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  1. Kyoteki


    I listened to this last night and 5 songs in it all sounds the same.. maybe I’ll give it another listen
  2. Kyoteki


    @isrobi sorry u cant handle tea and talent 🤷🏾‍♂️
  3. Kyoteki


    Best album so far this year 🤷🏾‍♂️
  4. Kyoteki here



    yall so creative 

    1. Urbanov

      This is some white gay shit

    2. Kyoteki

      White gays are sometimes funny 💀

    3. Urbanov

      Sometimes being a keyword 😩

  5. Kyoteki

    this upcoming icon
  6. The chorus is cringe.. But its for a good cause
  7. Kyoteki

    You know what else was made having fun in the studio? Look me in the internet eyes and say this is good I mean, its made in all good fun, right? that means it’s okay! And the song exudes fun! Look at the video!
  8. Kyoteki

    Chantaje from the tax evader, obviously
  9. Kyoteki

    Also holy shit y’all sound so pretentious with this “Be HAPPY! Someone 30 years in their career is still giving music to her fans!!!” “And she’s having FUN! She sounds laidback for ONCE!” Lord y’all sound like these annoying gatekeepers.
  10. Kyoteki

    Maluma literally saves this song. And there’s nothing unique about this, guys. Sorry. This sound has been done before and nothing special, re inventing or revolutionary about it. Maluma makes this tolerable and vastly improves her “Cha-Cha”ing The song is average at the most. I don’t hear this... Different sound from other latin pop artists you all claim to hear.. it sounds like most mid tempo latin songs.
  11. Kyoteki

    You sound young and extremely dissonant from actual life
  12. Kyoteki


    It gets a lot better when Maluma kinda takes over the hook also, not gonna lie. Buut this isn’t TERRIBLE.
  13. Kyoteki


    Its not bad. The autotune is putting me off tho.