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  1. Madonna really did THAT with God Control omg

  2. Her only relevant song, but you can't deny its an all capitalized B O P 

  3. Its honestly homophobic that reputation isn't on Spotify tbqcfh. Give the gays what they want Taylor. jj3 

    1. Vulnicura.


      First she has to get what she wants: those saleshottie1

    2. Nick


      K but as soon as she hits #1, I expect it to drop on Spotify lj1 

  4. New Dannii single, Galaxy, being released on November 10th!!!!!
  5. US Spotify is a flop and needs to get Dannii Minogues entire catalog on 

    1. SWINΞ


      Apple Music has it jj2

    2. Nick


      I checked and they only have Club Disco and The 1995 Sessions in the US, plus a bunch of singles. Spotify just has 1995 Sessions and singles.


      Pls I always had issues with Apple Music on my phone jj2 

    3. Aidan.


      Canada has Neon Nights and Girl album wise

      NN was actually released here I think I remember it being in the stores next to Kylie dead4

  6. Ok i'm trying to get into K-Pop. I've discovered BoA and Girls Generation. Who do I need to bop to on Spotify next?

    1. Hyun.


      check out f(x)! especially 4 Walls and their Pink Tape and Red Light albums yas1

    2. Chris Morlock
  7. It's homophobic that Kylie Minogue never broke big in the states tbqh

  8. Why am I being @ed? Who even are you? Also you can stay mad at Madonna, she's rolling in her millions and living her best life. She certainly doesn't need the approval of you.
  9. Tbh I just use my fire stick for Netflix/Hulu/HBO. I don't really want to be scrolling through Facebook when i'm trying to catch up on Scandal.
  10. It was a famous cartoon that they made into a movie with Robin Williams.
  11. Her most famous movies are The Shining and Popeye. She was big in the 80's but hasn't made a movie since 2002 and has been in seclusion.
  12. Is anyone watching this epic 8 part A&E docuseries? It just premiered tonight and I am getting my LIFE from Leah Remini XPOSING the Cult of Scientology.
  13. I hate Trump with a burning passion and everything he stands for, but this was kind of unnecessary. I wasn't even offended, it was just really stupid and not funny. She should stick to her day job.
  14. Oh well we can still have hope that Dems will keep their seats at least and there are two potential seats in Arizona and Nevada that could go to Dems.
  15. It's two years away we can't say that yet Republicans won big in 2010 because of low voter turnout. They always win when the turnout is low. If Trump's presidency is truly a disaster, people are going to want to get out and get rid of Republicans. I have high hopes for 2018, but it needs to start now with getting progressive candidates on the ballot. Pelosi can't be minority leader in the House anymore. Warren I think could work for 2020 but there are a lot of other potential candidates as well (Kamala Harris, Tulsi Gabbard, etc). However that's really far away.