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  1. Kyoteki here

    Not Potential Explicit version slaying on itunes dead2 

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    2. Habits

      As deserved! The song is a bop!

    3. Urbi

      Not Aly and AJ having a come back hit jj2 

  2. This gave me all my life!! Such a classic.
  4. Kyoteki


    A while? It’s been years my man, lol. Should find time to catch up.
  5. Kyoteki


    Oh welcome back @Haruka
  6. I know you cannot make a business out of making music no matter the success; however, I am glad she made an album she is proud of and this was definitely the best direction to go after Bangerz.
  7. I cannot remember a time where Gaga was subtle? 💀 she always been the weird bitch with exploding tiddies and shit.
  8. Kyoteki

    This seems so gross. Not every artist wants to drop an album every 6 months.... Just shut up and listen to Chromatica again.
  9. Kyoteki


    Hold on.... This hits
  10. Kyoteki


    Apparently masturbating bout a girl. also why is that beat drop so long and repetitive????? Like it’s 30 seconds and nothing changed. Bloodpop can be so...... Bland
  11. Kyoteki

    Did I miss something? This album has been a non event to me..
  12. Kyoteki

    Whats actually dumb is this thread
  13. Kyoteki

    Music Video

    Just like the album, it’s underwhelming and continues to stay safe without her completely venturing out into the more mature side of sex talk.
  14. Kyoteki

    I am calm???? ??????????