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  1. I mean. . .She didn't lie. Iggy had the spotlight to speak up on issues of the black community when the spotlight was on her about it and she just.. Dropped the ball But she came for the bitch. I felt MY edged being tugged a little At the same time Halsey fucks up on interviews so much She talks to much like the time she mentioned she had a miscarriage and people took advantage of that by bringing bloody baby dolls to her concert She needs more interview prep bless her heart
  2. @Tasso delete
  3. Jesus fuck I even felt a tug on MY edges
  5. The hype is dead. Unless is MARINA'S lead single.
  6. Photos

    She's trying to serve LEWKS while living a healthy lifestyle.
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    Queen of Extra
  8. Music Video

    what is this video what are the actors? They aren't even believable business men
  9. Y'ALL TOO?! That shit's frightening and I just cannot take it seriously
  10. Idk sis, sometimes dick is worth taking an L . Like I don't know how many times I stopped caring about being right in arguments cause the plumber coming cleanse the good ol' pipes
  11. I never liked parodies. They never seemed funny. Just awkward and tryhard. Key of Awesome isn't safe from this.