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  1. I think The Little Mermaid & Mulan is already confirmed by Disney to get a remake
  2. I don't believe shit until it comes from Xtina directly now
  3. OMG!! she looks so beautiful
  4. Yeah I really glad SOMEONE asked her on TV, but she is basically giving the same answers since 2015 I really had a laugh when they said "Please welcome back Farrah Moan" Eureka's face was everything during that. But damn that dress Xtina wore was EVERYTHING!!
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    We will crash every party
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    YAAAAS, bring the wine for #PI with Erika and we can create a drunk mess with @Party Monster again
  7. Maybe she was hidden backstage and got to watch, I think this confirms that there is no Xtina themed runway
  8. Stan a bit Her new song is a bop and needs to smash
  9. 1. Alyssa Edwards (S5) 2. Shangela (S2 & S3) 3. Alaska (S5) 4. Adore Delano (S6) 5. BenDeLaCreme (S6) 6. Detox (S5) 7. Raven (S2) 8. Bianca Del Rio (S6) 9. Katya (S7) 10. Aja (S9) 11. Manila Luzon (S3) 12. Tatianna (S2)
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    She made us wait for fucking 6 years though
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    My link isn't yet
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    World is not ready
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    I need the album, I need this to be a single, I NEED A MUSIC VIDEO