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  1. Music Video

    Kehlani serving Lesbian goddess yass even tho her outfit doednt fit the video’s aesthetic at all
  2. Close this thread tbh and warn the member
  3. Rumor

    Rihanna fans I am so sorry
  4. Album most likely around that time I bet. Maybe even the day before
  5. here

    Y’all wtf Avicii died

  6. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/dance/8358389/avicii-dead-tim-berglund
  7. Why would he? The slight cry me and river part at the begining?
  8. Lmao and hoes mad bitter cause they gotthat warning. Dont be sn instigating it’s that simple
  9. Oh I thiught u said it surpassed. I looked and Nice for What’s like.. almost top 10 💀 and Chun Li didnt even cross over to mainstream yet.
  10. Discussion

    Problem, No Tears Left to Cry, Dangerous Woman, The Way. Mostly cause Dangerous Woman didnt have a proper video 💀
  11. Not gonna waste typing and just gonna hit that report button
  12. She beeds to fire her vocal producer and redo the backgrounds, lol. But this still bops regardless
  13. Album

    Just like the artist, if’s overrated
  14. Rumor

    God is a Woman would be a great album title