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  1. Kyoteki


  2. Idk why y’all think Lemonade did poorly? 💀💀💀 it sold a million physical copies and was the 2nd best selling physical album of that year, behind Views. Yes singles didnt do well, but album wise, it did great.
  3. The song apeshit will do well, but that’s it, lol. This wa slowkey a non event and the project wasn’t amazing.
  4. Although the production doesn’t match the tone, I am in love with her lyrical content and melody Plus this video is great. I stan.
  5. Kyoteki


    Its real. Pete is an interlude lol. The order is wrong tho.
  6. I hope you wonderful kings get a sugar daddy with a big dick that pays y’all college tuition ❤️
  7. Kyoteki

    Migos(Quavo in particular) only provided ad libs to apeshit tho???
  8. Kyoteki


    Sis said the last one was fake but its awfully fucking close to the real one lmaoo
  9. And so do your sentences, sis! The debate on morals on its own leads to “self-righteous” comments, So stop talking about self righteousness! Also he had an impending trial for the cases so justice was indeed coming for him, the correct way. Again, I feel no sympathy for the dude, but I ain’t gon parade around and celebrate a death. Again, that’s gross and tacky. As for the girlfriend, I hope the people celebrating and speaking on this take the time and donate to her upcoming surgery and hospital fees.
  10. Didnt know being decent human beings who have forms of empathy are people with a self righteous high horse. Educate me, lmao. I’m just saying Y’all literally celebrating like this is Kim Jung Un or some shit and it’s is gross af 💀. Y’all literally planning parties and parading and shit like wtf?? is it judging? Everyone fucking judges. You judge me for judging you (literally the last part of your sentence is you judging me. )
  11. Lmao no one justifying his actions we’re saying aint no need to celebrate death, especially since he has friends and family who are mourning. He is a piece of shit who possibly caused his own death no looking beyond that bullshit It’s not playing devil’s advocate, when i say “its concerning for people to celebrate death.” It’s “hey.. He’s a piece of shit and didnt deserve the best life, but in respect of family may they find some peace” that’s it lmao. If y’all wanna continuelessly search for reasons to make your behavior normal, go on abead tho. Hope you have a therapist to try and explain your actions to.
  12. We can maturely discuss anytime. 🤷🏾‍♂️ My DMs always open.
  13. Because you just sat your dumbass here and said no one is fixing the issues because of shit you see on blogs and twitter Uneducated Racists tend to act this way 🤷🏾‍♂️