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  1. Kyoteki


    I am emotionally disrupted with this album. It's so fucking good. Possibly AOTY.
  2. Kyoteki


    Is it a Christmas song?
  3. OH MY GODDD FINALLYYYYUU This is literally the beat news I’ve heard in a long time.
  4. Kyoteki


    It’s okay.
  5. Men are all on her instagram talking about it. This is humiliating to an entire different level.
  6. Kyoteki

    Life is short sis. Steal him.
  7. Kyoteki here

     Halp I can't stop laughing.

  8. Kyoteki


    Idk. He usually drops the album as soon as he drops music. Idk what he’a doing.
  9. Kyoteki here

    Are we going t discuss how trash this CA soundtrack is or are we still pretending Ariana can make bops no matter how bland it is ??

    1. Jake

      Not at all honey it's shit

    2. Urbanov

      As I said before - mediocre at its best 

  10. Kyoteki


    Who’s listening to frank ocean right now and who isn’t? Also we have to see. I still have no opinion on the album yet. I usually have to let the album marinate before coming up with an opinion
  11. Kyoteki


    It is the superior streaming service after all. it’s an okay song. This album is giving me more vibe energy than his other albums, which have more structure than these songs. I just like that the song loops with itself very well. I was listening to it for like 3 minutes before realizing the song started over.
  12. Kyoteki

    Imma be quiet about it.
  13. Kyoteki


    The song loops on itself 💀