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  1. 1. Maria 2. Deserve 3. Twice 4. Your Body 5. Let There Be Love 6. Telepathy 7. Bionic 8. Monday Morning 9. Elastic Love 10. Slow Down Baby 11. Oh Mother 12. Mercy On Me 13. Walk Away 14. I'm OK 15. Dirrty 16. Genie In A Bottle 17. So Emotional 18. Come On Over (All I Want Is You) 19. Dynamite 20. Lady Marmalade
  2. Habits

    Literally the fact first SBP, followed by SAI then Salt (her best song tbfh) and now K&Q. She literally got 5 top 10 hits in here in Norway already
  3. Habits

    The radio payola is real
  4. Habits here

    Having a throwback blast listening to this antm1

    1. Jjang

      This brings so many memories smh

      A bop

  5. Habits


    Oh my god I am so sorry I missed this Dirrty rightfully deserved to win, it literally grew on me a lot after seeing Xtina live twice
  6. Habits


    I am not 100% if I am free that day. I know I am meeting up with a friend that day
  7. Habits


    7 pm sunday fits me best
  8. I have been playing since the 12th June and I am addicted
  9. Bebe Rexha I don't wanna grow up and AYF Pt 1 was so good and then it went downhill
  10. Habits


    will do it tomorrow, been busy with work lately Just started my holiday
  11. Habits


    I'm in @StrippedX
  12. Habits


    basically yes, I wish she would pick question we haven't heard the same answer since 2008
  13. The fact this was the standard for Xtina, but now it seems like she takes even longer
  14. Habits


    Also wouldn't this bring Gaga to have number #1 on the hot 100 in three different decades?
  15. Habits


    I thought it was something wrong with my macbook first, but then I figured out it was the scene itself
  16. Habits


    I thought it was just me suddenly it went very much orange overload
  17. Habits


    Well she is going to give us a Q&A and it will be her answering how it is to be mom and things she already answered like a million times already
  18. Habits here

    I can finally stream Chromatica

    dance dancing GIF

  19. Habits


    Done with the season and the fact that Vegas trip Alexis still being iconic throughout the season Fallon and Alexis this season was everything Dominque being run over finally
  20. I love the record to bits, but I literally need some of her unreleased stuff to leak
  21. Habits


    on episode 16 now
  22. Habits


    what did you think of the songs? also do you think we got robbed of a 'diamonds is a girl's best friend' cover
  23. Habits


    I got it back now so I am ready to continue