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  1. someone should bring this up to her attention then, because it will damage her name and reputation
  2. Habits


    So true, she even talks more about bionic as well
  3. Habits


    she still performs ANOM on her tour as well as Candyman
  4. Habits here

    It's that month again when it's acceptable to listen to All I Want For Christmas Is You alex1

    1. I Brings That Levity

      Ohh, i dug it out it's grave about a month ago. brit15

    2. Ariana

      Please I play it from January to December ari5

  5. Habits


    Most stans rank B2B easily in their top 3 Xtina albums, so I doubt they haven't forgotten it.
  6. Habits

    I don't really care if she has success on streaming as she is from an older generation and people stream mostly rap/hip hop and not pop music in general.
  7. i was a stan throughout TSE era as well What a time to live in
  8. Habits

    Yeah I had the same feeling after The Liberation Tour and The X Tour (Glasgow date)
  9. Yeah I was literally obsessed with WYWF? when it came out, I stanned so hard during the LAMB era
  10. my personal fave is what you waiting for? it is literally iconic (in europe at least as it was huge here compared to us)
  11. the fact she even performed hollaback girl a few years earlier on the voice as well
  12. Christmas present along with the next album (coming in 2026)
  13. Habits


    It was a red sweater, a black hoodie, some t-shirts, poster, the X bag as I remember it from the glasgow show
  14. u forgot the voice judge as well