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  1. Habits


    It better be better than L+F, like that album has some cute gems (but I need a quality album ala Froot or Electra Heart)
  2. Habits

    I am enjoying this, such a bop. What the world needs right now
  3. Habits


    Yes and add in Vanity with the express/lady marmalade part, it fits so good there
  4. Habits


    Is it bad that I need a new album from her asap? It feels like forever since Liberation
  5. Habits


    Las Vegas
  6. Habits


    it's not like Xtina did much anyway and the section has been dying lately (6 years of waiting did a lot to the section)
  7. Selena, Kesha & Meghan has me interested so far
  8. same! I feel like everyone else I have can't
  9. you can turn it off in options (that u wont see moves at all)
  10. I think Eternatus is the best mon I have at the moment because everyone else is like barely attacking
  11. sksksksksk at least I have shiny ralts, snorunt and charmander in go
  12. good luck getting shiny magikarps in your raids that you speak of