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  1. One Last Kiss was for Evangelion Movie. Time was for a J-Drama Pink Blood was for an Anime Opening From what I know, this is just a single for the upcoming album. However, all 4 songs are on the upcoming 8th album.
  2. Official Single for Utada's upcoming 8th album. Produced by A.G Cook. First time since Distance since an American producer has worked with Utada on making a Japanese Album.
  3. I heard snippets and was instantly pissed it’s not.
  4. Ain't y'all graduate high school like 10 + years ago??????????????????? Ain't it time to let it go?????
  5. the SALT Imagine being this bothered over the Grammys
  6. If it don’t hit it this week, it’ll hit it next week with literal no problem. Them vinyls gonna be under so many Christmas Trees…
  7. ??????? Are you forreal with this take or are u missing the amount of sale numbers streaming has taken????
  8. The way this is her most diverse and best album. Jesus.
  9. This is terrible I'm so sorry Her music is starting to sound the same, the tongue and cheek-ness of the song is not as good as other pop contenders who's done similar songs. . .. Like GIRL