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  1. A BEAUTIFUL project and needed for younger, black audiences. I have no choice but to stan.
  2. Kyoteki


    Gays judging other gays because they're femm, but in reality we all suck dick. You hate to see it.
  3. Kyoteki


    Try-Hard Gay wannabe thing??????? He is gay and this is his actual personality?????? Is this internalized homophobia?
  4. Kyoteki


    And said that he can never see himself make upbeat songs He dropped those insecurities and said fuck it.
  5. Kyoteki


    This is SAMANTHA’s album. SAM is DEAD!! and we are HERE for it
  6. https://youtu.be/kBQB3H64HYA
  7. And I could tell you to eat a dick and go on bout your business since u wanna be a fun police.
  8. As long as u ain’t including me in this some of y’all
  9. I’m not pushing that he’s gay I’m pushing that this relationship looks HELLA staged to promote their song and that it doesn’t help his case.
  10. Kyoteki

    He’s a hit and Miss.Sometimes he creates iconic songs and sometimes he just... Doesn’t
  11. Honestly it would be the same shit different bitch...