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  1. Madonna really did THAT with God Control omg

  2. Her only relevant song, but you can't deny its an all capitalized B O P 

  3. Its honestly homophobic that reputation isn't on Spotify tbqcfh. Give the gays what they want Taylor. jj3 

    1. Vulnicura.


      First she has to get what she wants: those saleshottie1

    2. Nick


      K but as soon as she hits #1, I expect it to drop on Spotify lj1 

  4. New Dannii single, Galaxy, being released on November 10th!!!!!
  5. US Spotify is a flop and needs to get Dannii Minogues entire catalog on 

    1. SWINΞ


      Apple Music has it jj2

    2. Nick


      I checked and they only have Club Disco and The 1995 Sessions in the US, plus a bunch of singles. Spotify just has 1995 Sessions and singles.


      Pls I always had issues with Apple Music on my phone jj2 

    3. Aidan.


      Canada has Neon Nights and Girl album wise

      NN was actually released here I think I remember it being in the stores next to Kylie dead4

  6. Ok i'm trying to get into K-Pop. I've discovered BoA and Girls Generation. Who do I need to bop to on Spotify next?

    1. Hyun.


      check out f(x)! especially 4 Walls and their Pink Tape and Red Light albums yas1

    2. Chris
  7. It's homophobic that Kylie Minogue never broke big in the states tbqh

  8. Tbh I just use my fire stick for Netflix/Hulu/HBO. I don't really want to be scrolling through Facebook when i'm trying to catch up on Scandal.
  9. Honestly though, I don't believe for a second Trump is actually going to do any of the work. Pence is going to run everything, while Trump will be making sure his businesses benefit from the laws and he'll be furthering his own brand. So imo there's no real difference between Pence being VP and Pence being President.
  10. She didn't once say "This is why I lost." Fake news IS an epidemic that has real life consequences, as the guy who shot up the pizza place shows that. People are more often believing these fringe websites on the right and left than actual news sources (and no matter what anyone says, you cannot convince me that Breitbart or some alt-left website is more reliable than The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal). You got what you wanted, she lost and Trump won.
  11. He made the CEO and co-founder of WWE the head of the Small Business Association. He's getting there.
  12. Same it's Arnold Schwarzenegger hosting but still, if that trash has ITS name on it, I want no part.
  13. Also idk if this should go in here or the Politics section cause I've been MIA and I just saw we have one now soz