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  1. Habits

    Well a lot more is coming when the season starts Get ready, because we're ready for take off soon
  2. Habits

    I wanna add in we basically gave suggestions on what could be better, overall everything is basically done by @RihannaRTT and there is where the credit should go If I did this it would look like a hot mess.
  3. Habits

    @Party Monster
  4. You know damn well she will go back to what she does best (Her billionaire tour)
  5. I am happy I decided to take a vacation off the states so I could see her live I had a feeling she ain't coming to Europe
  6. Yeah Definition and Glam X was 2017 You also forgot Inspire
  7. Habits


    save: Searching For Maria/Maria Deserve Eliminate: Masochist Like I Do
  8. Didn't she have two perfumes one year?
  9. It's either close to 20 or over 20 by this point
  10. watch her add Like I Do, Fall In Line, Accelerate & Twice and the rest is from Billionaire tour
  11. Habits


    Save: Sreaching For Maria/Maria Deserve Eliminate: Masochist Dreamers/Fall In Line
  12. Habits


    Save: Deserve, Searching For Maria/Maria Eliminate: Liberation, Masochist
  13. Habits


    save: Maria, Deserve Eliminate: Right Moves, Sick Of Sittin'