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  1. Habits


    I agree with the cover. I will be looking out for this even though only SBP, K&Q and LWLN is on the album
  2. Habits


    I still hate that fucking cover with a passion
  3. Habits here

    Literally her best song from the album antm1

    1. Princess Aurora

      OMG Wig oprah15 This and the song with Tiesto are the best 

    2. Chris Morlock

      My fav is still Genetics (and Hard to Please)

  4. Habits


    You ain't getting rid of me that easily
  5. Habits


    i will stay posting
  6. Habits


    WHEW CHILD this was a tour
  7. Ariana: Into You Beyoncé: Blow Britney: Work Bitch Christina: Fighter Katy: E.T. Gaga: Paparazzi Lana: Summertime Sadness Madonna: Hung Up Mariah: All I Want For Christmas Is You Rihanna: S&M Taylor: Look What You Made Me Do
  8. ...Baby One More Time or Toxic
  9. Habits


    how accurate answer of her this is
  10. 1. Maria 2. Deserve 3. Twice 4. Your Body 5. Let There Be Love 6. Telepathy 7. Bionic 8. Monday Morning 9. Elastic Love 10. Slow Down Baby 11. Oh Mother 12. Mercy On Me 13. Walk Away 14. I'm OK 15. Dirrty 16. Genie In A Bottle 17. So Emotional 18. Come On Over (All I Want Is You) 19. Dynamite 20. Lady Marmalade
  11. Habits

    Literally the fact first SBP, followed by SAI then Salt (her best song tbfh) and now K&Q. She literally got 5 top 10 hits in here in Norway already
  12. Habits

    The radio payola is real
  13. Habits here

    Having a throwback blast listening to this antm1

    1. Jjang

      This brings so many memories smh

      A bop