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  1. Kyoteki

    All these pop girls lately think they’re doing disco and they’re just.... Not.
  2. Kyoteki


    May this coming era be taken better care of cause HONESTLY...
  3. Kyoteki

    Music Video

    The song’s about her going to a happier place when she takes meds to prevent her from spiraling. the videos is literally that. But 911 being the actual police instead of a pill
  4. Kyoteki

    Music Video

    Yeah I was confused on what this was about until the end then I was like WAIT— it fits the song
  5. Kyoteki

    Music Video

  6. Omg pls no acoustic album
  7. Kyoteki


    Mostly cause she was a quick meme. But it is my personal favorite of the album so I am beyond elated about this.
  8. Kyoteki

    Music Video

    She’s giving Bird Box
  9. Yeah she still gets copyright checks because it’s her franchise and her idea.
  10. Kyoteki

    Music Video

    it just goes full circle
  11. Love that part of the promotion, they constantly stated JK had no involvement in the creation of this
  12. Madeon said he dunno what the next single is 💀
  13. She literally used it until Jonne. Heavy Metal Lover? Aura?