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  1. I think this album is more of a poppier route?
  2. The gays are dropping sexual pop anthems I see
  3. Ari wants to be those rappers that release thoughtless junk every year for some reason. Only reason Sweetener/TuN worked is cause she took a break and had lived an experience she can express in an album. Positions has nothing. It sounds so uninspired and bland and ugh...
  4. They would actually have to make an album instead of manipulating streams lol.
  5. Man she manages to stun with visuals even if its for absolutely nothing
  6. every time theres chart drama it's Always Scooter being stupid.
  7. It’s because the fines are usually just $1k, $3k etc. These fines need to be in the hundreds of thousands. The millions. Make their pockets HURT. Literally cripple them.
  8. This album deserve the dumpster since the day he decided to put MLK as interludes... How is it being successful?
  9. I truly wish we can jail these idiots or fine them.
  10. TF: Paparazzi TFM: Telephone BTW: Marry The Night Artpop: GUY Joanne: John Wayne Chromatica: 911
  11. Sis used a lot of Selena’s writers snd it shows and she uses them 5x better
  12. What even is the point of a tour? hang this era up. Flatscreen. plasma
  13. Oh thank fuck. This shoulda been the original version
  14. I like that from the video to these shoes someone is keeping shock value alive. It’s fun to see reactions
  15. He’s said he was Inspired by cellophane, but I still don’t see the correlation between the two other than sliding down a cgi pole. The two videos are complete different themes. but idk. Idc that much to analyze
  16. why is the single version not the full song like on the video? It’s missing the great ass breakdown
  17. Ik the video but fail to see correlation other than...sliding down a pole???