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  1. Randomtina!

    Much better dancer than me, I am slayed.
  2. #PI Randomosity [Season 6]

    As for season 3 I have no idea
  3. Discussion Anyone else really anxious about her new album release??

    She has also been here only once during Stripped tour
  4. #PI Randomosity [Season 6]

  5. Randomtina!

    I think X over the nipple is the safest option, sorry I didn't answer before now I was working
  6. Achievement Better Man won SOTY at the CMAs

    Merged the threads and added the good morning america tweet to the OP

    The fact all three artists retired
  8. Judges favorite entry of the season

    What vacation challenge? I didn't see one in my inbox

    Congratulations @Party Monster

    Here we are again. The final and total score of #PopIndustry season VI-B! After a long season of calculating the scores, which took about five minutes. I must say this season has been really enjoyable with all the entries that we got, even though it became less and less for each week. Some submitted for one week, some for two, some for three, some for four and very few for all weeks. This is the final time for season VI-B, it is bittersweet because it means that season VI is over. As we wait for season VII to come sometime next year. We have to find out our winner. We had 17 participants this season. We will start with the ones with the lowest scores of the season. The first ones out are Lil’ Debbie, Banks, Björk, Harry Styles, Belinda, Troye Sivan and Tiffany Hawng. The scores are listed below. You all had one challenge sent in and scored and is based on that. Tiffany Hawng got 10 bonus points for best entry. Thank you for participating this season. This leaves us to the top 10. The next three out are Fergie, Emily Ratajkowski and Ariana Grande. Fergie & Ariana Grande sent entries for the two first weeks and Emily Ratajkowski sent entries for the three first weeks, yet Ariana Grande’s score beats her in the end. Thank you for participating this season. We’re now left with the top 7. Ariana Grande also ended up grabbing 70 bonus points of the season for best entries, number #1 album & number #1 singles In 7th place we find no other than Adam Levine. He ends up with a score of 843. He had a bit of a stumble this season with two of the challenges not being his favorites (Dancing Challenge & Vacation Challenge). He forgot to send the Vacation Challenge due to being busy chasing after a penis. Sadly, he couldn’t get any bonus points as the bonus points are only up for grabs between week 1 – 4. Thank you for participating this season and we are now left with the top 6. Coming in at 6th place we find the queen of silicone ass herself Nicki Minaj. She missed the top 5, she also sent 4 challenges this season. She grabbed 20 bonus points over the season, one of them was for best entry and one for number #1 album of the week. She ends up with a score of 887. Thank you for participating and now onto the TOP 5. She is the oldest, she fucks men that can be her dad, she does splits, and it’s Erika Jayne coming in at 5th place. She ends up with a TOTAL of 1172 points. She sent in all her entries this season, but hasn’t been able to grab any bonus points this season. Erika’s journey through this season started with she rose every week till she stumbled a bit at the week 4 challenge, BUT she didn’t give up and gave us her BEST entry and her best scored entry at the final week. Thank you so much for participating and the top 4 is next. She is the queen of festive, she is a self-proclaimed diva and her name is Mariah Carey. Yes, you heard it Mariah Carey is the 4th place and misses the top 3. The songbird had a bit of a struggle in the first week challenge, then she rose for the three challenges after and then had a little bit of a fall at the final challenge. Mariah Carey is also one of the few that sent all their challenges every week, even though I missed the butterflies in the entries. Mariah grabbed 10 bonus points this season for number #1 album. Thank you for participating and let’s meet our TOP 3. In 3rd place we find the autotune, lip-synch and dancer Britney Spears with the score of 1193 points. Britney sent all the five challenges in. She rose for every week till she fell a bit in the final challenge. Some of the judges were surprised with some of her entries for some weeks and did not expect the quality that came from them. Sadly, Britney was unable to snatch any bonus points this season. Thank you for participating and now our top two are left. She won season VI-A, she came back for season VI-B. She loves her trash bag that she calls clothing, she loves having trash in her hair and as her perfume. Kesha comes in at 2nd place with a score of 1275, but is only 71 points away from the top spot this season. Kesha sent all her entries as well, for bonus points she got 10 extra points for best entry. For the three first challenge Kesha rose and she stumbled a bit with the week 4 challenge, but she rose up again at the final challenge. Thank you for participating and now let’s crown our WINNER. She came, she slayed us, she has attitude for days, she shades and no one cares. Please give a warm welcome to our winner RIHANNA as she scores 1346 points this season. Her first entry was weak and it brought a fire under her eyes and she kept that fire on till she got the best score of the season at week 4, but in the final challenge she fell a bit. She ended up getting 20 bonus points for best entry and number #1 single, she also got best entry of the season from all the judges which ends up with 75 more bonus points. She has all reason to celebrate this as she is our rightfully winner for #PopIndustry season VI-B! Thank you for participating. CONGRATULATIONS GIRL! YOU DESERVE IT! SLAY US MAMA! THE FINAL RESULTS FROM LOWEST TO HIGHEST (INCLUDES BONUS POINTS): Lil’ Debbie – 196 Banks – 225 Björk – 229 Belinda – 241 Harry Styles – 241 Troye Sivan - 242 Tiffany Hawng – 257 Fergie - 451 Emily Ratajokwski - 455 Ariana Grande – 577 Adam Levine – 843 Nicki Minaj – 887 Erika Jayne – 1172 Mariah Carey – 1188 Britney Spears – 1193 Kesha – 1275 Rihanna – 1346 This is it for #PopIndustry season VI-B, THANK YOU EVERYONE who participated this season. We are really grateful that you took your time to participate in our event. We hope you will join us for #PopIndustry season VII coming sometime in 2018! I also want to thank my fellow judges for another incredible season and can’t wait to do next season with you all! @Voldemort @Shiver @Harry Styles @Party Monster @Royalty @Joanne @Maraj @Cosmic @Hyun. @barbiej33p @Hannah @GlenCoco @Nuclear Chicken @Sylk @Liam @Chris Pratt @Hector @CHANEL #1 @RihannaRTT
  11. Judges favorite entry of the season

    Hello! Are you ready to hear judges favorite entry of the season is? Remember their entry is WORTH 25 bonus points added to your total score. Shall we reveal the entries? First up is @CHANEL #1 favorite entry! Rihanna's Boy Voyage Challenge! Next up is @RihannaRTT favorite entry! Rihanna's Halloween Party Challenge! And finally the irrelevant bish himself @Habits favorite challenge! Rihanna's Halloween Party Challenge! There you have it, the favorite entries of the seasons! See you all later when we crown our winner! @Voldemort @Shiver @Harry Styles @Party Monster @Royalty @Joanne @Maraj @Cosmic @Hyun. @barbiej33p @Hannah @GlenCoco @Nuclear Chicken @Sylk @Liam @Chris Pratt @Hector
  12. #PI: The Results [Season 6] (WEEK 5)

    Hello and welcome to week 5 results my little DRAG QUEENS! This week is the final week (FINALLY I can take a break). This weeks challenge was based on the #PIAwards. You all did a good job this season and should give yourself a tap on the shoulder for surviving five weeks of hard work and wait for these results (Because I am lazy as fuck and would rather sleep). The results of the week is: Kesha - 263 (90,94,79) Rihanna - 260 (80,100,80) Mariah Carey - 251 (85,93,73) Erika Jayne - 248 (86,87,75) Nicki Minaj - 244 (82,90,72) Britney Spears - 238 (80,88,70) Adam Levine - 151 (50,46,55) SEE YOU ALL LATER WHEN WE CROWN OUR WINNER @Voldemort @Shiver @Harry Styles @Party Monster @Royalty @Joanne @Maraj @Cosmic @Hyun. @barbiej33p @Hannah @GlenCoco @Nuclear Chicken @Sylk @Liam @Chris Pratt @Hector
  13. The #PI Awards | The Ceremony

    Another break, incoming meltdowns!
  14. The #PI Awards | The Ceremony

    Bish they voted for ha because she is gone and radio won't be sabotaged by her desperate ways to get to the top spot
  15. The #PI Awards | The Ceremony

    I doubt Mercury would win anyway