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  1. Nas ate tho

  2. Did they cancel Katy’s Pokémon song? 

    1. Max


      Nah, the complete soundtrack is planned to be released this fall. So far we have Katy, Post and J Balvin confirmed. giveup3 

    2. Kyoteki


      It’s gonna be on the D/P remakes dead2 

    3. Max


      OMG the new Cynthia theme giveup3 

  3. Not Potential Explicit version slaying on itunes dead2 

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    2. Habits


      As deserved! The song is a bop!

    3. Chris Morlock
    4. Urbi


      Not Aly and AJ having a come back hit jj2 

  4. Which one of you Fucks In the promotion team did the fucking Taylor Post??? I’m WEAK

  5. No one wants to make me a new set and I’m sad. cry9

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    2. Kyoteki


      Check the request thread in Graphics

    3. Ruthless Love

      Ruthless Love

      Let me see what I can do!

    4. Chris Morlock

      Chris Morlock

      i always tag @CHANEL #1 to help me for mine cos he talented as FUCK

  6. Who wants to make me a new sig tonight? moo1 

  7. Faggots calling others “popper sniffing fags” cause they don’t like Taylor Swift’s album is the wildest thing I have seen 💀💀

    1. harry


      The self-hate is so painfully obvious I don't even experience schadenfreude from the draggings they get. It's just all so boring. ari9

  8. These are really pretty songs but an album full of sleeper vibe tunes and ballads is... So dull to me. Like give me one upbeat song... Pls.

  9. Now suspend the ignorant f*gs who tried me over my human rights as a black man

    1. KatnissLawrence


      sorry but sis can you let me know what the music video to your set is? <3




    And I LOOVE IT

  11. I’m screaming @ Dua getting dragged for Hallucinate being an animated video. 💀

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    2. Kyoteki


      It’s an animated one because she said theres a  Pandemic. But theres artists not as big still filming music videos just fine or improvising dead2 

    3. Princess Aurora
    4. Kyoteki


      Queen if Bare Minimum said “Y’all got 3 good videos, leave me alone!”

  12. All these f*gs on this forum hyping how sgood they have or live in countries with great healthcare should use their healthcare benefits to go see a THERAPIST. 

    A lot of y’all are truly not okay jj4 

  13. Stupid Love after Alice and followed up with Rain on Me is so JARRING 💀💀💀

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    2. Kyoteki


      It always sounds good. Just the other tracks don’t fit with its type of sound to me. 

    3. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I haven't listened to the album yet. Is that good ?

    4. Urbi


      Yes it’s a good album, C1 and C3 are fantastic gaga3 

  14. Why are stans attacking Ajay when she said the song grew on her jj4 


    What’s going on with this week??

    1. fab


      I think it's not about her liking or disliking the song xtina2   she was just being kinda disrespectful tbh xtina2 

      like she was making annoyed faces every time Gaga sang and shouting things like "Gaga girl.. let Ariana just handle it" and constantly complaining about Gaga even being there ny12 


    2. Kyoteki


      1) I’ve seen SO many people do this when their fave artist is a feature. She’s no different. 

      2) Her fave album is Joanne. She never really liked Pop Gaga. Idk why y’all shocked she didn’t really like Stupid Love


      3) y’all making an “at-face” reaction way too deep. She ain’t a music critic she’s a reactor. 

  15. Being black this week has been a struggle. Both in politics and pop culture. Its a struggle every day but this week just.. it tired me

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    2. Kyoteki
    3. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      I- at Villanelle comment jj4 Anyway I'm sorry for the way you're feeling. I agree with you that this week was terrible and I can't imagine how bad you're feeling

    4. Villanelle


      Both of you I was being deliberately ignorant to lighten the mood mad1

      Please @Kyoteki, I hope you're OK xx



  17. Teyana Taylor had a hit on her hands with Bare with Me with that clean ass video teaser to the release and it’s only two minutes????? 


    how could you no GIF by Alexander IRL

    1. Tahj


      I don't wanna talk about it I HATE HER ugh oprah4 


    1. Infrared


      cause people like to be problematic, especially when they need to promote an album 

  19. I could write a book on how many times White Gays will be up and front and speak about black issues when all they dream about is being a white American Housewife with a man that satisfies their daddy issues. 

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    2. Villanelle


      And what? Bitch I want that picket fence ny12


    3. Jjang


      Would be interesting to read that book. Send me it when you finish. 

    4. Habits


      Desperate Housewives plot carla1

  20. It’s raining Friday. Gaga’s power

  21. The bitch says “Hey Yeah” instead of “Higher” in Stupid Love jj4 

  22. Is there no more music release section??

    1. Gilly


      “other music”

    2. Billie Frank

      Billie Frank

      They probably had to sacrifice it to save the Kesha section. mad5

    3. Ruthless Love

      Ruthless Love

      Remove Kesha and return the Albums / Singles release section!

  23. 6 minutes logging in and I realize how some people on this forum are mentally ill.

    Dislike a recent post so you search for a post I made six days ago

    I know we bored during quarantine but Damn!! Lmaoo

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    2. Royalty
    3. SHANE


      Some people on here are just incredibly immature gag1

    4. LÉON


      You act like some members weren't pulling these tactics before lockdown gag1

  24. That mediocre ass PND album got y’all wet over a 6-word Rih feature, huh??

    1. Urbi


      It’s so boooring dead1 

    2. Kyoteki


      It’s absolutely trash lmao.

    3. Urbi


      If her new album sounds like this she can keep it lol

  25. I swear I heard Ariana in Childish Gambino’s album dead2