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  1. Nick here

    Madonna really did THAT with God Control omg

  2. Nick here

    Her only relevant song, but you can't deny its an all capitalized B O P 

  3. Nick here

    Its honestly homophobic that reputation isn't on Spotify tbqcfh. Give the gays what they want Taylor. jj3 

    1. Vulnicura.

      First she has to get what she wants: those saleshottie1

    2. Nick

      K but as soon as she hits #1, I expect it to drop on Spotify lj1 

  4. Nick


    New Dannii single, Galaxy, being released on November 10th!!!!!
  5. Nick here

    US Spotify is a flop and needs to get Dannii Minogues entire catalog on 

    1. SWINΞ

      Apple Music has it jj2

    2. Nick

      I checked and they only have Club Disco and The 1995 Sessions in the US, plus a bunch of singles. Spotify just has 1995 Sessions and singles.


      Pls I always had issues with Apple Music on my phone jj2 

    3. Aidan.

      Canada has Neon Nights and Girl album wise

      NN was actually released here I think I remember it being in the stores next to Kylie dead4

  6. Nick here

    Ok i'm trying to get into K-Pop. I've discovered BoA and Girls Generation. Who do I need to bop to on Spotify next?

    1. Hyun.

      check out f(x)! especially 4 Walls and their Pink Tape and Red Light albums yas1

  7. Nick here

    It's homophobic that Kylie Minogue never broke big in the states tbqh

  8. Why am I being @ed? Who even are you? Also you can stay mad at Madonna, she's rolling in her millions and living her best life. She certainly doesn't need the approval of you.
  9. Tbh I just use my fire stick for Netflix/Hulu/HBO. I don't really want to be scrolling through Facebook when i'm trying to catch up on Scandal.
  10. It was a famous cartoon that they made into a movie with Robin Williams.
  11. Her most famous movies are The Shining and Popeye. She was big in the 80's but hasn't made a movie since 2002 and has been in seclusion.
  12. Is anyone watching this epic 8 part A&E docuseries? It just premiered tonight and I am getting my LIFE from Leah Remini XPOSING the Cult of Scientology.
  13. I hate Trump with a burning passion and everything he stands for, but this was kind of unnecessary. I wasn't even offended, it was just really stupid and not funny. She should stick to her day job.
  14. Oh well we can still have hope that Dems will keep their seats at least and there are two potential seats in Arizona and Nevada that could go to Dems.
  15. It's two years away we can't say that yet Republicans won big in 2010 because of low voter turnout. They always win when the turnout is low. If Trump's presidency is truly a disaster, people are going to want to get out and get rid of Republicans. I have high hopes for 2018, but it needs to start now with getting progressive candidates on the ballot. Pelosi can't be minority leader in the House anymore. Warren I think could work for 2020 but there are a lot of other potential candidates as well (Kamala Harris, Tulsi Gabbard, etc). However that's really far away.
  16. Drop Dead Beautiful. "Steaming like a pot full of vegetables." Literally everything except for Kesha's verses on Timber Roxxxy Andrews on Read U Wrote U
  17. I don't disagree with a lot of his points, they are really good, but honestly he's such an insufferable asshole. It's really hard to get through this because I just want to kick him in the face. He sounds like a British Tomi Lahren or Jeanine Pirro. But besides that, Democrats need to regroup and kick it with the establishment bullshit. Get Warren as the nominee in 2020 and focus on midterms in 2018.
  18. @lautnerfied 1. Did you read Wikileaks? Some of it. I read general articles about what they contained, and some of the actual emails. A lot of it was stupid bullshit, some of it was concerning. I held more issue with the fact that people are praising escaped rapist Julian Assange as some sort of hero when he's far from it. 2. Did you see the interview where Donna Brazille got caught flat footed on the "Russia" conspiracy theory? Are you talking about her interview with Megyn Kelly? If so, yes. 3. Do you think James Comey cost Hillary the election? No, she or any other Democratic candidate was never going to win. He's a stupid piece of shit for doing that, but he didn't cost her it. 4.. Should have Hillary gone to Standing Rock? Yes, but that wouldn't have given her the election. Every candidate should've gone to Standing Rock. 5. . In your opinion, was Tim Kaine a bad VP choice? At first, I thought yes. Looking back, he was actually a great choice for working class Americans. He was the best shot she had at that vote. 6. Would have Bernie been a better general election candidate? Better? Yes. Would he have beaten Trump? No. This fantasy facade that Bernie is an almighty God that would've crushed any candidate in his way isn't helping anyone. Did he do much better than Hillary in general election matchups? Absolutely, but that's before a heated and contentious general, where Trump would've brought out a LOT of Bernie's shit. Here's a good article on what Trump could've smeared him for: http://www.joemygod.com/2016/11/15/newsweek-posts-gop-oppo-research-on-bernie-sander/ That isn't to say I don't love Bernie. I do, I supported him initially over Hillary, and I will always support him. However, it would not have been an easy fight for him, and I don't believe he would've succeeded looking back on it now. 7. Did Third Party and Bernie or Busters cost Hillary the election? Johnson was the biggest third party vote, and honestly most Johnson voters were either independents who lean conservative, or Republicans who were dissatisfied with Trump but couldn't get themselves to vote for a Democrat. Stein's a loser who couldn't get 5% of the vote if she gave everyone in America a million bucks, and in terms of "Bernie or Busters," polls showed that the amount of Bernie voters who chose not to vote for Hillary is very low. More than 80% went to Hillary. Those who chose not to vote of her would've never voted for her in the first place, and the way the primary went just soured them even more. 8. Did Sexism play a role in the election? Oh absolutely. You can criticize Hillary for plenty of things, but the sexist attacks on her from Trump and his supporters were ridiculous. 9. Why did Hillary lose and Trump win? Because Democrats failed to tap into the blue collar vote. Even if Bernie was the one up there, all many of these people would've seen is a man who has been in politics for decades and has a pretty decent lifestyle because of it, while they still suffer. But especially with Hillary up there, they felt as if they didn't have a voice in this party. I believe there is a pretty large section of Trump's base that is filled with neo-Nazis (I refuse to call them the alt-right, they are neo-Nazis). However, for the most part, his voters were disgruntled people who felt that the establishment had failed them on both sides, and that Trump was the answer. They chose to turn a blind eye to the racism and hatred that he spews. Is he the answer? Absolutely not. Many of his policies are damning to his very base. But he was a master at manipulating them to believe he would easily bring their jobs back and crush the establishment with a snap of his fingers. 10. What does the future of the country look to you? Pretty grim. His administration is looking horrible, many of his plans are damning to middle America, and he is an international embarrassment. Plus, now Republicans can gut Medicare and Social Security as they've wanted to for years, and Trump will sign it in. Democrats need to regroup and take the 2018 midterms by storm. We need the strong party leaders like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Tulsi Gabbard to continue to be very vocal, and to show that the Democratic Party can be a party for all Americans. They need to make the case to Trump voters that his policies would be worse for them than anything they could've dreamed that Hillary would do, and that a common sense, progressive platform in 2020 is the way to go. They need to make major gains in Congress, so that when 2020 comes (my hope is that the nominee will be Warren or Harris), we can get Trump out.
  19. If the Senate turns blue she won't get impeached. Even if it isn't, the impeachment process is very hard and long, and Republicans are gonna have to decide whether it's smart to wage another 4 year war on a Democrat, create gridlock (which this would cause), and possibly bring rise to another demagogue, or just wait the 4 years out and try and nominate a decent, moderate Libertarian type for 2020 (Bill Weld comes to mind, he came out supporting Clinton today). If progressive legislation comes to her desk, I can't see her vetoing it. That would alienate almost the entire Democratic base and she would get very little support in 2020. Even Obama signed in some tough regulations, and he's taken more Wall Street/special interest money than Hillary could ever dream of. Even if she doesn't push for some of it, I think she'll sign it.
  20. If the Senate turns blue, Bernie gets to be Chair of the Senate Budget Committee, which is amazing, and I think he and Warren are really gonna hold Clinton's feet to the fire on a lot of these progressive issues, especially if the Dems have the majority. If she doesn't deliver by 2020, I completely expect a moderate Republican to win, and/or they'll try to get another Democratic nominee to challenge her.
  21. Yes Miley get out there and make sure the Tangerine Nightmare doesn't win
  22. Nick

  23. Shocked that the campaign of the opposing candidate would have negative feelings towards their opponent during a heated and contentious primary.