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  1. You don't understand what I meant there honey. Do you think Mariah would see those girls as her competition? (vocally) LOL Celine, Whitney, Xtina No explanation needed to those who gets it. Obviously, you don't. BYE

    Imagine you love the movie Mean Girls so much and you watched it 100x but still don't know the song title of one of it's iconic scene? A. She must be dumb B. She's just plain petty. C. All of the above.
  3. Post a better iconic performance of 2 legendary female performers. I'll wait.
  4. For all these shitty new girls she inspired?! Ariana "She's my inspiration blah blah" Camila "I grew up listening to her blah blah" Dua "She's my ultimate idol blah blah" Taylor "First album I bought was Christina Aguilera blah blah" Etchete... fucking rah.. Fucking annoying generation

    LoL at people who thinks there could only be one Princess of Pop. Sis, even Disney have multiple Princesses.

    I'm shocked, no one shaded her as the "Eat" girl.... yet.
  7. So in your estimate this crowd wasn't even 20% of the arena's capacity..... (Aguilera only sold 4k of those 26k capacity) Is this Agui's cheating strategy to avoid Taxes? She never claim to be the riches like Britney, She didn't tour for a decade, no hits, flop albums, but still get 500k per night in vegas, and have 3/4's of Britney's net worth for being lazy as fuck..... X is independent and sane..... I mean should I be worried for Christina Aguilera's mentality,and livelihood? I.....
  8. Singer and her Backup Dancer.
  9. Believe me or not, I never expect anything from a Britard.. Im just here to play their game... If they want to play Dirrrty, they can count on Angelo
  10. When you hate Fatguilera you dont know how to do math. upper box was never put on sale in the first place. obviously, for stupid Haters upper box contains 70% of the arena seats. Im pretty sure Xtincta Aguilera is crying every night because of this.
  11. Xtinca adding some coins to fill that 1/4 gap in their net worths while Barney's jobless because her Daddy have hemorrhoids. Im pretty sure its easy to spend those millions in Britney's bank account when you have Kevin Featherline spending all her money for his own family's weekly food stamps and vacations, Barney's Daddy's fake ass hemorrhoids medical bills, conservatorship fee, Boytoy monthly fee and allowances.