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  1. here

    So I just started watching American Horror Story chi1 

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    2. Monster

      don't listen to the lies the whole series is iconic kylie2

    3. Habits

      I am pissed they killed of Adelaide so fast oprah4 

      Even though Constance is my fave character so far oprah4 

    4. Merryem

      gaga's impact kylie2 

  2. Edited Here this gif will hopefully make you laugh for the next 10 seconds
  3. Other

    It's 99,9% sure she will pass that opportunity
  4. Such a bop, that's how I discovered her
  5. I will wait till it's officially out before I believe it
  6. Cruel & Devil Side are both huge favorites
  7. I know It's not like I can be bitchy back, I just have to stand there smile & be nice Like gurl be like that and you don't really deserve the best costumer service
  8. But then again the store isn't that big, but it's fun when you have nice costumers The worst costumers are the angry/bitchy ones
  9. work in a "supermarket" basically selling food for people to make dinner etc.
  10. Yeah I gotta do some stuff tomorrow at work, but then again I got home like half an hour ago from work
  11. It really did, but then again there is no news at all I am good by the way, what about you?
  12. I don't have a fave album by her yet Both albums have their fair share of ups & downs
  13. Also I believe everyone can edit wikipedia pages as well
  14. The fact H&M are a mess for trying to sell a hoodie like that Also @Infrared I fixed the other thread for you