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  1. Kyoteki


    Why when she just had a hit album????
  2. Idk why y’all dont post this information on here...
  3. as said per her rant about TMZ
  4. Damn this stupidity is strong...
  5. Also Vaginas dont stretch out from a lot of sex they can revert back to size lmaoo. Basic biology.
  6. Imagine being Misogynistic Trash and emoting this much negativity with your life... The songs she write are fictional. She doesn’t actually write about her sexual experiences.
  7. Kyoteki

    Gaga 🤷🏾‍♂️
  8. She didn’t deserve this.
  9. Kyoteki


    None of the pop songs charted
  10. Kyoteki


    They seriously named it a stan name and I have to laugh. Im sorry
  11. Kyoteki

    Oh yeah Bey was snubbed badly. I was speaking of the pop girls this year. Releasing boring ass pop albums. Following trends, and not branching out. Like Reputation was possibly he most interesting release in the mainstream pop girl era.