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  1. Also gotta consider a good chunk of the world just do not like her and wouldn’t even turn around and think about watching.
  2. Its just EMBARASSING to his wife and kids at this point. I hope she divorces.
  3. I remember reading she was going to do disco/funk back then but someone told her something and she scrapped the entire idea. I forgot who said that but fuck him, his mama, and whatever horse he came into town with.
  4. This was . ..A mid release. She really was banking on the gays to carry this album.
  5. sis just canNOT come up with anything new, huh?? Regardless of my gripes. It's pretty good, though.
  6. Late: I think she has one. I don't think she listens to them much, though?
  7. Movies and Shows that were gay that are critically acclaimed: Moonlight Heartstopper Private Desert Bros Fire Island
  8. The same happened in Houston, but I just think it's because a lot of people had work in the morning and they wanted to beat Traffic.
  9. Gee, I wish there was a plugin that prevents Youtube Ads from playing called AdblockPlus or something
  10. No one agrees with their statements and they're getting bullied off the internet.