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  1. LGBT Stormzy apologizes for homophobic tweets

    I really hate when people pull up tweets from YEARS ago and try to bring a celebrity down with them. Like stfu a lot of y’all look at posts from 2010 and cringe and say thats notnyou anymore. Get a life. 🙄
  2. Other Lady Gaga backstage with fans

    When in the ARTPOP era?! Last I check she legit had fans release the snippets of songs from ARTPOP, collaborated with them to paint the tracklist somewhere, and even had them at the ARTPOP release party and shit 💀💀💀
  3. My fellow Christina fans, you suck!

  4. Celeb News Scooter Braun talks AG4 - "It’s time for Ariana to sing the songs that define her"

    She kinda has tho imo. At least with Dangerous Woman seemed very Ari.
  5. Photos Joanne SNAPPED

    My wig is SNATCHED thinking about it
  6. Do you agree with what Amy Winehouse used to say about Pop Music ?

    THIS! She has decent albums; she was a HUGE bitch who didn't really like any artist.
  7. Taylor’s first week sales: What happened?

    Reputation still outsold.
  8. Single Luis Fonsi & Demi Lovato | Echame La Culpa | Nov 17

    AP literally 3-4 topics down.
  9. Single Steve Aoki | All Night (feat. Lauren Jauregui) | November 17, 2017

    A bop
  10. Music Video St. Vincent - Pills (Music Video)

    bring back the aesthetic you used before.
  11. Music Video Paramore: Fake Happy [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

    The ending is emotional and relatable.
  12. Rumor Tove Lo | Cycles | TBA

    Stranger tho
  13. Album Tove Lo | Blue Lips | 3rd Studio Album | November 17th, 2017

    I’m glad we all agree Bitches is. THAT. SONG
  14. Single Paramore | Fake Happy | August 29th