about the “Payola” controversy Nicki threw on her. jj4 

    1. Mr. "Legend" Gorgeous

      I can't @ Nicki

      Does she think that it's a promo for her album? Shading badly Cardi B? I- jj4 

  2. Why people keep putting this no singing ass bum on their songs... to sing? What do they hear that basically the general public don’t???
  3. Kyoteki


    Still waiting for confirmation
  4. Kyoteki

    Drake DOES get shit for his bragging. ALSO, There is an abundance of top male rappers and the best ones help support themselves to get and be better. Kanye supporting literally all the men who inspires him (Kid Kudi, Travis Scott, etc..) and even signing them. I’m confused af on why Nicki is not even trying to be supportive to these female rappers. Like have some open for u on tour they got Rico Nasty, Cupcakke, Dreamdoll or whatever her name is, Lizzo, etc. like all Cardi has been doing is minding her business. She views herself as her own competition. Yet daily Nicki just keeps throwing some form of shade
  5. Kyoteki

    Its too early to consider Cardi anything, but the way it’s looking the sis might be here to stay She got songs charting cause of a feature, has the Latin audience, A #1, a few top 10s and a successful album. Cardi basically is an upcomig force if she plays her cards right
  6. Kyoteki


    Theyre teasing vogue magazine’s september issue. Plus Nicki just teased her vogue cover. Sooo
  7. Kyoteki


    I really think this issa teaser for vogue
  8. Kyoteki


    Bitch we’ll just have to wait
  9. Kyoteki


    BITCH IM TRYING TO THINK OF WHAT ELSE IT COULD BE 💀💀💀 Trying to make music the last thing
  10. Kyoteki


    Troye Sivan also revealed he’s in Vogue magazine today so yeah I’m guessing it’s for vogue
  11. Kyoteki


    You right. Let me chill out for a sec
  12. Kyoteki


    This better not also be for enigma I swear I’m unstanning if so.
  13. Kyoteki


  14. Kyoteki


    The true skinny legend.