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  1. How are they connected????
  2. I feel like she wouldnt do a surprise release.
  3. Also I think it should be the parents choice, HOWEVER, The parent should be required to watch a video and be educated on the risks and the cons of circumcision. Getting it done at an older age is more painful and traumatizing than getting it done as a child. Mutilation is wrong, but it’s not something drastically harming people around them, like people who choose to not be vaccinated. So iyeah.. idk. I’m on the fence about this.
  4. As someone who is uncut the way to prevent a disease is fucking clean yourself. 🙄
  5. Truly the Million Reasons of her career and Sam Smith performed “Top good at Goodbyes” 💀💀💀
  6. Dua Lipa & The Nobodies’ album coming soon but forreal tho this is such a weird collab. How did they think this was cute?
  7. Album

    I wish I liked the album more 😩. I liked a few songs tho!
  8. Album

    Another amazing afrofuturistic concept I am READY
  9. Album

    Watd the genre? Im bout to go listen.