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  1. All Jamie gotta do is shut the fuck up dead2 


    Britney AND Zoey 101 cast is dragging the shit out if her

  2. The disrespect to Megan for only bringing up Jennifer’s Body
  3. The album is amazing and is possibly his best venture in pop/synthpop. the latter half kind of falters, but all in all the theme is strong and does really well to keep the radio theme going.
  4. It’s funny because this was the label’s cover his actual covers were like the Take My Breath single cover. regardless this album BANGS
  5. I’m writing the disagreements in my book if “why fags truly don deserve rights” because there was absolutely nothing wrong with her statement.
  6. Kimi Ni Muchuu, One Last Kiss, PINK BLOOD, Time, and Darenimo Iwanai have been used for TV shows and Anime and was released as singles. Face My fears was KH3's Opening song. Find Love isn't out, but was used for their ambassador role for SHISEDO BAD MODE is releasing as digital first before Physical.
  7. song slaps and she looks amazing. She can't do choreo to save her life, tho
  8. Only 4 new songs. This might as well be a damn EP.
  9. Utada's 8th Studio Album, Bad Mode is dropping next Friday. A snippet of the title track: Tracklist 01. BAD MODE 02. Kimi ni Muchuu 03. One Last Kiss 04. PINK BLOOD 05. Time 06. Kibun Janai no 07. Darenimo Iwanai 08. Find Love 09. Face My Fears (Japanese Version) 10. Somewhere Near Marseilles -Marseilles Atari- 11. Beautiful World (Da Capo Version) 12. Kirei na Hito (Find Love) 13. Face My Fears (English Version) 14. Face My Fears (A.G. Cook Remix)
  10. No. She’s only been one hit per album. And I think Sean Paul carried Cheap Thrills
  11. Apparently she does have new music in the works. Confirmed by her. https://www.instagram.com/tv/CXzPzk8tJiv/?utm_medium=copy_link
  12. the way I was excited to see Teyana Taylor used in a music video with a plot only for the plot to be thrown away 30 seconds into the song jj4 



    1. Gilly


      what a BOP cry1 

  13. Grats on Dua on being #1 on year end. Huge

  14. One Last Kiss was for Evangelion Movie. Time was for a J-Drama Pink Blood was for an Anime Opening From what I know, this is just a single for the upcoming album. However, all 4 songs are on the upcoming 8th album.