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  1. The piano part is actually a KH song lool
  2. Kyoteki


    This KNOCKS
  3. Ubderstanding. This forum if full of weirdos who thrive to ruin people
  4. Kyoteki

    I WAS ABOUT TO SCREAM IN HERE ABOUT THAT!! The American School system are FAILING these girls!!!
  5. Kyoteki

    We defending rapists and murderers now? 😬😬😬
  6. I knew it was coming when they put that really famous asian actress in jail
  7. Kyoteki here

    “Due to popular demand” by WHO? Who asked for ha?

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    2. Hylia

      I’m shouting

    3. Kyoteki

      I thought people would have posted it here by now dead2  


      but yeah. Who ASKED for five more jazz shows. The further we push this jazz bitch away from us the closer she gets. 

  8. Kyoteki


    No. Did you?
  9. I hate when people say “go after right wing instead of this? Why are y’all wasting time on this? There are worse people” Like we’re NOT using the internet in 2018 that is designed for us to multitask like what the fuck? Lmao. It takes two seconds to retweet. It takes 10 to type a post. You acting like people are spending HOURS on this I.. Making a “Joke” about what you would do to prevent your son from being gay is not funny. Especially to people who went through that same situation growing up. Using Racism, Homophobia and other dehumanizing punchlines are NOT funny. From a comedian or not. And all of this could be resolved if he apologized. Which again, he never did and he just sat there and called himself a Man. Which he ain’t. He’s trash. The himophobic jokes, the cheating on his wife with a mistress and marrying mistress then turn around and cheat on THAT person? In general, Kevin Hart ain’t shit to defend.
  10. It ain’t shit. It ain’t every gonna be shit. Not even hyped