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  1. I love it, but sis could definitely benefit with more backing vocals and a choir or something.
  2. The minute sis dropped her music, so did the tempo of songs 💀💀💀
  3. Doja is a pop Girl. Megan is a Hip-Hop girl. thats it
  4. Amazing sample and amazing song. Sometimes Willow is a bit. . Blaring. But it's really good.
  5. Produced by Mura Masa and Skrillex. Samples Paramore's Never Let This Go.
  6. Yeah Willow carried the song, lmao. Her addition of the hook and her pre chorus are the best part.
  7. This is very mid. I like it, but I'm not going back to listen to it. Plus, she did the positivity songs last album, no?
  8. Oh HELLA cringe. "Maybe I'm an alien, Earth is hard." But I love the melody a lot.
  9. Familia isn't bad. Psychofreak is the highlight.
  10. It’s too little too late. She missed her opportunity twice in a row. Wasted ass potential.