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  1. Nick here

    Madonna really did THAT with God Control omg

  2. Nick

    Perez tweeted it after Nicki deleted it, and Nicki has never denied tweeting that after being asked.
  3. Nick here

    Her only relevant song, but you can't deny its an all capitalized B O P 

  4. Nick

    Long story short, she refused to make any sort of statement after the Pulse tragedy, yet promoted her new singles, and tweeted something along the lines of "I believe what the bible says about that," but then deleted it. Perez Hilton then called her out for that deleted tweet, and she then liked a bunch of homophobic tweets directed towards him.
  5. Nick here

    Its honestly homophobic that reputation isn't on Spotify tbqcfh. Give the gays what they want Taylor. jj3 

    1. Vulnicura.

      First she has to get what she wants: those saleshottie1

    2. Nick

      K but as soon as she hits #1, I expect it to drop on Spotify lj1 

  6. Nick

    Witness vs. Ready For It Hey Hey Hey vs. End Game Roulette vs. I Did Something Bad Swish Swish vs. Don't Blame Me Déjà Vu vs. Delicate Power vs. LWYMMD Mind Maze vs. So It Goes... Miss You More vs. Gorgeous CTTR vs. Getaway Car Tsunami vs. King of My Heart Bon Appétit vs. DWOHT Bigger Than Me vs. Dress Save As Draft vs. TIWWCHNT Pendulum vs. Call It What You Want Into Me You See vs. New Year's Day Witness: 4 Reputation: 11 I've listened to Witness a few times, and I genuinely can't remember most of the songs. Reputation is more low key than a lot of her past albums, but lyrically I find it to be better and the songs tell fuller stories.
  7. Nick

    That's a stretch. That's like saying all Nicki Minaj fans are homophobic because of the Pulse controversy. A lot of people recognize Taylors problematic aspects but still bop to her music.
  8. Nick


    Its gonna be like 84 years i'm salty
  9. Nick


    New Dannii single, Galaxy, being released on November 10th!!!!!
  10. Nick here

    US Spotify is a flop and needs to get Dannii Minogues entire catalog on 

    1. SWINΞ

      Apple Music has it jj2

    2. Nick

      I checked and they only have Club Disco and The 1995 Sessions in the US, plus a bunch of singles. Spotify just has 1995 Sessions and singles.


      Pls I always had issues with Apple Music on my phone jj2 

    3. Aidan.

      Canada has Neon Nights and Girl album wise

      NN was actually released here I think I remember it being in the stores next to Kylie dead4

  11. Nick here

    Ok i'm trying to get into K-Pop. I've discovered BoA and Girls Generation. Who do I need to bop to on Spotify next?

    1. Hyun.

      check out f(x)! especially 4 Walls and their Pink Tape and Red Light albums yas1

  12. Nick

    I honestly didn't appreciate ARTPOP until about a year later. I didn't like it at all when it came out, but now I love it. So many classic Gaga bops.
  13. Nick

    Madonna - American Life Mariah - Me I Am Mariah Christina - Bionic Britney - Glory
  14. Beyonce isn't an act who needs all her singles to go #1 and promote it like other current pop girls do. She's reached the status where her albums will sell well on their own, with little to no promotion, and she'll sell out huge tours, where artists make the majority of their money anyway. If she can keep selling out arenas and stadiums, her career is fine. She's a staple in pop culture by now.