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  1. lover.


    Talent always wins.
  2. lover.


    Sway (the song) is out now.
  3. lover.


    Don’t get me wrong, I was SEETHING over only getting 8 tracks, but I made peace with that fact, and I’m trying my hardest to build and bridge and get over it She said that she’ll be releasing new music once Sway is out so I’m also excited for that. Lullaby is coming.
  4. lover.


    It’s been known for months that there were only 8 songs on the album though. And the 5 songs we have already are all 10s. You should be excited for the 3 new tracks.
  5. lover.


    Surprised that’s there isn’t much excitement for the best pop release of the year so far.
  6. lover.


    1. Sway (3:30) 2. Say My Name (3:25) 3. On the Low (3:46) 4. Mistakes (3:35) 5. Changed My Mind (3:06) 6. I Lied (3:13) 7. On a Level (3:31) 8. liabilty (demo) (2:53)
  7. lover.


    I’m A Mess coming for all a ya’ll’s wigs.
  8. lover.


    A bit pointless releasing an EP of six songs we already had, but glad she’s signed, even if it is to RCA. Ready Yet, Normal, and Hurt are still those bops.
  9. I have the Bebe Rexha version and it slays.
  10. Yet Joanne is still charting higher than Witness. Interesting...
  11. TXF is the only reason she had a solo career though.